Midas Investments Review – Should You Use This Crypto Lending Platform?

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Midas Investments Review

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Midas Investments Review

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Midas Investments is a custodial crypto investment and lending platform designed to help users earn passive income. This platform includes crypto interest accounts, a crypto assets swap exchange, and a financial learning course as well as DeFi and stable yield automated portfolios. Learn more about this crypto lending platform by reading our complete Midas Investments review.


  • Incredibly high interest rates for passive income streams
  • Midas boost feature
  • Built in swap function
  • Low fees
  • Free learning course


  • Suspiciously high interest rates
  • Missing many core assets

About Midas Investments

Midas Investments is a custodial crypto investment platform that provides passive income through a crypto interest account, yield automated portfolios, a swap exchange for crypto assets, and a financial learning course.

Midas Investments was established in 2018 with the goal of building an ecosystem of intuitive tools that allow any investor to generate sustainable passive income.

If you want to learn all about Midas’ services and whether or not it’s time to create a Midas account, stick around for this in-depth review.

Midas Investments Platform

The ‘Platform’ page is where you’ll find Midas’ interest account and all of its investment options. This section is also where you will see all 21 of their supported assets and all of your active investments.

Midas Investments Platform

The interest account interface is simplistic, but it still looks great and is very easy to operate. It’s as user-friendly as it is efficient, and there are no investment fees.

Once you choose to invest by depositing a crypto asset, a little white box will be added to the top of the Platform page to view your coins owned, your balances, and your active APY.

Midas Investments Interest Account

While a good portion of the supported assets is altcoins, Midas Investments supports many major crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, BNB, and AVAX, with APYs 9.4%, 10.1%, 18.1%, 18.1%, and 17.0%, respectively.

You can also add 2-4% to your APY if you choose the Midas boost and receive your payout in the Midas token, MIDAS.

The Midas token also earns you a massive APY of 30%, making the purchase of some Midas coins all that more enticing.

Midas Interest Account

The interest rates Midas Investments offers for each of its supported assets, especially with the Midas boost, are quite easily the best you will find.

It truly blows both centralized competitors like BlockFi and Celsius and decentralized competitors like Compound and Aave out of the water.

There are no investment limits or lockup periods, so you can easily invest and divest at your leisure, and interest is paid out daily.

There is, however, a withdrawal fee of up to about $10 depending on network conditions, but no deposit fee, investment fees, or any other hidden fee.

In summary, the yields and flexibility Midas Investments gives users make it an incredible option for generating passive income.

DeFi & Stable Yield Automated Portfolio

Included in the Platform section with the other investment options are Midas’ automated crypto investment portfolios they call yield automated portfolios (YAPs).

Each YAP is an ETF or index with a basket of assets tailored to a specific Midas investment strategy to easily capture gains in a way similar to staking core crypto assets.

The YAPs are listed with all the other assets, and you will earn interest from their returns, just like the traditional single-asset crypto investment opportunities.

Midas Investments offers two different YAPs:

A DeFi (decentralized finance) automated investment portfolio comprised of crypto assets from some of the most innovative projects in the crypto space (ETH, AVAX, BNB, LINK, FTM, et cetera);

Midas Defi Yap

And a stable automated investment portfolio (Stable YAP), which consists of stable long-term assets such as BTC, ETH, USDC, and the MIDAS token.

Midas Investments Stable Yap

Midas previously had a third YAP called the masternode yield automated portfolio, but that has since been discontinued.

Each yield automated portfolio is intended to achieve long-term price appreciation and has monthly rebalancing to better weather market volatility, in addition to diversifying its exposure across multiple crypto assets.

The DeFi yield automated portfolio offers a 21% APY, and the stable yield automated portfolio provides a 20.3% APY, both of which are exceptionally high interest rates for what is technically passive income.

Midas Exchange

A feature Midas Investments recently added to the platform that is very useful is their swap function, which you can access from the Midas Platform page within each asset’s respective pop-up panel (the same place you deposit and withdraw).

With the swap function, Midas Investments acts as a fully functioning crypto exchange for all its supported assets.

Midas Investments Swap

Exchanges are instant, and swap fees range from 0.3% to 0.6% at the moment, which is relatively standard across crypto exchanges.

The swap function is supported by an automated Binance bot, so all orders filled on Midas Investments are automatically generated and filled on the Binance exchange.

Midas Earn-Save-Invest-Repeat Course

A unique aspect of the Midas investment platform is its free learning course to teach investors some of the basics about investing, crypto, and interest-earning platforms.

In the Earn-Save-Invest-Repeat course, people seeking financial independence can attain valuable knowledge through a series of fun, innovative levels that teach you how to make intelligent investments and achieve financial freedom.

Midas Earn-Save-Invest-Repeat Course

The course is relatively short, with just four short lessons, but everything is organized with beautiful graphics, and the material is very digestible.

The information presented is also applicable to all investors, not simply those who classify themselves as beginners.

It would be nice to see the course extended, but it remains an excellent resource for anyone looking to build a strong foundation of investment principles, find some direction, or better familiarize themself with crypto investing.

Midas Investments Customer Support

Like most platforms, Midas Investments has a help center they call the “Knowledge Base.”

It functions like a normal help center with a search bar and categories to more easily guide you to the answers you need, and they make sure to include pictures from the Midas platform in the articles whenever relevant.

Midas Customer Support

The knowledge base also includes more information on the Midas investment strategy for earning the returns it delivers to crypto investors with its algorithmic trading, the purpose of the MIDAS token (Midas boost), and several other topics like taxes and security.

Midas Investments also has a pop-up window at the bottom right of most pages where you can more easily search the knowledge base or reach out to the Midas team directly via email.

Midas Customer Support Pop-Up

Conclusion: Midas Investments Review

After carefully reviewing all of their services for this Midas Investments review, we believe it’s easily the best platform for earning interest. Still, it’s hard not to be suspicious about their unbelievably high APYs.

Whether it’s the crypto returns, stablecoin returns, or YAP returns, there isn’t any platform close to matching Midas’ passive income opportunities.

Some platforms might have slightly smoother interfaces than Midas’, but there isn’t much to complain about, and the returns are what’s important.

Midas Investments does a decent job outlining its strategies and explaining how the returns are generated. Still, the full story is naturally left to guesswork for what we can only assume are reasons related to proprietary investment strategies they want to remain secret investment strategies.

As for Midas’ swap function, it is surprisingly good for a platform that’s primary concern is yield generating. The fees are reasonable enough to make the swap function usable, and it works for every crypto asset they support.

The Midas exchange may not be the best exchange out there, but you’ll probably still use it out of convenience if you use the platform.

Midas Investment’s learning course is also very appealing, short though it may be, and they have a lot of information throughout the site to help Midas users understand their services and the Midas investment strategy.

Overall, it’s hard not to say Midas Investments is the best interest-earning platform, but it’s equally as hard not to say it must be too good to be true.

Midas Investments has been around for over four years and has never lost funds or missed any interest payments to investors, which offers some peace of mind, but the risks still seem unknown.

Bearing that in mind, it might not be wise to invest all of your money with Midas Investments, but the Midas team has a good reputation, and, at the end of the day, the risk calculation is up to you.

So is Midas Investments legit? That’s the million-dollar question.

If Midas Investments is as legitimate as it purports to be, there’s really no reason not to create a Midas account and take advantage of its incredible interest-earning opportunities; just invest wisely.

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