Zignaly Review – Should You Use This Crypto Platform?

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Zignaly Review

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Zignaly Review

  • Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Profit Sharing
  • Signal Providers


Zignaly is a social cryptocurrency investment platform based in Spain. This platform focuses on social investing with its inclusion of copy-trading and profit-sharing functions. Zignaly supports trading for hundreds of markets and includes charts powered by TradingView as well as automated trading through its signal provider service. Find out if this crypto investment platform is right for you by reading our complete Zignaly review.


  • Hundreds of supported markets
  • Low trading fees
  • Detailed copy trader profiles
  • Flexible cost structure


  • Mostly subscription-based/high success fee copy-traders
  • No order books or open order/trade history panels
  • No trading bots

About Zignaly

Zignaly is a social crypto investment platform based in Spain specializing in social investing through its copy-trade and profit-sharing functionality.

Zignaly also allows users to set up automated trading based on trading signals provided by expert traders.

To start trading with Zignaly, you can link any preexisting exchange accounts with supported exchanges Binance, Ascendex, BitMEX, KuCoin, or VCC Exchange.

However, you can also create a Zignaly exchange account powered by Binance directly from the Zignaly platform.

Deposits for linked exchange accounts will depend on your respective exchange, but you can also purchase crypto via credit card or deposit directly to the Zignaly platform.

Crypto trading fees will also depend on your linked exchange, but the Zignaly exchange account is powered by Binance, so its fees will match Binance’s 0.1%.

If you want to learn all about its services and whether or not you should start trading with Zignaly, stick around for this in-depth Zignaly review.

Zignaly Crypto Trading

Zignaly supports trading for hundreds of different markets, making it an ideal option for active traders or altcoin enthusiasts with far more crypto trading options than most other crypto exchanges.

The Zignaly trading interface is different from the average crypto trading platform insofar as the only components present are a chart powered by TradingView and an entry panel.

Zignaly Trading

For those who find other exchange interfaces a bit noisy, the simplicity of Zignaly’s interface will be a breath of fresh air. 

However, it could be challenging for traders who rely on order books or actively managing their order history.

That said, Zignaly has a wide range of order types, including Market, Limit, Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop, DCA/Rebuy Targets, Order Expiration, and Time-Based Autoclose.

Keeping the above in mind, liking the Zignaly trading platform may depend on your style and strategy, but it’s incredibly user-friendly. It should be an excellent option for most active traders.

Zignaly Copy Trading

Although Zignaly doesn’t technically have any crypto trading bots or other trading bot services, its copy trading essentially accomplishes the same thing.

At the moment, Zignaly has a copy-trading marketplace of 107 traders users can choose to follow.

Zignaly Copy Traders

All the copy options are displayed with the trader’s username, return, and equity graph and can even be filtered according to their returns.

Zignaly Copy Trading (Analytics)

Some traders can be copied for free, but most will charge monthly fees to copy their trades, which can be anywhere from $5 to $500.

If you click on any of the listed traders, you will be taken to a profile page where you can read about them, their trading strategies, their performance analytics, current trading positions, and their social media.

Zignaly Copy Trading Profile

As an automated trading platform, Zignaly is exceptional and offers considerably more information about traders than the vast majority of copy-trade platforms, which makes it an incredibly appealing option. 

Zignaly Profit Sharing

The Zignaly profit-sharing section is an alternative to its copy-trading, but the model works with a success fee instead of a monthly subscription.

The process and interface are virtually identical, but it allows users (or traders on the other side) to pursue a different cost structure, which is a huge advantage over other copy-trade platforms.

Zignaly Profit Sharing

As a trader being copied, you decide your success fee, so users will see a wide range of fee options when deciding whom to follow.

Some success fees will be 0%, but the average is 30%, which is only paid—as its name would suggest—after a successful trade.

If you copy a trade that doesn’t work out, there is no fee (and you earn no fee as a trader). 

The profit-sharing section also includes the same trader profiles, so the only difference is how users pay and get paid for the service.

Zignaly Signal Providers

Another element of flexibility Zignaly adds to its automated trading is its signal provider service.

Zignaly Signal Providers

Unlike its copy-trading, which is 100% automated, the signal provider services will allow manual trading with options to edit your positions, change stop-loss/take-profit values, etc.

Providers who sell signals will usually recommend the best settings to use with their signals/trading strategy, but the specifics are ultimately up to the user.

Some traders will still prefer to completely automate their copied trades, but the signal provider service will give traders who want more say over the parameters of their trades precisely that.

Zignaly Signal Providers (Parameters)

Conclusion: Zignaly Review 

After carefully walking through all its services for this Zignaly review, we believe Zignaly is an excellent platform for active and copy traders.

The Zignaly trading interface might be missing critical elements for some traders, but it will be more than satisfactory if you only need a good chart and entry panel.

Between the hundreds of supported markets, its wide range of order types, and the low trading fees, there are plenty of reasons to thoroughly enjoy Zignaly’s trading platform.

That said, the focus of the Zignaly platform is its copy-trading ecosystem, which is even more impressive.

Not only does Zignaly have a more well-developed ecosystem than most copy-trading platforms, but the detail included in the trader profiles will help users make more informed choices.

Most copy-trading platforms only detail the return history, but Zignaly has built a trading community where traders provide a much deeper insight into their trading process, which is helpful both for learning and choosing someone to copy.

Another massive advantage to Zignaly’s copy-trading is the optionality it affords users regarding how they pay/get paid for copy-trades. 

Some traders might prefer a subscription model, and others will prefer to only pay when they get paid, so it’s great to have both options available.

In addition to payment optionality, Zignaly’s signal provider services let users tailor all copied trades/signals to their liking by detailing the parameters and managing the trade themself.

Whether you want to change all the parameters or just one, Zignaly users can approach their copy trading on a spectrum rather than an on/off switch. 

Regardless of your preferences as a copy trader, Zignaly will have a service that suits you and your trading style. For that reason, Zignaly is undoubtedly a top-tier platform for copy traders.

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