Exmo Review – Is This Crypto Exchange Worth Using?

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Exmo Review

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Exmo Review

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Exmo is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot trading for a number of crypto assets while supporting all major fiat currencies. Exmo offers both simple and advanced trading platforms with over 80 markets available as well as OTC trading and a mobile app. Learn more about this cryptocurrency exchange by reading our complete Exmo review now.


  • Beautiful trading interface
  • Solid library of educational articles


  • Limited number of supported cryptos
  • Only spot trading

About Exmo

Exmo is a global cryptocurrency exchange established in 2014. The exchange is registered in London with offices in London, Moscow, and Kyiv, and employs a project team of 150+ people. The platform offers spot trading for a handful of crypto assets with dozens of markets and supports all major fiat currencies. While Exmo is a Europe-focused exchange, their services are available to countries all over the world.

Exmo Trading

The Exmo platform has both a simple trading interface that functions as an exchange and an advanced trading interface for actual traders. The exchange trading interface is incredibly simple, intuitive, and user friendly, but only supports the purchase and sale of BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and DASH.

The advanced trading interface is likely where most users will gravitate as it is extremely aesthetic, easy to use, and has over 80 markets available to trade, however, a lot of those markets include repeated assets and there are only a couple dozen supported cryptos.

Exmo Advanced Trading

That said, the interface itself is exceptional with charts powered by TradingView and adaptive grid setups with well-organized order panels, trading books, and markets to make trading and navigating between assets very smooth. The advanced trading interface is easily Exmo’s best quality.

Exmo Trading Exchange

Exmo OTC Trading

For those looking to execute trades over $100,000, Exmo has an OTC-desk where investors can fill out a short application and have their trades executed by a professional broker. Exmo ensures OTC investors will also have 24/7 consultation available to them, professional risk management services, advantageous executions, and confidentiality.

Exmo Otc Trading

Mobile App

Exmo’s mobile app is fairly standard and should be easy to use. The order panels look a little cluttered, but the charts fit well and everything else is very user friendly. Given they only offer spot trading, there isn’t too much to the app, but you can easily set price alerts, view market prices, manage your assets, and access the app through Face ID, which is always nice. No bells and whistles, but a solid app nevertheless.

Exmo Mobile App

Exmo Fees

Trading fees on Exmo will depend on your 30-day trading volume (or what discount (cashback plan) you purchase with their native token EXM). Without purchasing any discount plan, the starting maker and taker fees for 30-day trading volume under $5,000 is 0.3%, 0.22% maker and 0.3% taker for $5,000 – $10,000, 0.2% maker and 0.28% taker for $10,000 – $25,000, and can go as low as -0.05% maker and 0.05% taker for 30-day trading volume over $20,000,000.

Exmo Trading Fees

There is no deposit fee for transferring crypto assets, but there is a 2.99% fee on all Visa and MasterCard deposits. As for withdrawals, there are various fees for the supported assets such as a 0.0005 BTC, 0.004% ETH, 30 USDT (ERC20), and 1USDT (TRC20).

Exmo Deposit And Withdrawal Fees


If you’re interested in staying up-to-date on Exmo news such as listings, EXM coin burns, product updates, or just general market news, Exmo has a very useful ‘News’ section with lots of detailed and digestible information, including weekly market recaps. They also have an ‘Articles’ section with more product information and education-focused sections with articles on topics like candlestick patterns, trading strategies, and individual crypto overviews. 

Exmo News

Exmo Customer Support

Like most platforms, Exmo has a support center for basic information about their platform and services. While the UI and organization could use a little bit of work, the articles within the support center are organized and filled with step-by-step pictures to help walk you through whatever it is you are trying to figure out.

Exmo Customer Support Center

If their support center is not doing the trick, you can always submit a specific request directly to their support team. There is also a community chat accessible as a pop-up at the bottom right corner of certain pages, although it is a bit confusing and not particularly helpful as it is a way to communicate with other users rather than the actual Exmo team.

Exmo Customer Support Request

Conclusion: Exmo Review 

While I love Exmo’s trading interface, the limited number of supported assets and lack of services outside of spot trading make it a hard sell. Many crypto traders like trading optionality and the ability to dive deeper into the market than the top 20 assets, so their platform won’t be all that appealing if you’re interested in leverage or altcoins. I think the education section of their articles is actually quite useful and has a fair amount of medium to high-level learning material for traders and crypto enthusiasts, but they don’t have much else to set them apart from other exchanges.

Their fees are by no means bad, but they are hardly competing with exchanges like Binance or even Kraken and without any other crypto services to offer, I can’t see a reason outside of their well-designed trading interface I would recommend their platform over competitors. Notwithstanding these drawbacks, if you don’t think you need leverage or a long list of assets to trade, Exmo’s killer trading interface could absolutely make using their platform worth it.

Perhaps they will add more assets or services like derivatives in the future, but I maintain the real reason someone should consider using their platform is their trading interface—but even that might not be enough to choose Exmo over other brokers with lowers fees, more assets, or more than just spot trading. Still worth your consideration, but in a world of endless crypto exchanges, it’s easy to see Exmo fall through the cracks.

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