Mudrex Review – Can You Trust This Crypto Platform?

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Mudrex Review

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Mudrex Review

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Mudrex is an automated cryptocurrency investing platform and visual strategy builder based in India. This platform offers a variety of features including theme-based crypto baskets and coin sets, actively managed investment accounts called Mints, a marketplace of crypto trading bots, interest accounts, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this crypto platform by reading our complete Mudrex review.


  • Theme-based crypto investing baskets
  • Dozens of automated bots
  • Multiple strategies for hands-off crypto investing


  • No basic spot crypto exchange
  • Can’t customize Coin Sets
  • Not suited for a traditional crypto trader
  • Limited number of supported exchanges for trading bots

About Mudrex

Mudrex is an automated cryptocurrency investing platform and visual strategy builder that offers theme-based crypto baskets, actively managed investments, curated automated trading bots, a Mudrex wallet, and a crypto interest account.

The company is based in India, serves over 700,000 investors in 100+ countries, manages over $20M in assets, and has over $3B in trading volume as of this writing.

If you want to learn all about its services and whether or not a Mudrex account is right for you, stick around for this in-depth Mudrex review.

Mudrex Coin Sets

The Coin Sets are theme-based crypto baskets similar to ETFs that investors can buy to get exposure to specific areas of the crypto market.

Instead of buying just one asset, you can diversify your exposure across several crypto assets connected by some underlying theme.

Some examples of the Coin Sets Mudrex offers are a metaverse basket, smart contract basket, NFT basket, and crypto blue chip basket.

Mudrex Coin Sets

Each set will contain around five to ten assets and will usually be evenly weighted or weighted by market cap.

For example, in the crypto blue chip Coin Set, BTC represents 50% of the total basket, ETH represents 33.44%, BNB 6.56%, and so on.

If you click on a set, you can easily view all the assets, their weightings, and their individual performance over the last year.

Mudrex Coin Sets And Assets

There are almost two dozen different Coin Sets to choose from, so there is certainly no shortage of themes to invest in.

Mudrex Mints

The Mudrex Mints are three actively managed investment vehicles that aim to optimize risk and returns relative to BTC through automated trading bot strategies.

The Mints are created by analyzing over 10 billion combinations of trading strategies made by professional traders around the world and are managed by an in-house quant team.

The three automated trading strategies (Mints) Mudrex offers are Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk. 

Mudrex Mints Strategies

The Low Risk Mint seeks to earn similar returns as BTC but with 3x less risk; the Medium Risk Mint seeks to earn 1.5x the returns of BTC with 2x less risk, and the High Risk Mint seeks to earn 2x the returns of BTC with about the same risk.

If you click on one of the Mints, you can view the markets that are traded with that strategy, a performance summary, the trade history, and a return calculator.

Mudrex Mints

While the details of the strategy remain hidden, the statistics available on each strategy’s performance are exceptionally detailed.

For those who don’t want to rely on their own trading strategies/trading skills, the Mints are a very simple way to invest in crypto.

Crypto Trading Bot Algos

Mudrex provides a curated marketplace of crypto trading bots created by the best crypto traders on Mudrex.

Each crypto trading bot is completely automated and built to minimize risk and provide steady, consistent returns.

Mudrex Algos

To use one of the trading strategies, you click on one of the crypto trading bots and then click the “Connect Exchange Account” tab next to the list of supported exchanges. 

Different trading bots will work with different exchanges, but Binance, FTX, and Coinbase are the most common supported exchanges you can link with API keys.

There are over 30 pages of crypto trading bots to choose from, and they are all ranked by their performance. You can also see how many investors are using each bot and its total return.

And much like the Mints section, if you click on a trading bot, you will be taken to a similar page where you can view the crypto markets that are traded with that algo, a performance summary, the trade history, and a return calculator.

Interest Account

The last feature of the Mudrex platform worth diving into is its interest account that lets investors earn 14% interest on all of their crypto assets.

Mudrex Interest Account

The interest account hasn’t been fully rolled out, so it isn’t currently available, but you can add yourself to the waitlist if you are interested.

To generate these returns, Mudrex allocates your funds across different DeFi protocols with what they suggest is negligible risk.

There is no minimum balance to invest and no lock-up period, so you can invest and divest at your leisure.

However, any returns that are too good to be true usually are, so proceed with caution when investing regardless of the advertised risks.

Mudrex Fees and Minimums

Fees for the Coin Sets are normally 1%, but Mudrex is currently waiving that fee, so they are free to invest in.

However, for any of the actively managed Mints, there is a 1% monthly fee (5 USD min) and a 1,000 minimum investment.

For the trading bot services, Mudrex also charges a monthly fee. The fees will vary depending on the bot you choose, but they all fall within the range of 0.5% to 1.5% per month.

Trading bot investments also have minimum allocations of around 20 USD, but they vary from bot to bot and will be denominated in different currencies.

How Mudrex Compares to Competitors

Because Mudrex primarily focuses on automated investing, it doesn’t make sense to compare it to major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, or other crypto trading platforms that cater more to non-automated trading/manual trading.

While Mudrex has excellent automated trading bots that would appeal to certain short-term traders, it’s not a platform to buy and sell spot crypto—it’s a platform that is best suited for longer-term investment strategies.

The trading algo section is quite impressive and even more developed than algo-specific platforms like TradeSanta, but Mudrex’s most significant advantage over other crypto platforms is undoubtedly its Coin Sets and Mints.

There are only a handful of platforms that allow users to easily invest in baskets of crypto assets or actively managed funds, so that should be Mudrex’s main selling point.

Keeping that in mind, HodlBot, MEXC, and Stoic would be some of the best alternatives to consider.

Hodlbot is unique because it lets users create specific baskets of crypto investments, but it doesn’t have nearly as many premade themed baskets.

As for MEXC, the structure of the crypto ETFs is similar to Mudrex insofar as they are premade and very easy to invest in, but there are far fewer ETFs to choose from.

Finally, Stoic doesn’t have crypto baskets to invest in, but it offers an actively managed crypto portfolio similar to the Mudrex Mints that would be very appealing if you are looking for a hands-off crypto portfolio rather than implementing your own trading strategies.

If you want to make your own basket of crypto assets, HodlBot is probably more ideal because you can select each asset and its specific weighting.

However, if you don’t feel qualified to do that or find premade baskets more than satisfactory, Mudrex and MEXC are much simpler ways to get exposure to particular crypto themes.

Given the abundance of themed Coin Sets, Mudrex will likely be a better option than MEXC, but nothing beats Hodlbot if you are interested in creating a very specific/unique basket of assets.

The Mudrex interest account could also be a major selling point given its 14% returns are well above those of other platforms like BlockFi, Ledn, and the like, but higher returns undoubtedly come with more risk, so take that with a grain of salt.

Conclusion: Mudrex Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Mudrex review, we believe Mudrex is an excellent platform for crypto investors who prefer an ETF approach to investing.

It can be very challenging to pick specific assets in the crypto market, so theme-based investing is easy and safer than traditional crypto trading or investing.

Investors may not be able to customize their Coin Set, but given the dozens of options, the odds are that there’s at least one basket everyone will like.

For this reason, we believe Mudrex is one of the best platforms for ETF-style or hands-off actively managed portfolio investing in crypto.

The Mudrex trading bot section is worth looking into if you have a trading account with a crypto exchange and want to automate your trading. 

However, the biggest reasons to use Mudrex remain its exceptional Coin Sets and hands-off crypto Mints.

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