Stock Rover Review – Is This Research Platform A Top Choice?

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Stock Rover Review

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Stock Rover Review

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  • Value


Stock Rover is a stock research platform designed for fundamental investors. This platform includes tools for analyzing, visualizing, and comparing financial data and valuation metrics to help users find valuable investing opportunities. It also includes portfolio management tools, a stock screener, alerts, and charting capabilities. Learn everything you need to know about this stock research platform by reading our full Stock Rover review.


  • Hundreds of built-in financial metrics
  • Detailed research reports with peer comparison
  • Customizable data tables and fundamental charts
  • Highly flexible stock screener with premade screens
  • Portfolio analytics and modeling tools


  • Only offers data for US equities
  • No mobile app

About Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a powerful stock research platform for fundamental investors. It offers a wide range of tools for analyzing, visualizing, and comparing financial data and valuation metrics. The platform also offers comprehensive stock screening, portfolio management tools, and alerts. Stock Rover is packed with features for self-directed value and growth investors.

In our Stock Rover review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this platform has to offer and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Stock Rover Homepage

Stock Rover Pricing Options

Stock Rover offers a free plan as well as three paid plans: Essentials, Premium, and Premium Plus.

The free plan includes limited access to Stock Rover research and charts. You can set up portfolios and watchlists as well as view most financial data, but you don’t get access to stock ratings or screening tools.

The Essentials plan costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. It offers 5 years of stock data and access to basic screens, financial data tables, and the Stock Rover investment library. 

The Premium plan costs $17.99 per month or $179.99 per year. It unlocks 10 years of stock data, adds access to premium financial metrics, and includes in-depth portfolio analysis tools and correlation analysis.

The Premium Plus plan costs $27.99 per month or $279.99 per year. It supports custom metrics, historical data screening, stock ratings, and valuation charts.

Stock Rover Pricing

Stock Rover Features

Stock Analysis

Stock Rover’s Insight panel provides in-depth stock research reports for more than 8,500 stocks and 4,000 ETFs in the US. Stock Rover research reports break down a stock’s performance, analyst price targets, profitability, financial health, and valuation. Much of the data is color-coded and scored on a scale of 0-100, making it possible to quickly evaluate whether a stock is worthwhile from a fundamental perspective. Stock Rover also displays data for a stock’s peers and for the S&P 500, so you can easily compare performance.

Stock Rover Research Report

Stock Rover also offers useful visualizations of a stock’s EPS over time, dividend yield, monthly returns, and financial history. You can view up to 5 years of historical data with the Essentials plan or 10 years of data with the Premium plan and Premium Plus plan. Stock Rover also offers tables to compare a stock’s valuation and growth metrics against competitors.

For even more in-depth analysis, you can view a company’s balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement, and compare financial data on a quarter-by-quarter basis.


The Stock Rover platform offers an exceptional charting interface for visualizing fundamental data. With these charts, you can visualize hundreds of financial metrics over time, including P/E ratio, EPS growth, income, margins, debt, and more. There’s no limit to the number of metrics you can plot, and Stock Rover even enables you to compare against another stock symbol in the same set of charts. 

Stock Rover Charting

You can also overlay earnings reports, dividend payouts, portfolio actions, and alerts on top of the charts.

Financial Data Table

Stock Rover uses customizable data tables to enable you to compare financial and performance data across sets of stocks. You can add as many stocks, ETFs, or indices to a table as you want, and save the table as a portfolio or watchlist to return to it later.

Stock Rover Data Table

Table columns include the same data you’ll find in Stock Rover’s research reports, including analyst ratings, price performance, cash flow and income, dividends, and valuation data. The columns can be customized and sorted, leaving plenty of flexibility to build your own data views.

Stock Screener

Stock Rover’s stock screener is arguably the best feature of this platform. You have access to hundreds of fundamental metrics as well as key technical metrics like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI. As you add criteria to a custom filter, Stock Rover displays the percentage of stocks in the database that pass the filter.

Stock Rover Screener

Screener results can be opened in a data table. If you want to further refine your results, you can also screen an existing table or “score” a table to see how many filter parameters each stock in an existing table passes.

There’s no limit to the number of screens you can save or the number of filters you can add to a screen. Stock Rover includes 13 premade screens, including a “Top Stocks” screen and a “Growth at a Reasonable Price” screen that can be used to quickly generate investment ideas.

Portfolio Analytics

Stock Rover offers several useful tools for portfolio analysis. First, you can monitor profit and loss over time, compare your performance against major indices, and view your maximum drawdown. You can also run correlation analysis and model your projected dividend income. Stock Rover also offers a simulation tool that allows you to value your future portfolio value while accounting for inflation, the likelihood of a bull market, and rebalancing.

Stock Rover Portfolio Analysis

Stock Rover can import your portfolio positions automatically from most major brokers using Yodlee.


Stock Rover offers basic SMS and email alerts that you can set for individual tickers or any symbols in a portfolio or watchlist. Alerts can be set based on price movements, price relative to analysts’ price targets, or price relative to a moving average. You can also set alerts based on P/E ratio or trading volume.

Customization and Layout

Stock Rover is highly customizable. You can save an unlimited number of portfolios and watchlists and use them to create data tables or run stock screens. You can also build your own custom financial metrics with a Stock Rover Premium Plus plan. Stock Rover’s user interface feels a little outdated, but it doesn’t detract from the platform’s usability. 

Stock Rover Dashboard

Stock Rover Platform Differentiators

Stock Rover is a very impressive and highly capable investment research platform. Very few other fundamental stock research platforms can match Stock Rover’s selection of financial metrics. Not only is it cheaper than competing services like Yahoo Finance Plus, it is also way better.

While Stock Rover offers very little in the way of technical analysis, it does support commonly used technical indicators like moving averages, MACD, and RSI.

What’s especially unique about Stock Rover is that it doesn’t force you to research one stock at a time. The platform’s research reports, charting tools, and data tables are designed so that you can easily compare a company against its peers and against the S&P 500.

What Type of Trader is Stock Rover Best For?

Stock Rover was built with fundamental investors in mind. It’s particularly well-suited for value investors and growth investors who not only want to look deeply into a company but also want to make sure that they’re choosing the best company in an industry.

While Stock Rover offers very in-depth research tools, it’s also easy to use. Stock research reports, financial metric scores, and premade stock screens make it suitable for investors who are relatively new to fundamental investing. At the same time, highly experienced investors won’t find much that’s lacking in Stock Rover or many limits on how the platform’s tools can be customized for your investment strategy.

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