Jubi Review – An In-Depth Look At This Crypto Platform

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Jubi Review

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Jubi Review

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Jubi is a Singapore-based digital asset trading platform where users can join the crypto community to buy, sell, and trade digital currencies via desktop or mobile app. This crypto trading platform supports powerful services such as crypto staking and one-click crypto mining. Read our in-depth review to learn more about Jubi and all they have to offer.


  • Hundreds of supported spot markets
  • Beautiful trading interface
  • Low trading fees
  • Crypto staking
  • One-click crypto mining
  • Enhanced security and law funds


  • Only two futures markets
  • Only five margin trading markets
  • Small selection of staking pools open at any given time
  • Small selection of mining pools open at any given time

About Jubi

Jubi is a Singapore-based digital asset trading platform where users can join the crypto community to buy, sell, and trade digital currencies via desktop or mobile app.

Jubi Homepage

In addition to serving as a cryptocurrency trading platform, Jubi supports powerful services such as crypto staking and one-click crypto mining.

Through its advanced machine learning algorithms and institutional architecture, Jubi can handle up to 2M transactions per second with bank-grade standards and serverless developer tools.

The platform was first launched in 2013 and was one of the first exchanges granted the exemption from the Payment Service Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to set the cryptocurrency security standard.

Since Jubi was launched, it has opted to invest millions in its global infrastructure to expand its ecosystem and promote decentralized methods and blockchain technology.

If you want to learn all about Jubi’s services and whether or not a Jubi account is right for you, stick around for this in-depth review.

Jubi Services and Features

Jubi Exchange (Spot Trading)

The Jubi spot exchange supports 325 USDT and 16 USDC trading pairs, which should be more than enough for the vast majority of crypto traders. As for fiat currency, Jubi supports USD, CNY, HKD, and SGD.

Jubi Spot Trading

The trading interface is also very nice, with a sizable, front-and-center chart powered by TradingView, readable order books and trade history, and a very easy-to-navigate market panel.

Jubi’s spot exchange also supports multiple order types, including market, limit, and stop-limit orders, making it well suited for active traders.

And finally, Jubi’s spot trading fees are incredibly low, ranging from 0.10% for mainstream currencies to 0.20% for all others.

Overall, the design and aesthetic of Jubi’s spot exchange are great, the layout is digestible and intuitive, the fees are low, and it has just about all the tools and markets crypto spot traders would want.

Futures Trading

Jubi’s futures trading is very similar to its spot trading exchange, but the layout has a larger chart with some of the panels moved around, which traders might prefer depending on their preference.

Jubi Futures Trading

However, the only futures markets Jubi supports at the moment are BTC and ETH perpetual swaps.

While those are undoubtedly the most desired futures markets, the selection is quite underwhelming and certainly a dealbreaker for any trading system reliant on other assets in the crypto market.

That being said, Jubi’s futures trading supports market and stop-limit orders and up to 100x leverage, so it will still serve as a solid trading platform if you are content with trading just two markets.

The futures trading maker and taker fees are also quite low at 0.03% per contract.

So, aside from the obvious drawback of a limited market selection, the futures trading platform is exceptional and worth considering.

Margin Trading

The last trading system Jubi supports is margin trading, which is just like its spot trading but with up to 3x leverage.

Jubi Margin Trading

Jubi’s margin trading, however, only supports five assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and EOS.

The only reason to use the margin trading system is if you are seeking leverage, but using futures is generally a better and cheaper way to accomplish that, so it will probably only be useful if you want to trade one of the three markets Jubi doesn’t support in its futures trading section.

Jubi Earn

In addition to its trading functionality, Jubi offers earning opportunities through crypto staking.

Jubi supports staking for over 20 digital assets. However, only one or two will be available to join at any given time.

Jubi Earn

Yields for staking will vary widely from asset to asset, but the range is 4% annualized for assets like BTC and ETH up to 88% annualized for more speculative assets like ELA and CFX.

Deposit terms will also vary depending on the asset. Most staking pools have no deposit terms, meaning no lockup period, but others have 30-day fixed terms.

The last item worth noting is the minimum deposit amount, which varies wildly from 100USDC to 1 NEAR (~$3.60). Nevertheless, a $100 minimum is still very agreeable.

Overall, Jubi’s limited number of staking options (one or two at a time) is unfortunate, but there are still many potential options, and both the yields and deposit terms are very appealing.

One-Click Mining

The last feature of the Jubi platform worth discussing is its one-click mining service.

Jubi One-Click Mining

Unlike traditional mining, revenue in Jubi’s mining is determined according to the following equation:

Individual Deposit Time × Personal Lock Token / Σ Deposit Time × Lock Up Token.

For that reason, the service is much closer to crypto staking or liquidity providers, so it would be easier to think of it as just that.

And similar to Jubi’s crypto staking, its one-click mining supports many different assets, but only one or two will be available to mine at any given time.

At the moment, Jubi supports one-click mining for eight different digital assets: JUMBO, USDD, MVP, SIS, ZIL, REF, STG, and STRM, but only JUMBO and USDD are active.

Each asset also has its own list of supported tokens you can deposit to mine it. JUMBO, for example, lets you deposit USDT, USDC, DAI, NEAR, or JUMBO.

In terms of yields, they are all listed as 7-day APYs and range from 2.5% to 20%, which is very appealing.

How Jubi Compares to Competitors

In terms of competitors, Jubi is perhaps best compared to Binance and Probit Global.

Binance, as the most popular and well-developed crypto trading platform in the crypto industry, is challenging to beat. It has even more spot trading pairs and orders of magnitude more futures trading pairs with the same low fees.

Binance’s other services, like crypto staking and mining pools, are also much more advanced. Keeping this in mind, the only reason to choose a platform like Jubi over Binance would be the design/trading interface appeals to you more. You can read our full review of Binance here.

As for Probit Global, it boasts similar low trading fees and supports a comparable number of markets.

It doesn’t have futures trading or other professional services like staking and mining pools. Still, the trading interface is excellent, making it a worthwhile consideration if your focus is spot trading. You can read our full review of Probit Global here.

Neither Jubi nor Probit Global can compete with Binance’s services, markets, or even trading fees, but the interfaces are arguably better, which could be the deciding factor for many traders.

Conclusion: Jubi Review

After carefully walking through all of its services for this review, we believe Jubi is an excellent crypto spot trading platform and a great crypto futures trading platform if you are fine only trading BTC and ETH.

With over 300 supported asses, low trading fees, and an exceptionally well-designed trading interface, Jubi will serve as an excellent trading platform for most crypto traders.

The futures trading, however, will naturally be far more limiting given its underwhelming list of supported assets. Notwithstanding that concern, the actual trading interface is arguably even better than its spot trading counterpart.

If you are a spot trader, you can’t go wrong with Jubi. If you are a futures trader, you might not be able to tolerate just two markets, but it’s an amazing service by just about every other metric, so don’t write it off just yet.

As for Jubi’s other services, the staking is certainly above average, but having such a small selection of staking options you can actually participate in is a significant drawback.

The yields are great (perhaps too good to be true), and the deposit/withdrawal terms are ideal, but the most important part of staking is the supported assets, which are, unfortunately, very limited.

Jubi’s one-click mining suffers from a similar problem by only offering users one or two mining opportunities at any given time, but it also has similar strengths with high yields and the potential for many mineable assets.

In summary, Jubi’s biggest strength is its trading functionality. Its other services are decent and worth looking into if you join the platform, but it is best suited for crypto spot traders or BTC- and ETH-only futures traders.

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    • I am having the same problem. They want me to pay taxes up front before I can withdraw and they won’t allow to use my earnings to pay the taxes. And they are only giving me a month to come up with the money or they start charging me 5% per day. Have you heard anything back to your question


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