HaasBot Review – Is This Crypto Trading Bot Effective?

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Haasbot Review

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HaasBot Review

  • Built-In Trading Bots
  • Custom Trading Bots
  • Backtesting/Paper Trading
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support


HaasBot is an automated crypto trading platform that includes a variety of pre-built and custom trading bots designed to help users find profitable opportunities. It includes sixteen pre-built trading bots as well as custom trading bots, the ability to backtest, and the ability to forward test through paper trading. Learn more about this automated crypto trading platform by reading our complete HaasBot review now.


  • 16 built-in trading robots
  • Fully customizable trading robots
  • Excellent support center/videos


  • Very expensive plans
  • Steep learning curve

About HaasBot

HaasBot is an automated crypto trading platform that allows users to deploy pre-built trading bots, develop customizable trading bots and trading indicators, and easily backtest and paper trade their automated trading strategies.

HaasBot can link to external wallets and over 20 crypto exchanges with no fees and no trading or volume restrictions. Users can easily manage their crypto assets or automate their existing portfolios straight from the HaasBot trading platform.

The HaasBot platform doesn’t itself support cryptocurrency trading, but its ability to link to trading platforms with its trading robots means there is no need to go back and forth between any retail investor accounts to use their automated trading tools. 

All your cryptocurrency trading and each trading robot can be managed right from its trading platform.

If you want to learn all about HaasBot’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth HaasBot review.

Haasbot Trading Interface

HaasBot Crypto Trading Bots

HaasBot’s specialty is, unsurprisingly, its trading bot functionality, which allows users to deploy pre-built crypto trading bots or create their own custom crypto trading bots through the HaasOnline trade server.

Haasbot Trading Bot Dashboard

For those unfamiliar with how a trading bot works, a trader will outline certain parameters related to price or various technical indicators like moving averages, RSI, volume, high-of-day, et cetera, and an automated robot will trade whatever markets you choose according to those parameters.

Haasbot Trading Bot - New Bot

If you are a trader with a very particular system that can be broken down into code or specific rules, you should be able to translate those rules into HaasBot to trade for you. This way when BTC, as an example, has its 50 EMA cross over its 200 EMA with an RSI over 50 and above average daily volume, the HaasBot will automatically execute that trade.

However, you don’t have to build a bot if you don’t want to. HaasBot has pre-built trading robots loaded with historically-proven strategies that only require minor configurations to deploy. 

Haasbot Trading Bots - Pre-Built Bot

There are sixteen pre-built bots to choose from, and each one comes with a brief description and a helpful walkthrough video to help simplify the process for beginners.

Some examples of the most popular trading bots users can pull from the pre-built list are the accumulation bot, crypto index bot, and the market making bot, but there are plenty of other trading bots crypto traders new to the platform can easily deploy that appeal to a wide range of strategies.

Haasonline Trading Bots - Pre-Built

HaasBot’s custom trading robots, on the other hand, are much more flexible and will allow users to script bots from the ground up with custom order types, safeties (ways to protect your investment and lock in profits), insurances (special conditions), technical indicators, portfolio management, tools, and much more.

Haasbot Custom Trading Bots

All custom bots use the crypto scripting language HaasScript, which allows users to use a drag-and-drop visual designer to generate scripts without coding. 

That said, users can also opt to use the intelligent text-based editor to carefully craft their scripts line-by-line.

HaasBot Backtesting & Paper Trading

One of the great features of HaasBot is the ability to refine your automated crypto trading strategies through backtesting using historical trade data. 

With the backtesting function, users can toy with different parameters and methods to more accurately determine the reliability of the automated trading logic or a specific HaasBot trading robot.

Haasbot Trading Bot Analyzer

HaasBot also supports forward testing through paper trading. This service is one that sets HaasBot apart as you won’t find it DaxRobot or many other trading robot platforms. Forward testing through paper trading allows users to use a simulated trading engine to test all the variations of their cryptocurrency trading algorithms against live market conditions.

The last important tool to mention that can help traders optimize their strategies is Haas Labs, which is a tool that allows script developers to optimize any trading robot via three different algorithms. 

Each algorithm has its own pros and cons, but they help quickly create good baseline settings for any advanced cryptocurrency trading algos you are building or testing.

HaasBot Pricing & Plans

HaasBot offers three different plans: Beginner, Simple, and Advanced. Each plan also has three duration options: three months, six months, or one year, and all plans are priced in BTC.

Plans with longer durations will be slightly cheaper, but the most affordable plans (one-year duration) are 0.009 BTC for the Beginner, 0.016 BTC for the Simple, and 0.026 BTC for the Advanced plan.

The differences between the plans include the number of active trading bots, insurances, safeties, and technical indicators users will be able to implement at one time.

Customer Support

Given the complex nature of HaasBot’s services, customer support is very relevant to the platform’s usability.

As alluded to earlier, HaasBot has walkthrough videos for all their pre-built bots that help teach how to implement each respective bot and aid in learning how the platform and trading robot process works. But that is far from all that HaasBot offers as support.

Haasbot Customer Support Video

HaasBot includes a wide range of detailed videos for all its services, including the more advanced ones like creating custom technical indicators you can find in their support center.

Within that support page, you’ll find an extensive library of information outlining step-by-step breakdowns and walkthroughs of how to get started and how to use and understand every aspect of its cryptocurrency trading bots. 

The help center is extremely organized, full of videos, gifs, and pictures, and covers everything about the platform, not just the bots (though that is the most important and extensive).

Haasbot Customer Support

Typically support centers are mostly luxuries you don’t necessarily need, but HaasBot seems to understand the nature of its platform and has done an excellent job building out its support services to ensure users have all the tools to make sense of all its complex services.

Conclusion: HaasBot Review 

After walking through all of its services for this HaasBot review, we believe the platform is an excellent option for very advanced traders.

The price point and the complexity of creating and using a crypto trading bot make HaasBot’s services undeniably niche, but the detail, flexibility, and overall functionality of the platform make it a top-tier option in the automated trading space.

With a wide range of pre-built bots and near limitless possibilities for customized bots, anyone serious about trading or who has a system they believe could be automated will want to consider signing up for HaasBot.

And given the ability to backtest and paper trade is essential when testing automated systems, HaasBot’s seamless system for testing any bots will eliminate much of the headache associated with fine-tuning strategies.

With all that being said, HaasBot’s services are very expensive and best suited for professional traders or very experienced traders/advanced users with a well-defined trading strategy. 

While HaasBot has a fantastic support center and plenty of instructive videos, there is a steep learning curve related to trading itself that will be necessary to conquer before taking on an automated crypto trading bot.

Nevertheless, if you are an experienced trader with a history of developing trading strategies, or just someone who wants to explore an expert-level automated trading platform, few platforms will rival HaasBot. You can check out some of our other reviews for comparison:

while HodlBot is a fantastic resource for optimizing your investments, it remains a hard sell for anyone with a minimal number of crypto holdings or just a small account value. You may consider checking out some of our other crypto bot reviews:

But if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading or have spent little time working with trading indicators and technical analysis, you will be better served by more traditional trading platforms that don’t require you to use or develop a trading robot.

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