CoinLoan Review – Is This Crypto Lending Platform A Worthy Pick?

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Coinloan Review

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CoinLoan Review

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CoinLoan is a crypto lending platform and financial institution that specializes in crypto and fiat financial services. This platform’s tools and features include interest accounts, crypto lending, access to a CoinLoan wallet, an exchange, crypto loans, and more. Learn more about this crypto lending platform by reading our complete CoinLoan review.


  • Excellent Interest Account
  • Ability to earn interest on fiat currencies
  • No exchange fees
  • Robust crypto lending platform


  • High loan interest on crypto loans depending on your LTV ratio
  • No charts or order types other than market
  • Limited number of supported crypto assets

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan is a worldwide operating financial institution specializing in both crypto and fiat financial services, which include an interest account, crypto lending, and an exchange. 

CoinLoan is a highly-regulated financial institution licensed under Estonia Financial Authority and follows all KYC and AML procedures to ensure everything is compliant with European and international regulations.

If you want to learn all about CoinLoan’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth CoinLoan review.

CoinLoan Wallet

The CoinLoan wallet is well-designed with a beautiful and intuitive interface that makes depositing and withdrawing all your crypto assets incredibly easy.

Within the wallet, you can view all your assets, transaction history, deposits and withdrawals, and your address book, where you can easily add all your personal or friendly crypto wallet addresses.

Unlike many wallets, however, you’ll have to complete the KYC verification before you can deposit funds.

As for assets, the CoinLoan wallet supports nineteen crypto assets, seven stablecoins, and four fiat currencies. 

While they have most major coins, notable assets missing are DOGE, BNB, and the vast majority of altcoins. However, one of the stablecoins is PAXG (gold), which adds some nice variety.

Coinloan Wallet

CoinLoan Exchange

The CoinLoan crypto exchange supports all the same assets as the wallet; however, at the moment, the only fiat currencies CoinLoan supports within the exchange are the Euro, the British Pound Sterling, and the Russian Ruble (no USD).

The crypto exchange itself is very barebones, with simple panels outlining the assets being exchanged and the order summary. 

Coinloan Exchange

That said, there is strength in its simplicity, and it’s very easy to use, but there are no charts, order types, or anything else that would make it suitable for traders.

However, one major advantage is that CoinLoan doesn’t charge any fees for exchanges—what you see is what you get.

CoinLoan Interest Account

Perhaps the most enticing part of CoinLoan is all the ways you can earn interest on your crypto and fiat currency.

CoinLoan offers interest on all nineteen cryptocurrencies and seven stablecoins they support and even offers interest on three of the four fiat currencies (EUR, GBP, and RUB).

Crypto interest rates range anywhere from 1% to 7.2%, with the bulk resting at 5.2%, and the interest rate for all stablecoins is 10.3% except for PAXG, which is 5.2%. You can also boost those interest rates depending on how many Coinloan tokens (CLN) you hold.

Coinloan Interest Account

While the interest rates CoinLoan offers for their supported crypto assets are relatively standard—and just as good as a crypto interest account with BlockFi or Celsius—their stablecoin interest rates are pretty impressive and comparable to industry leaders like WhiteBIT. Though they aren’t quite matching top interest earning platforms like Midas (18%).

The yield CoinLoan offers on fiat currencies is really where they steal the show, however, as you would be hard-pressed to find that opportunity anywhere else. RUB will earn just 0.1%, but EUR and GBP will earn you a pretty incredible 10.3%.

All interest is calculated daily and paid on the first of every month, and you can withdraw your funds at any point with no penalties.

CoinLoan Lending/Crypto Loans

As its name would suggest, CoinLoan also offers loan services through crypto lending. And unlike the average crypto lending platform focusing exclusively on digital assets, CoinLoan also offers loans in fait.

Coinloan is also very flexible compared to other lending platforms by allowing fiat and crypto-backed loans, meaning you can use fiat or crypto collateral.

The assets you can borrow are limited to just seven of the nineteen cryptocurrencies and also exclude PAXG and RUB from the stablecoins and fiat currencies, respectively. However, there are still more than enough options.

The interest rates for crypto loans range from 4.5% to 7.5% and 4.95% to 11.95% for fiat or stablecoin loans, which is quite a lot if you’re on the higher end of those spectrums, but very reasonable if you find yourself on the lower end.

Coinloan Loans

There is also a 7% fee the borrower pays for liquidated loan collateral, which is not uncommon among lending platforms. Still, if you’re experienced in the lending market, that will hopefully never be a concern.

Loan terms can be customized for anywhere from one month to three years, and the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) can be 20%, 35%, 50%, or 70%, with the interest rate you pay corresponding to that LTV.

Coinloan Loans Parameters

There are various minimum loan amounts to keep in mind as well, such as 1000 for stablecoins, 0.01 for BTC, 0.05 for ETH, 500 for EUR, and 5000 for GBP.

CoinLoan Customer Support

For users/customers in need of assistance, CoinLoan has a well-developed help center full of detailed explanations of all their services.

Coinloan Customer Support Help Center

While the help center lacks picture walkthroughs, the explanations are highly organized, well-written, and exhaustive.

CoinLoan also has a pop-up support window at the bottom right of the page where you can more easily search the help center or contact support directly. Support is extremely fast, with responses usually delivered within minutes.

Coinloan Customer Support Pop-Up

Conclusion: CoinLoan Review 

After carefully looking into all of their services for this Coinloan review, we believe CoinLoan is an excellent platform for most purposes.

The exchange is hardly suited for traders given the limited number of assets, order types, and lack of charts, but it’s incredibly easy to use and has no fees, so it should still be a great resource for most people using the platform.

It’s CoinLoan’s interest account that really underscores the platform’s use case. Pretty much every interest rate they offer is as good or better than the bulk of the competition, and the fact that you can earn 10.3% on fiat currencies (not just stablecoins) is an amazing and unique feature.

The borrowing services CoinLoan offers are also very appealing. Even though most loan offering platforms have certain customizable parameters, CoinLoan takes it a step further with a truly customizable loan duration and four different LTV ratios.

The interest they charge on loans can be a bit aggressive the higher up you go on the LTV spectrum, but the lower end is very reasonable, and it’s hard to beat the simplicity and aesthetic of CoinLoan’s interface.

Overall, CoinLoan is a genuinely great option—one of the best even—if you’re looking for an interest account. It’s also a true top contender in the loan space and has a very respectable exchange.

The opportunities to earn interest offer more than enough reason to create a CoinLoan account, but all their services are well above average and certainly worth checking out if you’re in the market for a crypto financial services platform.

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