Honeyminer Review – Can This Crypto Mining Software Work For You?

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Honeyminer Review

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Honeyminer Review

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Have you heard of the software, Honeyminer? Honeyminer is a crypto mining software, that when ran in the background of your computer is supposed to help you make passive income from mining cryptocurrencies. So, are they all they say or are they a scam? Read our review of Honeyminer to learn the truth.


  • Both secure in infrastructure and transparent in their operations. 
  • Easy to access for all types and levels of traders with multiple options available. 
  • Easy to monitor and completely passive in making a profit with limited fees attached. 


  • Some users may not like the idea of software working in the background of their computers. 
  • Relatively difficult to mine any other coins except what is suggested by the company
  • Hotel Honey operation expenses can end up being very high at more than $10,000 for 6 months. A big commitment. 

About Honeyminer

Honeyminer, as the name suggests, is a sophisticated crypto mining software that runs in the background of your regular computer operation once downloaded. This allows you to make passive income from the mining of various cryptocurrencies

Although this is not the first mining software of its kind, Honeyminer professes to be the most professional and all-round secure available. This is something that our dedicated review team will investigate just as we have for our many trusted forex broker reviews and more. Honeyminer Landing Screen

Honeyminer Features

Getting started, there are a variety of features within Honeyminer to focus your attention on. These are designed mainly with a combination of strong security and efficient profitability in mind for you, the trader. Honeyminer Process

Strong Security and Encryption

The levels of security are one element which may concern any traders or investors when considering a passive crypto mining software. 

This is something that most of the top trading platforms and tools we have reviewed take very seriously. Honeyminer too goes to extensive lengths to make sure you feel both safe and comfortable when using the platform. To this end, they utilize SSL and strong encryption technology to ensure that all information and data on your system and passing through are kept completely secure. 

This is the minimum we would expect from such software.  Honeyminer Security

Cross-Platform Availability

Honeyminer operates on your computer of almost any type and spec. This operation can then be tracked via the company app which is available cross-platform for both Android and iPhone devices.

This should allow you to maintain a close track on how your mining operation is performing throughout. You will also have the capability to make any changes you deem required at a particular time. 

More Than One Way to Earn   

Through Honeyminer, you can, of course, earn through traditional channels. This being that you download the software and mine cryptocurrency in the background of your computer to generate profits. In order to be of significance though, this really does require a powerful computer. 

If this is not something you have, you can still earn through the companies Hotel Honey program, This is where you basically pay a fee to rent more mining power from the company mining operation. Three different levels operate with different power and earning potential for you to select. Honeyminer Hotel Honey

Honeyminer Pricing and Availability

Honeyminer pricing is very competitive in the sense that there is no fee at all to be paid for downloading and setting up the software to mine on your computer. Nor are there any fees for use of the Honeyminer app. 

 The only charges you will incur if you are using your system to mine are percentage-based from what you have mined depending upon how many GPUs you have active. This fee currently stands at 8% for 1 GPU and 2.5% for 2 GPUs. This represents excellent overall value considering this should all be profit generated by your machine. 

If you select the Hotel Honey service to rent power from the company, costs range from $66 to $10,000+ for 3-6 month rental periods depending on the power you wish to purchase. 

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The Claim

Honeyminer does not partake in making outrageous claims to wealth and benefit. This is something heartening to see in such a competitive sector where it may be easy to get carried away to engage users. 

Instead, the service promotes how mining in the background of your operation can be a very simple process and one which can net you a varying sum of money for your efforts through the mined coins.  This lets you know exactly what is possible and also informs the limitations and fluctuations possible in the cryptocurrency market. They also try to reinforce the benefit of holding on to your mined currency and waiting for the current crypto market to take an upturn. This is sound advice and something which would not be out of place on one of the many top forex education services we have reviewed. Honeyminer Platform

The Results

Honeyminer is honest about the results. These will vary alot depending on the power of your machine, and the position of the cryptocurrency market. Naturally, the newer your computer, the more coins you will be able to mine. 

The mining algorithm put in place by Honeyminer will consistently search for and mine the most profitable coins. This can be a valuable asset during very changeable times in the crypto market. Their focus is currently on Ethereum. 

Overall, if you have sufficient power available, and the market reaches a more positive place, then there is certainly money to be made from downloading Honeyminer. Honeyminer Platform 2

Full transparency is again engaged at this point to give that the company try to fairly estimate your potential returns based on the data you provide. This can also be validated to an extent by external sources which the company provides access to. 

Trustworthiness and Support

This can certainly be a challenging area for any company in the crypto trading industry. While there is no official body to oversee operations, everything we have seen would indicate a strong degree of transparency within the operations at Honeyminer. 

This conclusion is based on professional intuition as well as the fact that the operation seems to be very well organized and they are completely honest and upfront about the potential earnings to be made and problems that may occur.

Added to this the fact that the company has garnered generally positive reviews around the industry since starting operations and it is clear to see why with their open and honest approach. 

Support is available round the clock through the website powered message center and there are answers to many questions posted in a helpful FAQ section on the company homepage too.

Who Should Choose Honeyminer

The Honeyminer service is ideal for those who are involved in crypto trading at any level. It is essentially a passive income for those who do not even know anything about the market in some cases. Being extremely easy to operate means its appeal is very widespread. 

The other Hotel Honey end of the service is perfectly suited to those who want to invest a little more money in what is essentially the same operation at a more powerful level. 

Overall, there is something for everyone as far as Honeyminer is concerned. 

Conclusions for Honeyminer

Honeyminer is by all accounts an excellent service. Although the crypto sector may not be performing up to expectations, they still deliver quality service and software which can be trusted to help others recoup what they can through their computing power. 

It is quite rare to see such an honest operation that does not promise the world which it then cannot deliver. The company focuses on consistency and security, both factors which are extremely important for success in any form of investing. 

This trust is clearly felt by the users of the software who have reposted positively on their experience and is a refreshing sight in an industry so often plagues with potential scams. The future looks positive for Honeyminer if they continue their current style of operating. 

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