Coinmetro Review – Is This Crypto Exchange Right For You?

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Coinmetro Review

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Coinmetro Review

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Coinmetro is a digital currency services platform and exchange that includes features and tools for both traders and investors. This platform’s services include traditional, margin, and copy crypto trading as well as investing opportunities and staking. Coinmetro supports trading for just under 40 different crypto assets and four fiat currencies. Learn more about this exchange by reading our complete Coinmetro review.


  • Low trading fees
  • Aesthetic new and improved exchange trading interface
  • Unique investing opportunities
  • UST staking


  • Exchange is missing several top crypto assets
  • Underdeveloped copy trading
  • Overly niche stake-able assets
  • High deposit/withdrawal fee

About Coinmetro

Coinmetro is an EU-based digital currency services platform built for both traders and investors. Some of the services they offer include various forms of crypto trading (traditional, margin, and copy) through their centralized exchange, as well as unique crypto investing opportunities and ways to earn interest through crypto staking.

Coinmetro is a safe and highly regulated exchange and has obtained licensing from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit for the purposes of providing digital currency services.

If you want to learn all about Coinmetro’s services and whether or not it’s time for you to make a Coinmetro account, stick around for this in-depth Coinmetro review.

Coinmetro Dashboard

Coinmetro Crypto Exchange

The Coinmetro cryptocurrency exchange supports crypto trading for just under 40 different crypto assets, including major coins like BTC, ETH, and LUNA, but is, unfortunately, missing many top assets such as ADA, SOL, DOT, and MATIC.

Coinmetro Markets Chart

This doesn’t quite make it an entry-level exchange platform, but the Coinmetro team should focus on adding missing digital assets to appeal to more of the crypto community, including any seasoned trader considering the Coinmetro trading.

As for fiat currencies, the Coinmetro platform supports USD, EUR, AUD, and GBP, though most markets are paired with USD and EUR. That said, fiat currency deposits for all the above are supported by the Coinmetro exchange, which is a broader range of options than most cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinmetro Markets

As a trading platform, Coinmetro’s interface is a bit noisy and confusing, but they have a beta version they recently launched that is very similar to the newest Coinbase layout, which is a significant improvement to the Coinmetro trading.

Coinmetro Trading (Beta)

Both their classic interface and the beta version layouts include charts powered by TradingView, market/limit orders, and all the same features, but the latter has cleaner orders books, entry panels, and just a better overall design.

Coinmetro Trading

Margin Trading

If you’re interested in trading borrowed assets through margin trading, Coinmetro offers up to 5x leverage in the ‘Margin’ section. The Coinmetro trading with margin doesn’t offer you as much leverage as many other cryptocurrency exchanges, but sometimes that’s a good thing when you trade borrowed assets.

Their margin trading has the same layout as its non-margin counterpart (including the new and improved design).

Coinmetro Trading Fees/Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to fees, the Coinmetro exchange is leading the pack, boasting a 0.1% taker trading fee and 0% maker trading fee. 

This is much lower than just about every other crypto exchange platform, including fee leaders like Binance, which offers an across-the-board fee of 0.1%.

Fees for margin trading include a 0.1% exchange fee and 0.08222% daily interest on borrowed funds.

Copy trading fees also include a 0.1% exchange fee and a 5-25% manager performance fee, which is too wide of a range to say it’s either good or bad.

Aside from that, there is a 1.25% swap fee on all dashboard exchanges that’s important to keep in mind.

The last fees worth mentioning are related to deposits and withdrawals. If you want to deposit assets, the Coinmetro fees will vary for SEPA transfer (1 EUR), SWIFT (50 EUR), instant ACH (5 USD), domestic wire transfer (20 USD), and international wire transfer (50 USD).

There is also a 2.99% credit/debit card deposit fee for EU-issued cards and a 4.99% deposit fee for non-EU-issued credit/debit cards. t

If you want to withdraw USD or EUR, the withdrawal fee is the same as its deposit counterpart, and the digital currency withdrawal fee is 0.15%.

Coinmetro Invest

One thing that makes Coinmetro particularly unique is that they allow you to invest in more traditional securities (not just your favorite digital asset) from real crypto projects by purchasing equity in or bonds for each respective company.

Coinmetro Invest

The projects they have listed are of limited availability insofar as only a certain amount of capital inflows are allowed. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on new projects joining or old projects raising more money as it really is a unique opportunity and a great way to diversity within the crypto space.

Coinmetro Copy Trading

As alluded to in the beginning, in addition to a traditional and margin trading crypto exchange, Coinmetro supports copy trading, which allows you to follow another person’s trades automatically. 

While this is a service, a professional trader likely won’t enjoy, less experienced traders and beginner traders will appreciate it as a learning opportunity and passive income. It’s also a service not available on every trading platform.

While the interface is well designed and includes a wide range of valuable stats such as transaction history, max drawdown, monthly results, and other helpful performance and trade-related statistics, it isn’t nearly as developed as other exchange platforms like BingX or Bitget.

Coinmetro copy trading has a lot of potential. It is probably worth experimenting with if you use the platform, but, realistically, it needs to add more people/strategies to copy and additional copy parameters to better tailor one’s copy trades to their liking.

Coinmetro Copy Trading

All in all, it’s an excellent service, but it appears to be in its early stages and doesn’t quite measure up to many of the other trading platforms out there. 

Coinmetro Stake and Earn

The last service Coinmetro offers that’s worth diving into is earning interest through their staking. Currently, Coinmetro supports staking for six different assets (XCM, FLUX, KDA, THT, VSP, and the newly added UST).

Some of the interest rates Coinmetro offers are underwhelming (4%), but they have several double-digit interest rates (as high as 18%) and also offer opportunities to earn higher yields on XCM (Coinmetro’s utility token) if you change the asset your interest is paid in.

Minimum deposits for staking range from about $30 – $50, and staking term durations are either one month, three months, six months, or one year. 

However, if you choose to un-stake your funds before the end of the term, 50% of the interest earned will be taken as a penalty.

Coinmetro Stake And Earn

Coinmetro Customer Support

Coinmetro has an excellent support center that does a great job of outlining all the basics for trading and their platform more broadly. 

The help center itself is organized well, and the articles within it include plenty of helpful pictures and charts to make all the information very digestible.

Coinmetro Customer Support (Help Center)

In addition to their help center, Coinmetro also has a pop-up window accessible at the bottom right of the page to more easily search the help center or reach out to support via a direct message, who claim to respond within five minutes.

Coinmetro Customer Support (Pop-Up)

Conclusion: Coinmetro Review 

After a long deep dive into the platform for this Coinmetro review, we believe it’s a great platform to consider as a beginner trader, given its new simplistic exchange design.

Although their exchange is missing many important assets and order types, the new Coinmetro exchange interface is incredibly user-friendly, and their trading fees are exceptional.

And even though the Coinmetro copy trading isn’t the best out there, it’s much better not having it at all like most platforms, and it looks like it has a lot of potential as Coinmetro continues to work on it.

As for cryptocurrency investors, the equity and bond opportunities are unique, but the limited availability makes it difficult to actually participate and what you’re investing in isn’t quite as straightforward as regular exchange trading.

The Coinmetro staking is also a little below average in terms of supported assets. Still, the interest rate on many of the assets is competitive, and very few platforms support UST staking, which is a very desired stake-able asset to gain access to.

Keeping the above in mind, we believe Coinmetro isn’t the ideal platform for new cryptocurrency investors. However, its unique opportunities (Crypto company equity/bonds and UST staking) still make it worth your consideration.

In short, Coinmetro is a good (not great) platform for trading and a good (not great) platform for investing. It’s ultimately up to you to decide precisely how well it fares against other crypto exchanges, but it seems to stand somewhere above average yet noticeably out of the top 10.

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