Super Simple Bot Review – Is This Forex Trading Software Legit?

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Super Simple Bot Review

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Super Simple Bot Review

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A good forex trading bot never goes out of style, ask any trader. Super Simple Bot is a forex trading bot that is just what it says, simple and easy to use. The question is, does Super Simple Bot have what your trading needs? Read our review to learn more about Super Simple Bot.


  •  Several years of experience operating within the industry. 
  • No fees for use other than the $250 minimum deposit required. 
  • A very simple and easy to operate bot which is a breeze to navigate.


  • Broker integration is not sufficient based on the demo account available 
  • Overly-zealous promotional claims in relation to profit could lead to the tool being mis-sold.
  • Customer support is poor when compared with most in the sector.

About Super Simple Bot

Super Simple Bot is a fully automated trading software robot that functions within the binary trading sector. The company has been around in the industry since 2016 although the operation has divided opinions among experts.

Super Simple Bot Landing Screen

As with all of our top forex broker reviews and more, you can rely on the most objective assessment in the market to come directly from our professional team.

Super Simple Bot Features

Super Simple Bot Features

As with every forex trading bot, there are a few points which you should look out for when trading with Super Simple Bot. This still remains the case even though a lot of the work is taken care of for you by the robot’s automated systems.

Here is a closer look at some of the key features you can expect from Super Simple Bot:

Broker Integration 

The robot does claim to be integrated with a variety of brokers, though they do appear to have a strong preference. 

This would seem to be toward OptionFX at the moment. Wealth Capital is one other broker who appears on the account screen with the option to open an account, though you will note if you have viewed any of our best broker reviews, that neither of these choices is particularly prevalent. 

Super Simple Bot Funding

The robot FAQ does mention that you can pair up to a number of top broker accounts, though on the first investigation, it does not exactly seem to be the case.

Free to Use and Demo Account Available 

This is a feature which Super Simple Bot has in common with most other well-known trading bots in the industry. It is free to register your account and use the bot. This is provided that you deposit the minimum amount required by your broker and also factor in the minimum deposit required by Super Simple Bot. 

This Super Simple Bot minimum deposit requirement stands at $250 currently. This amount should be more than enough to cover a minimum deposit requirement from any broker. 

The Super Simple Bot free demo account also makes it very easy to get started. They offer a demo account which is accessible in just a few clicks once you have verified your phone number. This can serve as an ideal opportunity to get to know what the service offers.

Full Automation for Trading

As with many of the forex platforms and services we have looked at previously, the bot offers 100% automation for all of your trading needs. This effectively means that once you have set the rules and risk parameters and your preferences in regard to trading, you can sit back and let the robot work for you. 

Super Simple Bot Trading Platform

The company does promote a very high success rate which we will delve into within the next sections but in terms of convenience alone, like many automated forex trading tools, this stands up well to a schedule which may be busy and without sufficient time to dedicate when it comes to researching and placing trades.

Super Simple Bot Pricing and Availability

Super Simple Bot is free to use. The only caveat which applies here is that there is a minimum deposit in operation. This minimum deposit is $250. Once this has been deposited, you are free to use the system. 

Super Simple Bot Use Guide

When you deposit funds through your linked broker, these will show up in your Super Simple Bot account and are fully available for trading within the bot risk parameters of which there are three. A low, medium, and high-risk option keep things simple and easy to follow for all levels of trader.

The Claim

Super Simple Bot features a layout and service which are very straightforward. As mentioned, the account can be open and linked up in next to no time with your broker account. Where the company behind the bot raises a few eyebrows though is in the way they claim about the success of the robot itself. 

Immediately on arrival at the homepage, you are greeted with a lofty and impossible claim that the robot is 100% profitable. This quickly raises a red flag. 

The knock-on effect of this is that we are then also inclined to doubt the 87% win-rate which is quoted, and the very positive user testimonials which are quoted. 

In reality, a truly successful trading tool of any kind which has been operational in this particular market and for this length of time, in our opinion, should not need to pad their reputation with such doubtful claims. 

This is not to say that the bot does not perform well, but we can say for certainty that it is not 100% profitable as claimed. There will always be risks associated with trading. This is particularly the case in the binary options trading field. 

The Results

The results in the case of Super Simple Bot are ones that cannot be proven with any degree of reliability. What we can conclude though is that the service provides what they state in their name. The bot is indeed very simple, both in how it looks and how it operates. This can certainly help to streamline processes and make any results easy to interpret. 

Another thing we can confirm is that no matter how simple or effective your trading bot may be, there is always an inherent risk in trading especially within the binary options sector. This means that any results which are gathered, do not necessarily mean that a level of consistency or pattern of success can be established. 

Checking out some of the top forex education services which we have reviewed may be an ideal starting point if you are looking to gain a strong foothold in the industry at any level.

Can You Trust Super Simple Bot?

Super Simple Bot does provide a level of customer support. This consists only of a website contact form only, with support priority given to members, and a basically functioning FAQ section on the company website. 

Super Simple Bot Faq

This is really quite less than you would expect from any company in the industry claiming to run a very successful operation. With a $250 deposit, regardless of whether fees are charged or not, traders should be expectant of a slightly more attentive customer support service.

Who Should Choose Super Simple Bot?

With a very simplistic layout and easy to set up account, the service is definitely usable by all levels of trader. This would include those who are new to the industry as the Super Simple Bot also guides you through broker registration to a certain point. 

Realistically though, you are more likely to be considering opening a trading bot service account if you have already established a portfolio and some trading experience. This would be recommended so that you can adequately perform due diligence and make sure that the service provides for your needs as a trader.


With the experience they have gained in the sector, the bottom line is that Super Simple Bot should do better. 

They provide an easy to navigate and use service which has all of the basic points to be successful, though it is at other points where problems arise. This includes their overly brazen claims, the fact that customer support is below standard, and the lack of support provided to multiple brokers. 

These are things that can certainly be fixed. It remains to be seen though whether the company is willing to do so. Making these improvements would also go a long way to silencing critics in the industry who question the transparency of the operation.

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