ZuluTrade Review – Is This Copy Trading Platform Worth Your Time?

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Zulutrade Review

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ZuluTrade Review

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If you are in the trading industry, you may have heard of ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade is a social/copy trading platform that has developed a good trader following. So, what does ZuluTrade have to offer? Read our review to learn more.


  • One of the longest-standing copy trading platforms in the forex industry.
  • Free to use service for novice users with no fees in performance based mode.
  • Partnered with many of the most respected brokers in the sector.
  • Low deposits required to begin trading. As little as $100 with many top brokers.
  • 400;”>Automated trading system is easy to use, even for new traders.


  • Platform operations and navigation can be difficult to get to grips with on first use.
  • Social trading side of the platform is quite underdeveloped, although improving.
  • The disparity among traders is quite wide, with many non-professional traders also providing strategies.

About ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade is a popular social/copy trading platform which has been around since 2007. During that time they have developed and evolved to become one of the most used platforms in the industry by traders who are both, interested in sharing their trading strategies, and those who wish to follow these strategies.

ZuluTrade operate a completely free service for those who wish to copy trading signals from their platform. They also have a relationship with more than 50 major forex brokers worldwide. This allows them to integrate the offer of copy trading within many broker operations.

Zulutrade Landing Screen

ZuluTrade Features

ZuluTrade have become one of the biggest copy trading platforms and signal providers in the sector. This is thanks in part to the wide, and ever expanding range of features they offer both traders and signal providers.

Automated Trading

Zulutrade Automation

Among the most innovative features offered to traders with ZuluTrade is the fact they can now completely automate the trading process. Any signal service or copy trading platform is essentially semi-automated from the outset. This is due to the fact you are trusting the section of trades to others (similar to eToro). Zulutrade goes one step further with their automated trading robot feature.

This allows traders to set up a series of rules which generate a systematic response to particular events. For example, if you balance falls below a certain designated amount. The Automator acts as a form of personal assistant. Carrying out your instructions and notifying you of changes around the clock through push notifications. This essentially removes much of the hard work from trading, and lets you adopt a hands-off approach while trusting your signal provider’s performance.  

Broker Integration

Zulutrade Supported Brokers

ZuluTrade is aligned with over 50 top forex brokers. Many of these top brokers are ones which we have already completed full broker reviews on. AAAFx is Zulutrades own broker, and thus it features some of the most comprehensive integration with the platform. This includes commission-free trades through ZuluTrade.

Most of the top brokers, the likes of FXCM and Pepperstone, also provide highly competitive commissions for traders using ZuluTrade, and the integrations are very easy to set up. Simply apply through the ZuluTrade to open a live account, and their set-up wizard will take care of your broker integration, presuming that they are a partner broker. If this is not the case, then the process will easily guide you to opening an account with their own broker. These partnerships instill a strong sense of trust and integrity for traders using ZuluTrade.

Education and Tools

Zulutrade Price Chart

ZuluTrade actually provide a much stronger educational infrastructure than is usually the case with other social trading, or signal services. Through this educational content, you can have access to a wide range of video tutorials on how to get the most out of your ZuluTrade account, or how to start trading and investing in general. The ZuluTrade blog is also regularly updated with relevant market news and helpful information.

This can be particularly positive guidance for new, or more inexperienced traders.

ZuluTrade also features an impressive range of trading tools. This includes a selection of calculators for margins and commissions, as well as a highly up to date economic calendar which would not be out of place with any other major forex broker. There is also a forum which caters for all levels of trader and is the perfect place for you to ask questions and build relationships with other investors and signal providers.

ZuluTrade Pricing and Fees

One of the most attractive features of Zulutrade is the pricing structure, or lack thereof. The service is free to use, with the exception of commissions which will apply based upon your broker of choice.

There are two types of live account available when using ZuluTrade. These are, classic, and profit-sharing.

The classic account type functions in the traditional way. This means you sign up with a partnered broker, link this account to your ZuluTrade account, and trade with standard, volume based commissions and no performance based fees.

On the other hand, the ZuluTrade profit sharing account variation is recommended for beginner traders, and specifically caters for exclusive copy trading through ZuluTrade. With this account, your commissions will be reduced, and you will not pay any fee unless your traders have made a profit in that month, above a certain, watershed level. Above this level, a 20% performance fee on profits is applied.

The Claim

Zulutrade Market Performance  

Zulutrade Trader Metrics

ZuluTrade stops short of making the audacious claims of some signal services and copy trading brokers. Instead, they prefer to showcase the wide range of features on offer, and demonstrate the proven capabilities of their traders through facts and figures. The biggest claim which can be garnered from the company is that you have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio, and “optimize your performance”.

With close to $1.5 billion in volume traded, the numbers really speak for themselves with ZuluTrade. The platform are also very clear in the services which they offer, and avoid making false declarations and promises. The carry an extensive depth of statistics on each of their traders. This allows them to provide a concise and clear ranking for the benefit of investors. This kind of analytical approach allows potential investors to be fully aware of the situation and set realistic targets which can be achieved with the help of Zulutrade.

Ultimately, ZuluTrade does not make any promises which they cannot support. They provide you as a trader with an infrastructure to further educate yourself on the markets and engage in copy trading with strategies which are transparently documented through a series of statistics and analysis made available to all.

The Results

Zulutrade Trade Portfolio

Zulutrade Trader Activity

Results from trading through ZuluTrade will be subjective. This is the nature of trading in general. The returns of traders will fluctuate, just as those who provide signals to the platform and traders within it fluctuate on their own trades.

The fact remains though, if you trade with ZuluTrade, you will have access to some of the most extensive data and well categorized trading strategies in the sector. This, although not guaranteeing success for traders, does a lot to support a productive environment for successful trading. ZuluTrade have also steered away from making exuberant promises in regard to trading returns. This often makes traders more satisfied with the results they do achieve.  

Features of ZuluTrade such as the relatively new combo option, fully automated trading, and access to an extensive range of educational resources, allow you to expand your trading knowledge and improve your own trading skill, even if the huge profits take a while to arrive.

Trustworthiness and Support

ZuluTrade joined the sector more than a decade ago. At this time, they may have been pitching a relatively new concept. Nowadays however, they are fully tried and tested as one of the most trustworthy copy trading/signal services in the forex market.

This trust is exemplified by the vast number of highly respected brokers who have chosen to partner with Zulutrade. This includes industry stalwarts such as Avatrade. We have reviewed other similar copy trading platforms such as MyDigiTrade. These have also provided an excellent opportunity for millions of traders, though, presently in terms of trust, ZuluTrade sets the gold standard.

The ZuluTrade customer support team is available at all time in several countries around the world. They can be contacted by telephone, email, or live chat service based on the website. These methods have all proven to be fast and efficient when tested by our review team.

Who Should Choose ZuluTrade

Zulutrade Trade Contests

As a trader, regardless of your experience levels, you have a great deal to gain from choosing ZuluTrade. For novice traders, this is an ideal way to get started with making a profit in the industry. Leaving all the heavy lifting to your chosen traders has never been easier. During this time you can focus on building your industry knowledge through the educational infrastructure provided, and observing the strategies implemented by your chosen traders. This information and experience can be invaluable.

As you graduate through the ranks to become more experienced, you may also have less time to dedicate to trading. This is no problem with ZuluTrade where you can entrust your chosen traders to implement a strategy which perfectly meets your risk profile. You can also pitch in with your own manual trades at any time. You retain the final approval.


ZuluTrade is one of the most comprehensive, and well established copy trading platforms in the industry. This has been proven over more than a decade in the industry. It is ideal in a number of scenarios to help you with profitably trading forex. ZuluTrade is, as they say, trusted by millions. This is for good reason.

What the platform offers is secure, well-respected, and above all, effective in delivery excellent results to users. This, when combined with the educational resources and continually advancing features, allowing you to take full advantage of the best trading strategies in the industry, make ZuluTrade worthy of strong consideration for any forex trader in 2019.  

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