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Fx Blue Review

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FX Blue Review

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Platform, FX Blue, has taken the trading world by storm. The FX Blue platform provides its users with professional analysis, reliable statement sharing, and much more as they continue to expand. Sounds great, but is it all legit? Before you run to FX Blue, make sure to read our complete review.


  • Reliable and well known in the industry for more than a decade. 
  • Transparent operational model which is integrated with most major trading platforms. 
  • Free of charge use throughout the catalogue of 30+ tools and growing.


  • Some traders may prefer the accuracy of other, paid tools for statement sharing in particular.
  • The division of each individual app and tool may make the service appear fragmented and difficult to use for some traders. 

About FX Blue 

FX Blue has been around the industry for more than a decade. The company retains the goal with which it started more than a decade ago. That is primarily to provide an analytical based service for traders who wish to analyze their trades with more in-depth charting and other professional style features, and in many cases share them with the community. FX Blue services are offered free of charge and are cross-platform, growing all of the time. 

Fx Blue Landing Screen


Of all the forex platforms we have reviewed, FX Blue stands out thanks to the sheer number of features which it manages to pack into one service.  These number a total of 36 individual applications, 29 of which are trader tools, and 9 of which are developer tools. All feed in to provide one of the most comprehensive services in the forex industry

Fx Blue Features And Tools

Fx Blue Competitions

Professional Charting and Indicators

One of the major features provided by FX Blue with the power to positively influence the progress of traders is the advanced charting and professional indicators which they make available. From some of the top forex brokers we have reviewed, several have chosen to integrate FX Blue charting and other services to accompany their own offerings. 

Trade Copier

Another major part of the FX Blue range of services and features is the ability for traders to not only analyze their own performance metrics with advanced charting functionality, but to also share them with the community. 

The FX Blue range of apps includes the likes of the FX Blue Personal Trade Copier which provides this information for the use of traders. While it may not rival the like of dedicated professional signals services such as Forex Signals, it still functions as a much-loved feature for anyone using FX Blue on all platforms.

Free of Charge and Ever-Expanding

One of the biggest points to remember in relation to FX Blue is the fact that almost all of the services and apps they provide are free of charge and for the benefit of the trading community. 

This includes their range of free applications which provide for an ever-growing number of features. 

Fx Blue Charting

Trading Platform Integration

Many may be of the belief that FX Blue only functions through Metatrader platforms. While this is predominantly the case, the statement sharing service also functions with cTrader and a host of other proprietary platforms offered through the likes of Oanda and other brokers. 

Fx Blue Spreads

FX Blue Pricing and Availability

As we have already mentioned, one of the most positive and unique aspects when it comes to FX Blue is the fact that it is operated for free. This may set it above some competitors such as myfxbook, although some traders may correlate the pricing with the accuracy of data provided. 

The fact that FX Blue is also available across a range of platforms including MT4, MT5, and cTrader will further accommodate traders and brokers across the sector.

The Claim

There are no bold claims made by FX Blue. They are sticking to the objective facts in the provision of their services. This is a hallmark of their community-based approach. 

The fact that the services and apps offered by FX Blue are also run on a free of charge basis means that there is effectively no attempt to “sell” the benefits of FX Blue as you may find with other statement sharing services. 

All in all, the service provided is comprehensive, and while it may not be favored for use by all forex traders, it certainly adds a more in-depth perspective to trading for many, none of whom can argue with the price tag or results which they have generated in the broader picture of the industry.

The Results

The results which traders have gotten from FX Blue over the years have been largely positive. Some would argue that they may not receive the same levels of pinpoint accuracy they might with other services. This is completed negated by the free offering of the FX Blue apps though, and the fact that the company have been around for more than a decade is testament to the positive results they have garnered. 

Whatever can be said about the results from using any of the FX Blue services, the one certain point is that these add a great deal more depth and level of professionalism to one’s trading movements. This alone is positive enough to warrant a place among the top names in the industry for FX Blue.

Trustworthiness and Support 

FX Blue can be contacted directly through the feedback form on their website. They also have a helpful FAQ section present for any questions which you may have. This may seem like a limited service, but given the free and objective nature of the services provided by FX Blue in helping improve the trading community, this would seem to be satisfactory enough among most. 

Some brokers who are well-integrated with FX Blue Labs may also provide further information where required if you have an questions.

Who Should Choose FX Blue

The FX Blue service provides in-depth and useful analysis and an extension to the already powerful capabilities of top trading platforms like MT4. These can be of benefit broadly to any trader within the industry at all levels. 

The provision of 36 individual app add-ons means that while some may be best suited to those who are more experienced in trading, many will also prove to be accessible and provide a certain degree of benefit to those with any level of experience. Many may indeed help more novice traders to better understand the market data and become more involved in trading as a result.

Fx Blue Analysis


Ultimately, FX Blue has been around in the industry since 2009. This in itself showcases that the company provides a very useful range of services across the industry. Added to the usefulness of many of the company products is the fact that they are provided for free use. This is something which is increasingly rare in the industry and definitely to be welcomed in a most positive manner. 

As FX Blue continues to expand its repertoire of available apps, it also continues to remain both relevant and sought after by traders seeking professional analysis, reliable statement sharing and much more throughout the industry. 

Continued growth of platform integration and the release of even more apps will help to ensure the continuation of FX Blue at the head of the industry when it comes to analysis and trading tools. 

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