Haru Invest Review – Does This Crypto Service Suit You?

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Haru Invest Review

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Haru Invest is a crypto savings account, investing service, and trading platform. This platform provides investors with up to 16% interest on qualified crypto deposits with adjustable lockup periods through its crypto earn services. Users can retain cryptocurrency assets in the Haru wallet, switch between crypto assets, become a liquidity provider to farm additional coin, and freeze assets into digital collectibles via Haru Invest. Read our full Haru Invest review to learn more.


  • Earn up to 16% on crypto deposits
  • Crypto exchange and liquidity provider
  • 0.2% trading fees
  • Digital collectibles


  • Only supports five crypto assets
  • Suspiciously high yields

Haru Invest is a crypto savings account, investment service, and swapping platform for users managing crypto investments via desktop or the Haru Invest app.

Haru Invest

Through its crypto earn services, Haru Invest offers investors up to 16% interest on qualifying crypto deposits with variable lockup periods.

Haru Invest also allows users to swap between crypto assets, become a liquidity provider to farm more crypto, hold crypto assets in the Haru wallet, and freeze assets into digital collectibles.

Haru Invest Homepage

As for security, Haru Invest’s services are facilitated by its global asset management partners BitGo, Chainanalysis, the Singapore Fintech Association, the Blockchain Association, and Sumsub.

So, is Haru Invest safe for your crypto investments? Are its interest rates too good to be true? Learn all this and more about the Haru Invest platform in this in-depth review! 

Haru Earn Explore

Haru Invest offers investment products to earn interest on five crypto assets: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and XRP.

Haru Invest Earn

The yields for each asset will vary according to your lock-up period, which can be anywhere from 15 to 365 days.

Yield Ranges:

  • BTC = 5.1% – 15%
  • ETH = 4.8% – 14.5%
  • USDT = 6.6% – 16%
  • USDC = 5.1% – 15%
  • XRP = 4% – 13.5%

As expected, the higher yields correspond to the longer lockup periods, meaning the high end of each range is only possible with a 365-day lock-up.

Nevertheless, the Haru yields are very competitive with a USDT lockup of 30 days paying out 8.8%. 

Such high returns should always be met with skepticism, especially in the largely unregulated world of crypto, but Haru insists they do not borrow any customer deposits.

As stated on its website, they “invest them for you with minimized trading risk,” which includes a variety of crypto trading strategies, such as spread and arbitrage trading.

Haru Switch

Haru Switch is a peer-2-peer community-driven crypto swap platform that links liquidity providers with swap users.

Haru Invest Switch

However, similar to the Haru Earn, Haru Switch only supports BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and XRP.

Crypto investors can stake their assets in the Switch pool to become a liquidity provider and earn fees incurred through the crypto swapping service.

The trading fees for swapping in Switch are fixed at 0.2%, which is right in the middle of fee leaders like Binance (0.1%) and Uniswap (0.3%).

Haru Freeze

Freezing assets into digital collectibles is easily the most unique service Haru Invest provides.

Haru Invest Freeze

Haru investors can turn their Earn Plus lockups into “Frosts” (a digital collectible similar to an NFT) and discover new investment opportunities in Haru’s digital marketplace.

Investors will continue to earn the yield for their respective investment product, but they can earn even more selling Frosts on the marketplace and “melting” them back into their Earn Plus lockups.

Given Frosts are essentially a watered down version of NFTs with fewer enthusiasts and less capabilities (owners can’t withdraw them or trade them on other exchanges), investors should be well aware of the inherent speculative nature of such investments.

The potential to earn additional yield is certainly enticing, but the already very real danger of crypto yield products is only exaggerated when adding the digital collectible element to the equation.

Notwithstanding that disclaimer, Haru Freeze is still a very unique and interesting opportunity worth exploring so long as you understand the risks.

How Haru Invest Compares to Competitors 

One of the best platforms to compare to Haru Invest is Ledn, another crypto investment-focused earning and savings platform.

Ledn has a similar user-friendly design, offers yields of up to 8%, and allows investors to trade their assets directly from the platform, so it is more similar to Haru Invest than different.

Haru Invest Ledn

However, Ledn also offers borrowing services, including Bitcoin-backed loans, and forms of leverage to buy even more BTC.

The major caveat to Ledn’s services is they are limited to just BTC and USDC, meaning both the crypto earning and exchange will only apply to those two crypto assets.

Ledn’s yields are still very high and investors can withdraw their crypto at any time, but they will have fewer assets to choose from.

If you are only interested in BTC or USDC, Ledn could be better depending on your investment (lock-up) period, so it’s worth looking into.

That said, Haru Invest is likely the better platform overall unless you are interested in crypto borrowing, as Haru Invest has no such services.

Conclusion: Haru Invest Review 

After carefully walking through all of its products and services for this Haru Invest review, we believe Haru is an excellent crypto investment platform, but investors should still remain cautious of its aggressive yields.

Haru has put together a very user-friendly interface with extremely impressive yields and flexible terms, but the dangers of such too-good-to-be-true investment products should not be easily dismissed, especially in the crypto space.

If you are interested in a crypto earning platform, Haru Invest is arguably one of the better options out there, but every investor should be willing to lose whatever they deposit.

Aside from that elephant in the room for all crypto investment products, the only serious drawbacks of Haru’s earning products are they are limited to just five assets and the potentially long lock-up periods if you chase the higher yields.

Haru includes the most important and widely held/traded crypto assets, but some investors will be upset over the lack of depth to its earning products list.

As an exchange and liquidity provider, Haru is decent, but the limitation to five assets is even more significant for both services, so it probably won’t be the most ideal crypto exchange.

Haru has very competitive trading fees at 0.2%, so it could serve as a great place to buy those top five assets, but liquidity providers will earn less and the fees are still relatively in line with the rest of the industry.

All in all, Haru Invest is a worthwhile option to explore as a crypto earning platform, crypto exchange, and liquidity providing service, but it’s best used for crypto earning.

It would be wise to remain skeptical of all crypto investment products, especially those with exceptionally high yields, but still keep Haru Invest top-of-mind as one of the better options to consider.

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