AIMiner Review – A Deeper Look At This Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

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AIMiner Review

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AIMiner is an cryptocurrency trading software/cryptocurrency trading bot that may have come across your feed. AIMiner’s automated software has several features worth taking a peek at. Look no further for information on AIMiner, read our in-depth review to learn all you need to know.


  • Service can be provided free of charge with a low minimum deposit and free demo account to try. 
  • The service can be integrated with a number of top exchanges easily. 


  • The company only has a short history in the industry with no information available on the team behind the project.
  • There is no proof of success or any indication of how much traders could expect to make by selecting the service. 
  • AIMiner appears to be unregulated and quite a basic service. This has worried many users in the industry when security is considered.
  • The current reviews of the project almost all reflect negatively and a potential scam from the project.

About AIMiner

AIMiner is cryptocurrency trading software, or a cryptocurrency trading bot. This essentially means that the software is intended to automate your cryptocurrency trading and identify profitable patterns. This kind of automated software is very common in trading forex, increasingly so when trading cryptocurrency. 

Little more is known about exactly who is behind the project, but it has received most of its current attention from users within the last 12 months. This would indicate that the company and trading system are very new to the marketplace. 

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AIMiner Features

As with all of the top platforms we review, AIMiner presents several features which attempt to differentiate it from other products and services in the marketplace. Here are a few which stood out under review. 

Aiminer Features

AI Incorporation

The service promotes the fact that it is completely AI-driven. This means it has the ability to monitor and learn from the market patters as well as your own trading style and movements. The platform also incorporates blockchain and smart contracts to provide increased security and transparency within the operation. 

Lifetime Account

Your account will remain open throughout the long-term. This means that even if you decide to take a break from trading at any time, your account will still be available and easily recovered. 

Professional Indicators

To help you keep up to date with everything that is going on in the market, AIMiner provides a range analytical tools which would not be out of place with a top broker like FXCM. These include al the best charting indicators and tools you would expect to find with a top broker. 

Exchange Integration

As you would expect, AIMiner is available to integrate with a range of top crypto exchanges. These include Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and others. 

Aiminer Exchanges

AIMiner Pricing and Availability

The AIMiner service claims to be completely free to use. This has certainly attracted users who also have the option of testing a demo account. There is a minimum deposit of $250 in order to user the service, and this must be made on the AIMiner platform. 

The exact methods through which the company make a profit are not entirely clear, and this has raised suspicion among the crypto community as to the intentions of the company who are also not regulated in any way. 

Aiminer Opening Steps

The Claim

AIMiner does make a few strong claims in order to attract users from the outset. Immediately upon visiting the homepage you will note that the platform claims to offer the most advanced automated software available on the market. 

There are also claims related to watching your money grow through this transparent service. 

As for delivering on these claims, there is little to back up some of these more voluptuous claims. Reviews from other users have also cast some amount of doubt on the legitimacy of the operation. This is all quite worrying for potential users.  

Aiminer Landing Screen

The Results

Aiminer Web Dashboard


Aiminer Markets

Results over the 12-month period which the service has been operating have been very difficult to confirm with little information available. The fact remains however that there is nothing stated on the company website or elsewhere in relation to success rate or expectations,

This ultimately makes it extremely difficult to verify results and could be one reason why so many users have reflected on AIMiner with poor reviews. 

Trustworthiness and Support 

This is a crucial area where it would have to be noted that there is much doubt surrounding AIMiner. There is no clearly identifiable support mechanism, and the company itself appears to have a very short history of operation with little in the way of verifiable results. 

Deposit with the platform is also required in order to utilize the full range of services. This is an unsecured amount.

In comparison with other top platforms and brokers we have reviewed, the trustworthiness of AIMiner leaves much to be desired. This opinion can be formulated based on the experience of many others who have used the platform, as well as thorough review of the infrastructure which appears to be basic at best.

Who Should Choose AIMiner

Aiminer Demo

We have reviewed many types of crypto services such as Cryptohopper which may be suited to beginners or less experienced traders. Given the fact that there is some doubt about the trustworthiness of AIMiner though, it is recommended only for use by more experienced traders. These traders should still exercise caution and perform all due diligence prior to depositing with AIMiner.  You can check out some of our other crypto bot reviews for alternatives:


Overall, the concept behind AIMiner of being a trading bot to help with identifying patterns and making profitable trades is a positive one, and one which other services have provided to great impact in the past and present market. AIMiner itself though struggles to make the same positive impact. 

Despite its free demo and low deposit requirement, there is simply just not enough in terms of proof of work to satisfy potential traders. The style and function of the platform appear to be quite basic, while the security and trust issues have persisted. This is evident through the bulk of reviews which the service has already received. This makes it a very difficult challenge to recommend AIMiner. 

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