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Kryll Trading Bot Review

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Kryll is a pay-per-use crypto trading bot platform and strategy marketplace where traders can create and share their sophisticated cryptocurrency trading methods with a full array of advanced trading tools. This trading platform features a crypto strategy editor, trading terminal, and marketplace for crypto trading methods to assist users in finding a successful strategy. Read our in-depth Kryll Trading Bot review to learn more about this crypto trading bot.


  • Dozens of automated strategies in its marketplace
  • Built-in trading terminal
  • No coding is required for building trading bots


  • Strategy editor isn’t beginner-friendly
  • Limited number of supported crypto exchanges

Kryll is a pay-per-use crypto trading bot platform and strategy marketplace where traders can build and share all their powerful crypto trading strategies with a full suite of advanced trading tools.

Kryll Dashboard

In addition to letting users copy, create, and perform automated trades, Kryll allows you to view charts in its trading terminal and swap coins directly from the platform.

To use Kryll’s services, all you have to do is link your respective exchange account to one of the supported exchanges via an API key. After this, all your portfolios will be centralized in one place.

Kryll supports some major exchanges, such as Binance, FTX, and Coinbase Pro, but it also supports a few niche exchanges, such as Liquid and HITBTC.

Kryll Supported Exchanges

If you want to learn all about Kryll’s automated cryptocurrency trading strategies and whether or not its services are right for you, stick around for this in-depth Kryll Trading Bot review.

Kryll Trading Bot Features

Crypto Strategy Editor

In the strategy editor section, you’ll see Kryll offers a simple, visual, and intuitive workflow-based tool to create and automate your own trading strategies.

Kryll Strategy Editor

You don’t need any coding skills to automate trades, as the tool is based on a drag-and-drop logic-based format where you connect elements of your strategy as boxes in a chain.

Each box has a helpful visual to aid in the drag-and-drop process. Examples of boxes you can use are “Buy,” “Sell,” “And,” and “RSI,” as well as numerous other strategy elements related to candle stick patterns, technical indicators, order types, price drops/rises, and more.

Another great feature to keep in mind within the strategy editor is the pro mode, which allows you to view TradingView charts while you create trading strategies in the strategy builder. 

Overall, the strategy-building process is surprisingly user-friendly, but it is somewhat limited in the parameters (boxes) you can add, and it still has a significant learning curve.

That being said, Kryll has a great support system that offers useful tips and walkthroughs throughout creating your crypto trading bots.

Trading Terminal

Another great feature of the Kryll platform is its trading terminal allows you to engage in manual trades through your connected exchanges and even share your trade ideas through its smart trading.

Kryll Trading Terminal

Unfortunately, Binance is the only supported exchange at the time of this writing, but the other supported exchanges are expected to be added in the future.

The terminal has a beautiful chart powered by TradingView and several panels for choosing your order type.

Kryll supports market, limit, stop, take-profit, stop-loss, and range orders, which gives it a significant leg up on most exchanges with just market and limit orders.

The trading interface is exceptional and, with all its order types, is likely to be a significant improvement to the crypto exchanges to which it’s connected.

Marketplace for Crypto Trading Strategies

Currently, Kryll has 47 trading strategies and a handful of strategy packages available to rent in its marketplace.

Kryll Marketplace

All strategies include established trading bots and can be easily filtered according to profitability, trade frequency, and risk tolerance, so you can quickly find the strategy that suits your trading style.

If you click on any of the trading strategies, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see the suggested markets, trade history, performance statistics, and a description.

Kryll even allows you to backtest each trading strategy to see how it performs with real market data. 

Strategies are created by individual traders, so the specifics will vary widely, and there is a 1% developer fee for every strategy you launch and use, which means you can also get paid for adding your own strategies to the marketplace.

Kryll Marketplace 2

As for the strategy packages, this is simply Kryll’s term for crypto portfolios you can copy.

If you click on any of the packages, you’ll see the holdings, their allocation within the portfolio, and the portfolio’s overall risk profile.

Packages are broken down by themes such as “Starter,” “DeFi,” “Metaverse,” and “NFT,” with an easy launch button to quickly implement.

Kryll Trading Bot Pricing

As mentioned in the beginning, Kryll is a pay-per-use platform, not a subscription-based platform, meaning your costs will depend on how long you want to use the platform.

Kryll Pricing

You can opt for one day of use, one week of use, or one month of use and renew at your discretion according to those same tenors.

In addition to duration, however, how much you pay will also depend on your trading size and the number of KRL (Kryll’s native token) you hold.

Without holding and KRL, you will pay 0.033% of your trading size for one day of use, 0.25% of your trading size for one week of use, and 1% of your trading size for one month of use.

As you move up the KRL tiers by purchasing and holding more KRL, you will get about a 15% discount each time.

How Kryll Compares to Competitors

The best platforms to compare to Kryll are HaasBot (HaasOnline) and Zignaly.

HaasBot is an advanced crypto trading bot platform with a similar drag-and-drop approach to crafting strategies. The key difference is that HaasBot has some of the most advanced trading tools for automated trading.

That can be a benefit if you are trying to design a very complex or high-level strategy, but it also makes the platform less user-friendly. 

For that reason, Kryll would be a better option for beginners, and HaasBot would be a better option for very experienced traders familiar with drag-and-drop strategy editors.

As for Zignaly, it doesn’t have strategy-creating/editing functionality, but it does have a very similar trading terminal and marketplace for automated strategies.

In fact, its trading terminal and marketplace are more similar to Kryll’s than they are different, so you really can’t go wrong with either.

However, if you are deadset on creating a strategy, you’ll be better off choosing Kryll or HaasBot; just bear in mind that Haasbot does not have anything for strategy marketplace traders.

Conclusion: Kryll Trading Bot Review

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Kryll review, we believe Kryll is an excellent platform for traders new to strategy creation and traders interested in copying automated trading strategies.

Creating automated strategies is already challenging enough without coding, so having platforms embrace a method with a smaller learning curve is great to see.

If you are interested in creating trading bot strategies and don’t know how to code, Kryll is a must-check out. The strategy editor is a healthy balance of simplicity and complexity, which lends itself to beginners.

A potential path for traders could be to start creating strategies with Kryll and then move to HaasBot once they feel comfortable using such logic-based editors.

That said, Kryll is still a fantastic platform with excellent strategy-creating capabilities that far exceed most platforms.

Kryll also has an exceptional trading terminal and a robust strategy marketplace that make it a very well-rounded platform.

In summary, we highly recommend checking out Kryll if you are at all interested in creating or automating trading bot strategies.

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