One Billion Signals Review – Do These Signals Actually Work?

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One Billion Signals Review

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One Billion Signals Review

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One Billion Signals is a trading application for both your phone and computer that does exactly what it says, give you the trading signals you’re looking for. In this review we will take a deep dive into One Billion Signals and discuss all the pros and cons. Find out if One Billion Signals is right for your trading.


  • An excellent and user-friendly interface allows traders to use the platform with ease from the outset.
  • A free trial and several monthly payment categories allow good flexibility for all levels of users to register.
  • The platform provides a selection of valuable and frequently updated news articles. This can be very helpful in keeping traders updated with economic events and changing markets quickly.  


  • AA lack of information regarding the company history and difficulty in verifying the sources of content provided may not appeal to some traders.
  • There appears little difference in terms of quality when comparing the regular subscription to VIP.
  • The company seems overly optimistic in its predictions related to the accuracy of signals. Significant risks are still involved in trading.

About One Billion Signals

One Billion Signals is a trading signals application available through your smart device, or online. The service and company are owned by Merit Forex. There are few details about exactly when the company was founded, but the One Billion Signals website charts data back to 2017.

The app and service are purported to provide the very best in trading signals on more than 50 forex and CFD markets. This is backed by other services such as analysis and research carried out by the One Billion Signals team.

One Billion Signals Landing Screen

One Billion Signals Features

One Billion Signals Features

Just like many of the other top platform reviews we have conducted. One Billion Signals advertises and provides a range of features within the signals application. These features are further complemented by the analysis and research which is provided alongside the application.

Instant Signals

The most popular feature of the service is that fact that, due to its mobile app base, signals are available instantly and on a live basis. These can be delivered directly to your trading device via push notification. Effectively, this means you will never have to miss any trading signal or opportunity.

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Market News and Analysis

One Billion Signals Market News

One Billion Signals promote the fact that they have a top team of analysts working to provide the most reliable signals to traders. These analysts also work to cover the daily market news and events in order to keep you updated on the trading environment and provide the latest analysis. This style of analysis is something which you may often see within some of the best forex brokers we have also reviewed.

Performance Monitoring

One Billion Signals Mobile Signals

The One Billion Signals app makes it very easy to keep track of your performance through a host of easy to follow metrics. This helps you to conveniently keep track of not only your own open positions, but also historical performance data. This should allow you to easily note the effectiveness of the service.

One Billion Signals Pricing and Availability

One Billion Signals Pricing

The first positive point to note is that you can try One Billion Signals for free with a 10-day trial. From there, you have a number of different choices. The monthly membership fee is $29.99. If you sign up for a longer period you can benefit from reduced prices. A three-month membership term is $74.99, while a full 12-month period when paid up front is $239.99. A final option which allows you access to the VIP copy trading features of the app on all instruments costs $399.99 for one-year.

The Claim

In terms of the signals application itself, the company makes a few promotional style claims such as the app being full of all the features you need in order to make a profit. It also claims that the signals produced have an 83% accuracy rate. This is difficult to verify with no data provided in order to back up the figures.

One Billion Signals portrays itself as quite promotional when it comes to the claims made, although they also try to retain a factual nature throughout most of the site. They highlight the speed and convenience which the application provides to traders. These points are both correct.

They do note their dedicated team of professional traders and analysts, although there is little or no information provided in regard to the members of the team or their skills.

The Results

One Billion Signals Web Dashboard    

One Billion Signals Signals

From our experience, it appears that One Billion Signals provides a comprehensive infrastructure for traders to receive up to date and well-researched signals. These are dynamic and changing on a live basis through the application and web-platform which we reviewed.

As with any type of trading service, even the major competitors in the industry we have reviewed like ForexSignals carry an element of risk.

When it comes to the provision of correct and timely data, One Billion Signals does a very good job. This can be of assistance to all traders. The platform itself is also very well laid out and easy to navigate for users. This usability and convenience is an important feature for such a platform.

While the data provided, and the accuracy appears to be informative and professional, there still remains some mystery over the sources of the platforms data. Making the profile of their research team more publically accessible would certainly benefit the company.

The data and promises provided In relation to the 83% success rate of the platform signals is also difficult to verify, and considering the nature of the service, appears to be quite unlikely.

Trustworthiness and Support

This is of course the key element when choosing between and broker or service. You will want to know that your funds are safe and you are trading with top professional knowledge. Again, this is something which is difficult to verify when trading with One Billion Signals.

The available information only tells us that the company was founded relatively recently and no details about who is behind and running the service. This could be off-putting for some who require a more solid grounding and experience.

The reviews from other users of the service have all been quite positive though. This should provide some level of positivity to new users beyond official regulatory body approval. This is more often seen with the major forex brokers such as FXGlory and others, being regulated by CySEC and other well respected bodies.

Who Should Choose One Billion Signals

One Billion Signals Tech Analysis

As a signal service, One Billion Signals is naturally more geared toward those who have some experience in trading. It could also be ideal for those who want to engage in forex scalping. There is an availability of resources which can suit all level of traders. These also may be more suited to some who have a greater depth of trading experience.

Ultimately, with a very user-friendly platform, and a strong availability of information, One Billion Signals can certainly be beneficial to everyone, but may hold more significant positives for those who have already gathered some amount of trading experience.


Overall, the platform presents as very user-friendly and free-flowing. The company offers a range of services which seem to be good value when considering the rest of the market. There are many positive to draw from our experience in this regard. The news provided and analysis which is continually updated can be a very helpful key in providing excellent value to traders.

The key concern is firstly, the quality of the signals themselves, and whether they can truly stand up to the positive figures promoted. Some have raised doubts over this point. The other point of concern is the lack of experience behind the company. It remains difficult to form an objective judgement when information such as this and the history of the team behind the company are not made easily available.

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