Bundil Review – How Does This Spare Change Crypto Platform Compare?

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Bundil Review

  • Crypto Roundups
  • Trading
  • Fees
  • Customer Support


Bundil is a spare change crypto investing platform designed to convert users’ spare change from credit or debit card purchases to supported cryptocurrencies. This platform is compatible with hundreds of existing banks and credit cards that users can link, and assets will automatically transfer to the user’s Bundle account. Bundil includes a variety of features that allow users to invest intelligently. Learn more about this spare change crypto investing platform by reading our full Bundil review,


  • Flexible and hands-off roundup investments on card purchases
  • Supports hundreds of banks and credit cards
  • Earn a 4% yield on idle assets in your Bundil account
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • Only supports bitcoin and ethereum
  • Under-developed customer support
  • Monthly subscription fee (no free account)

Bundil is a spare change crypto investing platform that got its start on Shark Tank. The platform specializes in automatic investments based on monthly recurring buys and everyday credit or debit card purchases.

Bundil is compatible with hundreds of existing banks and credit cards, so there is no need to get a new card or fund a new account.

Bundil Supported Banks

Once your card/bank is linked, your purchases will automatically transfer to your Bundil account, accessible via the mobile app, where you can withdraw anytime or earn a 4% yield on your idle assets through DeFi lending.

Bundil Mobile App

At the moment, Bundil only supports investors’ favorite digital assets, bitcoin, and ethereum, but it has plans to expand that list in the future.

Regardless of how much you invest, Bundil has no hidden fees and charges a $5 monthly subscription for its services.

If you want to learn all about Bundil’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth Bundil review.

Bundil Features

Spare Change Crypto Roundups

The roundup feature is a simple way to accumulate crypto over time by rounding up each transaction you make and automatically investing that into your crypto of choice.

Bundil Roundup Options

Within the roundup plan, you’ll also be able to choose your roundup type. You can roundup in the traditional manner (to the nearest dollar) or roundup by two fixed amounts of 50¢ or $1.

And if you really want to get aggressive with your purchases, you can add a roundup multiplier, so Bundil rounds your spare change contributions by up to 10x.

You can also opt to snooze investing for one week, two weeks, or a whole month and decide in the Bundil settings which currency (bitcoin or ethereum) you want to buy with each purchase.

All roundup purchases are deposited and kept in your own wallet, facilitated by Bundil’s amazing exchange partner. 

Bundil doesn’t hold any of your funds or cryptocurrency, and users can send their coins to their preferred wallet or bank account at any time, so you have all the power.

Link Your Bank Account

Through Bundil’s partnership with Plaid, users can easily link their bank account with the platform to set up recurring monthly crypto purchases.

Bundil Link Bank_Card

Recurring buys can be as low as $2 per month, and users can also choose to have every $10 rounded up automatically invested.

Crypto Exchange

In addition to Bundil’s automatic investing features, users can make one-time crypto purchases of $5 to $10k.

Bundil One-Time Purchase

As mentioned earlier, Bundil only supports bitcoin and ethereum, but the one-time purchase option should still prove to be a useful feature for those eager to buy crypto beyond what their spare change purchases allow.

How Bundil Compares to Competitors

The best platform to compare to Bundil is RoundlyX, which offers the same roundup services for passive crypto investing.

The are several key differences between the two. First, RoundlyX stores your crypto in your chosen exchange account, which isn’t a big deal, but it might be an annoyance for anyone uninterested in creating one.

Purchases are still executed and transferred automatically via Plaid or credit card transactions, but you’ll have to have an account with one of the supported exchanges to store and access your funds.

Second, RoundlyX allows you to track holdings from crypto exchanges, various stock exchanges like Robinhood and Fidelity, and savings accounts with banks in one place.

In that sense, then, RoundlyX is a portfolio tracking app/service as well, which is very useful and somewhat unique insofar as it includes crypto, stocks, and banks, not just one asset class.

The next key difference is that RoundlyX supports more than just bitcoin and ethereum, which is reason enough for many investors to choose it over Bundil.

And finally, RoundlyX only costs $1 a month, so it’s significantly cheaper than Bundil despite offering more features/services.

Aside from these differences, RoundlyX allows much of the same flexibility for roundup purchases, the ability to buy and sell crypto at any time, and a similar user-friendly interface, so it’s, admittedly, hard to find a reason to choose Bundil over RoundlyX.

Nevertheless, they are both excellent platforms, and it’s possible some users will find Bundil to be an easier solution to passive investing, so it’s still worth checking out both.

Conclusion: Bundil Review

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Bundil review, we believe Bundil is an excellent hands-off platform for buying crypto.

Given the average investor is better off with a hands-off dollar-cost-averaging approach, Bundil provides an amazing service with its automatic roundups and recurring purchases.

And aside from simply offering roundups on everyday purchases, Bundil also affords users a great deal of flexibility around those roundups to easily adjust according to their financial needs or market conditions.

This point is further underscored by users’ ability to make one-time purchases on top of their roundups or recurring buys, which is arguably all you need as an investor.

It’s a shame Bundil doesn’t support more crypto assets, but most passive investors will be more than content sticking to bitcoin and ethereum, so that’s hardly a dealbreaker.

There are also some unanswered questions about the yield users supposedly earn by lending their assets in their Bundil account, but investors can always periodically transfer funds to an external wallet if that concerns them.

Overall, passive crypto investors will thoroughly enjoy how easy Bundil makes it to buy bitcoin and ethereum, but they should strongly consider RoundlyX as a very appealing alternative. 

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