MEXC Global Review – Is This Crypto Platform Legit?

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Mexc Review

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MEXC Global Review

  • Trading
  • Derivatives
  • Staking
  • Fees
  • Customer Support


MEXC Global is a global exchange that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency services. MEXC Global includes spot trading, margin trading, derivatives trading, staking, and more. Additionally, they also offer a blog and academy for educational purposes. Find out if this exchange is worth using by reading our complete MEXC Global review.


  • Robust derivatives market
  • Great trading layout/features
  • Above average staking
  • Excellent blog


  • High credit/debit card fees
  • No NFTs or crypto loans

MEXC Global is a cryptocurrency service provider founded in 2018 that supports a wide range of crypto services, including spot trading, derivatives trading, staking, institutional services, and much more. Their platform has over six million users and services more than 200 countries, but will require KYC verification to use.

MEXC Global Markets

The first tab you’ll see when you head into MEXC’s homepage is the ‘Markets’ tab, where you can view all the different markets, including spot, margin, ETF, futures, and a favorites list. Under each of these subsections, you’ll be able to track all the different prices, percentage changes, 24h highs, and 24h volumes for each respective market. There’s also an ‘Action’ section on the far right of each market to get basic information on each asset and a button to instantly redirect yourself to trade that asset/pair. The whole market interface is very clean, albeit standard, and is a great way to easily track all your favorite markets.

Mexc Global Markets

MEXC Global Trading

MEXC supports both spot and margin trading with a very well-organized and aesthetic interface very similar to that of Binance. They support market, limit, and stop-limit orders and have original, professional (TradingView), and depth charts you can toggle between.

Mexc Trading (Spot)

They support well over a hundred tradable pairs, so while you may not find all the altcoins under the sun, you will find all the major crypto assets and plenty more beyond that. I would rank their number of supported assets well below the likes of KuCoin, Binance, Huobi, or most DeFi exchanges like Uniswap, but notably above the likes of Coinbase and

Mexc Trading (Derivatives)

For those not focused on trading, MEXC also supports Visa and Mastercard payments for crypto. At the moment, only BTC, ETH, and USDT are purchasable through credit/debit, and the fees are a bit aggressive, but it’s always nice to have it as an option.

Mexc Global Trading (Credit:debit)


MEXC also has a very robust derivatives market with leveraged ETFs, futures, indices, and even futures trading competitions. Between the nearly 190 futures markets, almost 400 leveraged ETFs, and nine indices, there is no shortage of markets to choose from, rivaling the likes of FTX and Binance. Each of the three sections has its own unique set of options for the layout, which is always a great feature and a step up from most platforms who don’t afford you that kind of optionality.

The futures layout is very digestible with a focus on the chart and supports market, limit, trigger, post, IOC, FOK, MTL orders, as well as order duration parameters and up to 125x leverage.

Mexc Derivatives (Futures)

As for the leveraged ETFs, they all range from 3-5x leverage long and short options for just about every asset they support, and the interface has nearly all the same features and capabilities as the futures section, though with slightly different layouts and only limit, market, and stop-limit orders.

Mexc Global Derivatives (Etfs)

Moving on to the indices, it would have been nice to see some more diverse options with regard to their holdings, but they’re still decent, and each one has a pie chart and breakdown of all its allocations, which makes it very simple to understand and ideal for both investors and traders. Overall, MEXC has an extremely respectable derivatives market I would recommend to most (if not all) traders.

Mexc Derivatives (Indices)


MEXC supports staking of a number of assets through both locked staking and flexible staking. The locked staking includes DOT, BTC, ETH, HYDRA, EOS, USDT, and KSM and has minimum term days ranging from 1-30 days and APYs from 1.50% – 68%. The flexible staking includes thirty different assets with no term limit, but they have considerably lower APYs from a few basis points to about 6%. Although there are some major stake-able assets left out (like SOL and ADA), most platforms leave out staking altogether, so it’s hard to complain too much, especially considering the dozens of assets they do support. The flexible APYs aren’t particularly enticing, but the locked ones are very competitive, which is mostly because they’re set by the protocols themselves, but competitive nonetheless.

Mexc Global Staking

MEXC Global Fees

MEXC has a maker and taker fee of 0.2%, which is much better than average, but still noticeably higher than brokers like Binance (0.1%) or BingX (0.02%/0.03%). And, as alluded to earlier, the credit/debit fees are also quite high. They can vary substantially, but you can expect something around 8-13%, which is much higher than the ~4% average. 


Though blogs for crypto platforms are often underwhelming places to get platform updates, MEXC’s is quite exceptional. Not only do they have specific subsections like Industry News and Altcoins, but each article is as organized as it is detailed. It’s chock full of information on tons of relevant news and early-stage projects, so I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested in learning more about the space.

Mexc Global Blog

And if you want to learn even more about crypto/blockchain tech or beginner tips on how to trade, you can head to their Academy section, which is essentially the same thing as the blog but with less of an emphasis on news and more of an emphasis on learning.  

Mexc Global Academy

MEXC Global Customer Support

As is the case with most crypto platforms, MEXC has a help center for assisting users with any difficulties they may come across. While the help center is very well developed, it doesn’t include as many pictures/videos as you’d like to see and could use more work on the UI front. It can be a little difficult to navigate at times, but the whole center is still organized and undoubtedly helpful. It’s not quite on par with a help center like Exodus, but it’s certainly above average.

Mexc Global Customer Support

MEXC also has a small tab on the far right center of every page to create a support ticket or engage in a live chat. The window for the live chat is also a way to search their help center for quicker, more convenient assistance. All these features are standard within the industry, but still very nice to see included as it can be a major inconvenience when forgotten.

Mexc Global Customer Support Live Chat

Conclusion: MEXC Global Review 

By virtually all metrics, MEXC is a top-tier crypto platform. They don’t have as many spot markets as other top-tier competitors such as Binance, but their derivatives market is arguably on par with any other, especially with the inclusion of crypto indices. MEXC’s staking is also much better than average and definitely a great option with tons of stake-able assets if that’s something that interests you. And while their fees aren’t the best in the business, they are far better than most brokers, so I wouldn’t consider that a serious concern. Their fees are low enough that I would focus on how all their services compare to alternatives more than anything else, and their services should compare very well.

Traders hyper-focused on altcoins may be out of luck with MEXC, but everything else is exceptional and certainly puts MEXC in the conversation as a top-five contender. That said, they don’t support anything for NFTs or crypto loans, so it’s by no means a perfect platform. It would still be ideal for most traders, given all their spot/futures markets and exceptional trading interface, but it all depends on what exactly you’re looking for.

My rule of thumb is to let the interface be the tiebreaker between brokers like this and other major contenders, but if you find the staking and trading aspects of other platforms to be equally appealing, I would let the fees be the final tiebreaker. In short, you really couldn’t go wrong choosing MEXC, and I would make a point to add it to your list of brokers to look into.

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