Cryptowatch Review – Should You Use This Crypto Platform?

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Cryptowatch Review

  • Trading
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • NFTs
  • Pricing


Cryptowatch is an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that allows users to link multiple exchanges via API keys, create custom charts and watchlists, view price movements, and track their portfolios in one place. In addition to the above features, Cryptowatch also includes a correlation matrix, NFT charts and data, and a Cryptowatch application to access all of its services on your mobile device. Learn more about this crypto platform by reading our complete Cryptowatch review.


  • Customizable dashboard to view watchlist, portfolio, new, etc.
  • Fully customizable chart layouts
  • NFT collection charts and data
  • Free core functionality
  • Cryptowatch app


  • Complicated user interface
  • Very expensive paid products/services
  • Desktop for custom layouts doesn’t include other platform features
  • No automated trading

About Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch is an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that allows users to link multiple exchanges via API keys, create custom charts and watchlists, view price movements, and track their portfolios in one place.

In addition to the above features, Cryptowatch includes a correlation matrix, NFT charts and data, and a Cryptowatch application to access all of its services on your mobile device.

To take full advantage of all the customs charting features and technical analysis tools, however, you’ll have to download the free Cryptowatch desktop application.

If you want to learn all about Cryptowatch’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth Cryptowatch review.

Cryptowatch Asset Chart

Cryptowatch Features

Supports Multiple Exchanges

The supported digital asset exchanges users can link via the Cryptowatch account API connectivity include Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Huobi, HitBTC, OKEx, Kucoin, and FTX.

However, Cryptowatch only supports viewing your Huobi, HitBTC, and OKEx portfolios, not trading them.

Once you link your exchanges, you can switch back and forth between them fairly seamlessly for both trading and portfolio tracking.


The dashboard or homepage after you sign in to Cryptowatch is arguably one of its best features, as it allows you to easily track key market movements and your portfolio(s).

Cryptowatch Dashboard

The layout is completely customizable and lets users create watchlists, view trending news stories, track their portfolio with a beautiful visual breakdown, compare asset correlations, and plenty more.

In essence, the Cryptowatch dashboard gives you access to just about everything you need to track the crypto market trends and your portfolio(s).

Cryptowatch Dashboard 2

Crypto Portfolio Management

As alluded to, Cryptowatch creates a beautiful chart for visualizing all the assets in your portfolio, but there are additional tools for managing your portfolio(s).

Cryptowatch Portfolio

If you click on the portfolio section within the dashboard, you’ll be taken to a window where you can view your performance, order, positions, and trade history alongside that beautiful visual.

You can even export the visual of your portfolio to share it with friends, family, or whoever else.

Though portfolio tools like this lend themselves more to longer-term investors, it is an amazing resource for crypto traders or anyone else dabbling in the crypto market.

Crypto Trading & Technical Analysis

Regardless of which exchange you link to the browser version of Cryptowatch, the trading interface is identical to Kraken’s.

Cryptowatch Trading (Custom Layouts)

Kraken’s interface isn’t terrible, but it’s still a surprising choice, considering how bad Kraken’s technical analysis tools are compared to other exchanges.

That said, despite using Kraken’s interface, the platform still functions as a multi-exchange trading terminal where you can easily move back and forth between exchange accounts.

You can also customize your layout with any combination of colors to add some unique flavor. Aside from that, however, the browser version is a bit underwhelming.

If you want to create a truly custom charting layout, you’ll have to download the free desktop application.

Cryptowatch Desktop App

While the trading aesthetic is slightly better in the desktop application, it’s incredibly challenging to get used to. As a result, creating a custom layout can prove to be more of a headache than most people will be willing to endure.

Cryptowatch Trading (Custom Layouts 2)

If you’re able to get the hang of how the customization works, you really can create a completely customizable layout full of the exact crypto assets, watchlists, charts, order books, summaries, depth charts, etc., you want.

Navigating the complicated interface will undoubtedly be the biggest hurdle. Still, it could be worth it if you are really interested in creating an efficient trading terminal and saving perfectly customized layouts.

Correlation Matrix

A unique feature of the Cryptowatch worth checking out is its correlation matrix, where you can plug in specific assets to view their correlations to each other.

Cryptowatch Correlation Matrix

The correlations are broken down by numbers (0.00 to 1.00) into a very digestible chart so you can easily view multiple assets at once.

Asset correlations in the matrix can also be viewed by periods of 24h, 7D, 30D, and 1Y.

Cryptowatch users can view asset correlations as line charts as well, but that function is separate from the correlation matrix and can be found on the dashboard.


The last feature of the Cryptowatch platform worth mentioning is its NFT section.

Cryptowatch Nfts

Cryptowatch has a marketplace of all the major NFT collections listed on OpenSea, where you can view the price, market cap, owners, volume, and several other stats.

You can even click on any specific collection to view a chart of its price action.

Cryptowatch is probably not the best place to view and trade NFTs, but it’s still a useful feature not often found on crypto trading platforms.

Cryptowatch Pricing

While the platform’s core services (trading, charts, portfolio tracking, custom themes, and chat) are completely free, Cryptowatch also has paid products/services.

Cryptowatch Pricing (Free Functions)

The paid products and services are for technical analysis alerts or to pull market data, which can be purchased a la carte or through subscriptions.

Cryptowatch Pricing (Subscriptions)

In terms of the a la carte options, there are a few to choose from.

A La Carte Products & Services

First, trading alerts will cost $1 per alert triggered, which seems rather high.

Cryptowatch Pricing (Pad Functioins)

Next, Cryptowatch offers a Rest API that provides real-time market data that will cost $2-$15 per 1k requests.

There is also a WebSocket API for streaming cryptocurrency market data that is $120 per GB of bandwidth.

And finally, Cryptowatch supports a Zapier integration that is $15 per execution, which, again, seems quite high, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

As for the subscriptions, Cryptowatch has two plan tiers:

The Standard Plan

The Standard plan is $2,500 per month, which includes unlimited fundamental data, unlimited standard data, and 100 requests per month for derivative data.

The Derivative Plan

The last predetermined monthly pricing tier Cryptowatch offers is its Derivative plan for $3,500 per month, which includes unlimited fundamental, standard, and derivative data.

How Cryptowatch Compares to Competitors

The best platforms to compare Cryptowatch to are likely Probit Global (for trading) and Shrimpy (for portfolio tracking).

Probit Global is a crypto exchange, meaning you can’t link other exchange accounts, but it has one of the best interfaces for custom layouts.

Not only does it have six templates to choose from, but you can edit those templates as you see fit. 

Probit won’t let you customize your layouts to quite the extent as Cryptowatch, but it is way easier to use and much more aesthetically pleasing.

As for Shrimpy, the portfolio viewing/managing works with multiple exchange accounts just like Cryptowatch, and it even has features to automate your portfolio.

There are a lot of features Shrimpy offers that Cryptowatch doesn’t, but Shrimpy is a paid service, so that is a significant difference.

Overall, Cryptowatch has more extensive customization features than just about every crypto platform (though they are much harder to implement), and it offers a very good way to view your portfolio(s).

It may not have the best portfolio management capabilities, but it’s free and still very appealing.

Another point to keep in mind is that neither of the competing platforms mentioned has the overlap of features Cryptowatch does, meaning it is a better ‘best of both worlds’ option.

Conclusion: Cryptowatch Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Cryptowatch review, we believe Cryptowatch is a good platform for professional crypto traders or investors with multiple exchange accounts.

Traders will certainly appreciate the extent to which they can customize their trading layouts (if they can figure out how to do it) so that workflow improvement could be a huge selling point, especially if you have multiple exchanges.

When it comes to Cryptowatch’s paid plans and services, it’s hard to say who would be willing to fork out that much money when you can find similar data or alert services through platforms like TradingView for much cheaper.

However, the free functionality should be more than enough for the average trader.

As an investor, the Cryptowatch dashboard offers an excellent and digestible layout for viewing all your favorite assets, trending news stories, and visualizing your portfolio.

Even if you only have one exchange account, the way Cryptowatch displays your portfolio and all its holdings is exceptional, so it could easily be worth signing up just to have a better way of visualizing and managing all your assets.

Aside from the custom layouts and the dashboard, however, the Cryptowatch platform isn’t particularly appealing relative to other platforms.

The Kraken layout in the browser version is far from ideal, and the interface as a whole isn’t that user-friendly. The correlation matrix and NFT section are cool features, but they aren’t exactly massive selling points.

In summary, Cryptowatch is best for traders who think a fully customized layout is of the utmost importance or investors who want an excellent place to view and manage their crypto assets and portfolio(s).  

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