Swan Bitcoin Review – Is This Crypto Exchange Worth It?

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Swan Bitcoin Review

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Swan Bitcoin is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that solely accepts Bitcoin and offers fast purchases as well as automated dollar cost averaging Bitcoin savings plans. Swan Bitcoin allows users to accumulate Bitcoin and add to their long-term savings account. Read our full Swan Bitcoin review to learn more.


  • Low transaction fees & no withdrawal fees
  • Automatic purchases & withdrawals
  • Offers Business & retirement services


  • Only supports Bitcoin
  • Must verify identity to use the platform

Swan Bitcoin Platform

Swan Bitcoin is a US-based, Bitcoin-only crypto exchange with automated dollar cost-averaging Bitcoin savings plans and instant purchases.

Swan Bitcoin

As one of the safest, most established names in Bitcoin, Swan is one of Bitcoiners’ favorite places to accumulate Bitcoin and add to their long-term savings account.

Swan Bitcoin also serves businesses, offers Bitcoin retirement plans, and provides financial education, all via its beautiful website or Swan Bitcoin app.

Is Swan bitcoin safe? Swan is highly regulated, transparent, and requires identity verification to use its services.

If you want to learn exactly what Swan Bitcoin offers and whether or not a Swan Bitcoin account is right for you, stick around for this in-depth review!

Swan Bitcoin Features

Buy Bitcoin (Personal)

Swan Bitcoin is undeniably one of the best places for individual investors to acquire Bitcoin with simple and highly-flexible recurring Bitcoin purchases.

Aside from offering easy one-time instant purchases, users can set up an automatic dollar-cost-average with small Bitcoin purchases every day, week, or month.

Swan Bitcoin users can even automatically withdraw Bitcoin to offline cold storage wallets with an auto-withdraw—an excellent feature underscoring the importance of self-custody.

However, rest assured you can always use Swan as your Bitcoin bank account, so leaving your Bitcoin in your Swan account is also an option.

Swan Private

If you plan to buy more than $100,000 worth of Bitcoin over the next year, Swan has a private team ready to assist you.

Swan’s team can help you navigate the market volatility by spreading your purchases out or simply make a one-time purchase of up to $10M with no annual limits.

Most people probably won’t need to purchase Bitcoin in such large quantities, but Swan remains one of the best places for anyone to do so if needed.

Buy Bitcoin (Business)

As alluded to earlier, Swan Bitcoin isn’t just for individuals purchasing Bitcoin; it’s also for businesses working with Bitcoin or interested in adding it to their corporate balance sheet.

Swan Bitcoin Business

With Swan Bitcoin’s treasury solutions, any company can easily incorporate Bitcoin investing into their financial strategy, including payroll. 

Swan allows businesses to automate their Bitcoin investment, custody, and management strategy with expert guidance every step of the way.

Through its Bitcoin benefit plan, Swan Bitcoin will even handle creating wallets, converting currency, and routing payments so all your employees can receive Bitcoin and a monthly financial education.

All in all, Swan should be a top consideration for any business dealing or looking to deal with Bitcoin.

Swan IRA (Retirement)

Most Bitcoin investors are in it for the long haul, so the Swan IRA is an amazing way to invest all or some of your retirement portfolio into a tax-advantaged Bitcoin account.

Swan Ira

Swan offers both a self-directed traditional IRA and Roth IRA, with Bitcoin held in a legal, regulated trust account. 

The Swan IRA holds your Bitcoin in a custodial legal trust account at Prime Trust (a regulated US chartered trust company) with your name as beneficial owner. Each account has a unique ABA and account number.

You can open multiple Swan IRA accounts, and all Bitcoin proceeds can be sold and disbursed under standard IRA disbursement rules.

The Swan IRA has a flat monthly administration fee of $20 until a balance of $100,000. 

Above $100,000, the monthly administration fee is 0.02083% of the balance at month end (0.25% annually).

Swan Bitcoin Fees

Relative to most trading-focused crypto exchanges, Swan Bitcoin’s fees are not ideal at 0.99%.

That said, compared to investing focused on-ramps to crypto like the “Buy Crypto” sections of Coinbase and Gemini, Swan Bitcoin is up to 80% lower.

Swan also doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees, meaning there is no cost for users to withdraw Bitcoin to another wallet besides the small and unavoidable network fees.

Keeping all the above in mind, Swan Bitcoin is one of the cheapest places to buy Bitcoin for anyone disinterested in using more complicated trading interfaces. 

Swan Learn

The last section of the Swan Bitcoin platform worth mentioning is its learning blog, filled with all the thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin from the Swan Bitcoin team and friends.

Swan Bitcoin Learn

The blog is extremely well organized and includes dozens of articles on a wide range of topics so you can learn all about Bitcoin and stay up to date on all the crypto happenings.

Swan Bitcoin Learning

Whether you’re interested in learning about proof of work vs. proof of stake, Trezor hard wallets, or the FTX fiasco, there is an abundance of quality information to check out.

How Swan Bitcoin Compares to Competitors

Swan Bitcoin’s main competitor is River, another US-based bitcoin-only exchange providing very comparable services.

Swan Bitcoin Competitor River

One of the most significant advantages Swan Bitcoin has over River is its fees. While River’s fees start at 1.20%, Swan Bitcoin’s are 0.99% across the board.

The USD/BTC exchange rate on Swan Bitcoin is also extremely competitive, which means you can save even more on your Bitcoin purchases by avoiding less favorable prices.

Aside from that, the key differences between the two platforms are River offers Bitcoin mining services and doesn’t offer a Bitcoin IRA.

If one of those services is especially appealing, the decision should be easy. Otherwise, both platforms are extremely similar, so it’s worth exploring each to see for yourself which you prefer.

Conclusion: Swan Bitcoin Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Swan Bitcoin review, we believe Swan Bitcoin is one of the best places to buy Bitcoin.

Most Bitcoin investors looking for one of the safest and most accessible places to set up recurring purchases will love Swan Bitcoin.

The platform is exceptionally user-friendly, the fees are competitive, the recurring purchases are highly flexible, and Swan is a very trusted name, so it has all the key ingredients for a top-notch Bitcoin exchange.

Whether you’re a business, someone interested in a retirement plan, or just an individual looking for a one-time Bitcoin purchase, Swan Bitcoin has a seamless and professional solution for you.

Swan does not and will not offer any services for other crypto assets, which certainly draws a line in the sand, but it’s a true home for Bitcoiners and, without a doubt, one of the best Bitcoin platforms.

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