Stoic Crypto Review – Pros And Cons Of This Platform

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Stoic Review

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Stoic Crypto Review

  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Fixed Income
  • Fees
  • Customer Support


Stoic Crypto is an automated trading platform designed to function as a crypto quant hedge fund. This platform is available to everyone and includes automated trading, algorithmic crypto trading bots, fixed-income opportunities, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this automated trading platform by reading our complete Stoic Crypto review.


  • 100% automated crypto trading
  • Transparent portfolio allocations
  • Stoic app to easily view your portfolio


  • High management fees
  • No flexibility for individual traders
  • Limited availability for fixed income investments
  • No free trading bots/grid trading bot

About Stoic Crypto

Stoic is a fully automated trading platform that functions as a crypto quant hedge fund available to everyone. 

Stoic will automatically trade currencies and manage your digital asset portfolio according to the selected trading strategies of the hedge fund Cindicator Capital.

The hedge fund team at Cindicator Capital created a profitable trading strategy based on its AI stock trading tools and simply readapted it to crypto investing.

With its proprietary algorithmic crypto trading bots, Stoic will automatically manage your crypto portfolio on Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Stoic is 100% automatic, so no time or skills are needed, and the minimum amount to get started is $1,000 in your Binance account.

Once your portfolio is started, you can download the Stoic app to easily view its allocations and performance. 

If you want to learn all about Stoic’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth Stoic review.

Stoic Strategy Overview

Stoic Automated Trading

Because Stoic’s services are 100% automated, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is connecting Stoic to your broker.

As alluded to, you will need a Binance account to use Stoic’s crypto trading bot services. Stoic will manage all funds available in your spot balance.

All you have to do is create an API key on Binance, scan the QR code, and then Stoic will do the rest.

Stoic strongly recommends not to create any trading orders on the Binance account that you use for Stoic, as orders will conflict with the Stoic trading strategy.

If you want to keep an account you actively trade, you can connect Stoic to a sub-account on Binance, but it’s advised not to link all your exchange accounts. 

If you don’t have a sub-account feature on Binance, the Stoic team can help with unlocking that feature.

Stoic Algorithmic Crypto Trading Bots

A crucial detail to keep in mind about Stoic is that it doesn’t have trading bot options.

Unlike platforms like TradeSanta or even platforms like Pionex with free trading bots, there isn’t a grid trading bot, DCA trading bot, or any other cryptocurrency trading bot options.

If you want to access trading bots of a wider variety, Stoic will not be for you.

Stoic might have the best crypto trading bot that its independent trading experts developed, but its automated trading algorithms will only manage your crypto portfolio with one strategy.

Stoic Portfolio Strategy

Stoic’s trading algorithm combines capital-weighted and momentum approaches, sometimes referred to as smart beta.

The algorithm considers all assets on Binance with at least $10 million in trading volume. For each asset, it assigns a weight based on its capitalization.

The algorithm also analyzes previous returns, price volatility, correlation with other assets, and other factors to identify if rising assets are likely to continue higher, and then it increases their weighting in the portfolio.

Likewise, the algorithm estimates the likelihood of an asset going down. If its statistics indicate the price has peaked, Stoic sells the asset or decreases its share in the portfolio.

Typically, a share of each asset is under 1%, and the largest weighting would be 2-3%. Stoic also rebalances daily to maintain these weightings.

Stoic Portfolio Strategy

Because the Stoic portfolio gives exposure to the broad altcoins market, the risk of any crypto crashing balances out, but the portfolio is also likely to catch any moonshots.

It’s also important to note that the Stoic portfolio doesn’t hold BTC or ETH, as large-cap assets tend to underperform assets with smaller market caps.

On any given day, you can go to Stoic’s strategy overview to view the (your) portfolio composition. You’ll see each asset, its weighting, and its allocation value.

Stoic Fixed Income

In addition to its AI-managed portfolios, Stoic offers fixed income opportunities for stable returns.

Stoic Crypto Fixed Income

To achieve these stable returns, Stoic utilizes market-neutral strategies through long positions across $1B+ capitalization coins and leveraged short positions with Binance Futures.

Much like its long-only portfolio, the Stoic AI algorithm rebalances regularly to mitigate risks and generates up to 15% interest with no portfolio size restrictions.

Stoic Fixed Income Chart

You can withdraw your funds without restrictions or penalties, and interest is accrued every eight hours.

However, the fixed income opportunities are only for a limited number of customers and will require you to submit a request to get started.

Stoic’s fixed income investments are also unavailable to users in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, and the US.

Stoic Crypto Fees

Stoic has two types of fees: initial and deposit fees.

Initial fees are paid annually and are 5% of the total amount of funds you give Stoic to manage.

If you add more crypto to your Binance account, Stoic will ask you to pay the additional 5% fee on the deposit amount for the rest of your pre-paid year.

All fees on Stoic are strictly management fees. Stoic doesn’t ask any percent to pay from the performance/profits/withdrawals.

Stoic also won’t ask for fees if they are less than 30 USDT, and all profits made by Stoic automatically go to trading in the next rebalancing.

Stoic Crypto Pricing

Stoic offers three plans: Starter, Plus, and Pro.

Stoic Pricing

The Starter plan is for individuals just getting started in crypto investing with a portfolio size of $1,000 to $3,500, and it will cost $9 per month.

The Plus plan, Stoic’s most popular plan, is for professional and advanced crypto investors with a portfolio size of $3,500 to $10,000, and it will cost $25 per month.

The final plan, the Pro plan, is for individuals and companies with portfolios of $10,000 or more, and it will charge 5% of the portfolio value (in crypto). 

Conclusion: Stoic Crypto Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Stoic review, we believe Stoic is an excellent platform for truly hands-off trading.

Unlike other automated trading platforms that revolve around bots, such as TradeSanta, Pionex, HaasBot, etc., Stoic doesn’t require you to create the automated strategy.

There are pluses and minuses to that approach that will resonate with different people, so you’ll have to decide if you want your trading to be based on your own strategy or the Cindicator hedge fund’s proprietary strategy.

If you look at the return history of Cindicator, it outperformed BTC throughout the bull market, but it is underperforming BTC in the bear market, so it functions like a leveraged BTC ETF.

That could change going forward, but it seems instructive to decide to use Stoic’s services.

If you are not equipped or willing to create a trading bot strategy on your own, utilizing Stoic’s services will make a lot more sense, as it is entirely hands-off.

Accordingly, one’s ability or desire to create crypto trading bot strategies is the crucial distinction to focus on. If you are a trader interested in algorithmic crypto trading bots but don’t have the time or knowledge to create one, Stoic is an excellent option to consider.

That said, there is no wiggle room or flexibility in the Stoic strategy, and it will likely cost you a fair amount more in fees than a trading bot strategy you employ through another crypto platform. 

Traders who want to influence their trading or have a role in tweaking its performance will undoubtedly prefer a traditional crypto exchange or a more hands-on crypto trading bot platform. You can check out some of our other crypto bot reviews below:

As for Stoic’s fixed income investments, there isn’t enough information available to say with confidence how well they compare to other crypto platforms.

The APY of up to 15% is suspiciously high, but the terms and flexibility of the investments are very agreeable. However, the investments are only available to a small handful of users, so you probably won’t have a chance to try them out, even if you are willing to risk it for those suspiciously high returns.

In conclusion, Stoic will provide a valuable service to anyone looking to automate their trading with next to zero effort, but you will pay for that convenience and sacrifice any flexibility beyond the size of your portfolio.

That being said, we would recommend Stoic’s services to anyone looking for a simple way to invest in crypto, but it should be viewed as any other investment with a hedge fund or money manager.

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