AQRU Review – Can You Trust This Cypto Service?

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Aqru Review

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AQRU Review

  • Interface/Design
  • Exchange
  • Crypto Savings Accounts
  • Crypto Investing


AQRU is a cryptocurrency financial services platform based in Bulgaria. This platform includes a crypto exchange, a crypto investing platform, and crypto lending services for institutional and retail borrowers. Additionally, the AQRU exchange supports 11 crypto assets, including three stablecoins. Learn everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency service by reading our complete AQRU review.


  • Simple and easy-to-use platform
  • Momentum basket that earns 3% when in USDC
  • Low yields = safety and sustainability


  • Only 11 supported digital tokens
  • Low crypto interest rates
  • Only two investment baskets
  • No customizable investment baskets

About AQRU

AQRU is a cryptocurrency financial services platform that serves as a crypto exchange, crypto investing platform, and crypto lending service for institutional and retail borrowers.

AQRU Dashboard

AQRU is based in Bulgaria, where it is fully regulated by its local authorities, in addition to being a private liability company registered in the UK. 

AQRU is also secured by the crypto asset security platform Fireblocks, which has a $30 million insurance fund protecting all crypto assets it holds.

If you want to learn all about the AQRU platform and whether or not it’s right for you, stick around for this in-depth AQRU review.

AQRU Crypto Exchange

The AQRU exchange supports 11 crypto assets, including three stablecoins, which is extremely limited compared to just about every other crypto exchange.

AQRU Exchange

That said, AQRU supports many of the top assets, which is good enough for most casual investors. AQRU also supports fiat currencies EUR and GBP.

The exchange is very barebones, with just an order panel, meaning there are no charts, order books, or anything else active traders would want to see included.

Crypto Savings Accounts

Like most platforms these days, AQRU includes a crypto savings account that supports a select few crypto assets. The crypto holdings you can earn interest on in the crypto savings account are USDC, ETH, and BTC.

AQRU Portfolio Page

The yields for BTC and ETH are only 1%, which is next to nothing compared to other platforms, but you can probably rest assured that investments are safe in the AQRU account, which is not something you can say about most high-yielding crypto platforms.

The yield for USDC is a bit higher at 3%, which is still far off from most competitors, but, again, chasing higher yields comes with higher risk to your crypto holdings.

All that being said, AQRU is currently running “Maple USDC” and “Maple ETH” products that pay 7% and 5%, respectively.

Both products only have another 50 days until they close, but it’s certainly possible they will extend them or run similar products in the future.

There are no term limits for the regular earning products, meaning your crypto deposits can be withdrawn at any time, but there is a lockup period of 90 days for the Maple products. 

AQRU Earning

Crypto Investing

AQRU has two unique investing vehicles: the AQRU Trend and the AQRU Ten.

The AQRU Trend utilizes an algorithm to purchase a weighted basket of the top ten cryptocurrencies when there is positive momentum in the market and then transitions funds into USDC as that positive momentum decreases.

AQRU Invest (AQRU Trend)

Not only is the basket of weightings rebalanced each week, but funds held in USDC when market momentum shifts earn 3% interest.

The AQRU Ten is a bit simpler and just consists of a basket of the top ten cryptocurrencies weighted by market capitalization.

AQRU Invest (AQRU Ten)

The basket is rebalanced weekly and excludes stablecoins, so exposure is strictly kept to the top cryptocurrencies, with the vast majority held in BTC.

Although the basket is primarily BTC (~60%) and ETH (~27%), the AQRU Ten is similar to a crypto ETF and remains a decent way to expand your exposure to the crypto market.


AQRU charges a flat 0.35% fee for all exchanges, which is about average compared to crypto exchanges on the higher end, like Coinbase (0.50%), and crypto exchanges on the lower end, like Binance (0.10%).

To deposit assets to the AQRU platform, you can either opt for crypto deposits, make a free bank transfer (including SEPA bank transfers), or pay by credit or debit card via its partnership with Moonpay for a 3%-5% fee.

AQRU Deposit Options

When it comes to crypto withdrawals, AQRU charges 10$ for BTC and 20$ for all other digital assets. While not terrible, this is far from ideal compared to other crypto platforms that charge next to nothing or actually nothing for crypto withdrawals, FTX being a prime example.

How AQRU Compares to Competitors

The AQRU crypto interest account is admittedly underwhelming compared to the double-digit crypto interest providers like Midas or Nexo. Still, those returns are likely not sustainable, so low-yielding products are the safer bet.

That said, even a lower-yielding crypto savings platform like BlockFi, which is generally considered safe, offers a few more percent on BTC, ETH, and USDC. For that reason, AQRU still may not be the best place to lend crypto safely.

As for investing, AQRU’s Trend and Ten baskets distinguish it from much of the competition, with the best alternatives likely being Mudrex and MEXC.

Mudrex and MEXC have considerably more options for ETF-like crypto baskets, so they would certainly be better alternatives if you’re looking for a more specific investment vehicle.

However, AQRU’s Trend investment is incredibly unique in that it transitions its exposure in and out of stablecoins, which will earn a 3% yield when market momentum is headed south.

Such a unique approach will naturally be attractive to some investors, but if that doesn’t excite you or you’re just looking for a convenient basket of crypto assets, Mudrex and MEXC will be the better choices.

Final Verdict: AQRU Review

After carefully walking through all of its services for this AQRU review, we believe AQRU is a great platform for investors who prefer safety over returns.

Between AQRU’s low-yielding earning opportunities, which just means more sustainable and reliable, and its AQRU Trend investment vehicle, protecting capital with modest returns seems to be its approach.

The investment vehicles may not be ideal depending on what part of the crypto market you want to invest in, and they don’t allow any customization, but they are easy to use, easy to understand, and implement thoughtful investing strategies.

The AQRU exchange is far from ideal with its 11 crypto assets, but for investors who primarily focus on BTC, ETH, or stablecoins, AQRU will undoubtedly do the trick. 

Overall, we would recommend AQRU crypto savings accounts to casual investors who want to stay away from the riskier lending platforms or who are looking for a solid ETF-like crypto basket.

There are platforms with plenty more crypto assets, higher lending yields, and more investing basket options, but AQRU’s unique momentum basket that earns 3% when in USDC is a serious selling point.

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