Trality Review – Is This Automated Crypto Trading Bot Legit?

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Trality Review

  • Code Editor
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Trality is a cryptocurrency-focused automated algorithmic trading platform that allows users to either automate their trading or follow the tactics of other platform users. This cryptocurrency trading service provides a code editor, rule builder, and marketplace for automated crypto trading bots. Trality aims to make AI-powered crypto trading bots available to anyone so they can manage their money automatically through live trading or practice automated trading through automated paper trading. Read our full Trality review to learn more about this automated crypto trading bot platform.


  • Free plan option
  • Code-based and rules-based custom bots
  • Excellent and easy-to-use backtesting capabilities


  • Limited number of supported exchanges
  • Very small number of trading bots in its marketplace
  • No price charts in dashboard or rule builder sections

Trality is a crypto-focused automated algorithmic trading platform where users can either automate their own trading strategies or follow the strategies of others on the platform.

Trality Dashboard

Regardless of a trader’s experience, whether advanced or beginner, Trality aims to help anyone have access to AI-based crypto trading bots to automatically manage their investments through live trading or practice automated trading with its paper trading. 

The Trality bot services run through exchange APIs supported by a growing list of crypto exchanges that currently includes Binance, Bitpanda, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro.

If you want to learn all about Trality’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth Trality review.

Trality Features

Code Editor

For advanced traders interested in creating their own crypto trading bots, Trality has a code editor where experienced programmers can code their trading parameters via Trality’s cloud-based system.

Trality Code Builder

Using the Trality code editor, you can create trading bots, backtest, and optimize your algorithms in Python, access financial data with their API, select from a full range of technical analysis indicators, and even use NumPy and other Python libraries.

All the Trality trading bot algorithms are end-to-end encrypted, can run 24/7, and funds always remain on your respective exchange due to the exchange APIs. The Trality cloud-based system also means you won’t need your own trading servers.

Rule Builder

Trality also has a more user-friendly rules-based approach to creating automated trading bots for traders uninterested in coding.

Trality Rule Builder

Traders will have the choice of using 17 different predefined rules based on technical indicators or creating their own custom rules.

For the custom rules, you can choose your trading interval and up to two values from a list of over 200, each with a unique qualifier pertaining to that value.

There are also general settings for maximum open orders, maximum exposure, and position size in absolute value or as a percentage of one’s portfolio.

Overall, the creator tools are incredibly extensive while remaining relatively easy to use. However, there are countless values users will have to learn to effectively implement into their rules.

Crypto Trading Bot Marketplace

Within the Trality marketplace, users can shop for trading bots based on risk grouping, easy-to-understand metrics, and the bot’s full trading history.

Trality Create A Bot

At the moment, there are only a few trading bots available in the marketplace, as it’s still in its beta, but each bot comes with an extensive profile.

Trality Marketplace

Aside from a description of the bot and some of its parameters, you’ll be able to see performance statistics, risk profile, and performance and position history.

All bots and bot creators have been vetted by Trality’s quality committee and undergone extensive back and forward testing to minimize risk, but they’ll cost you a monthly subscription of around €9.99 each.

Trality Marketplace 2

With that in mind, Trality’s marketplace is also a great place to submit your custom trading bots for review to get them published and monetized in the marketplace.

Trality Create A Bot (Add Signal)

For every investor who uses your trading bot, you will be rewarded that monthly subscription cost, but creators need to run their boots with real funds, so you’ll have to have some skin in the game.

Trality Pricing

Trality has four tiers of plans ranging from an entry-level free plan to a €59.99 per month plan. However, Trality offers a 20% discount on all plans when paid annually.

Trality Pricing

Free Plan

  • Trading Volume €5,000
  • Smallest Tick Interval is 60m
  • 1 Rented Bot
  • 1 Created Bot
  • 1-Week Log Retention
  • Unlimited Backtests

Knight Plan (€9.99 per month)

  • Trading Volume €25,000
  • Smallest Tick Interval is 30m
  • 1 Rented Bot
  • 2 Created Bot
  • 1-Month Log Retention
  • Unlimited Backtests

Rook Plan (€39.99 per month)

  • Trading Volume €250,000
  • Smallest Tick Interval is 5m
  • 1 Rented Bot
  • 5 Created Bot
  • 6-Month Log Retention
  • Unlimited Backtests

Queen Plan (€59.99 per month)

  • Unlimited Trading Volume
  • Smallest Tick Interval 1m
  • 1 Rented Bot
  • 10 Created Bot
  • Unlimited Log Retention
  • Unlimited Backtesting

How Trality Compares to Competitors

The best platform to compare to Trality is likely Gubot, which has a similar balance between complexity and user-friendliness.

Much like Trality, Gunbot allows users to configure trading bots with easy-to-use dropdown windows or choose from pre-configured trading strategies. 

Both platforms have features the other does not, so the better one will depend on the trading strategy you aim to create, but absent a specific parameter in mind, the two are mostly neck and neck.

One notable advantage of Gunbot to keep in mind is that it supports over 100 exchanges, which is orders of magnitude better than Trality’s four.

Another advantage is that Gunbot offers a wide range of performance analytics via beautiful visuals/charts. Trality also has performance statistics, but they aren’t quite as extensive or visual.

However, Trality’s backtesting is much easier to use than Gunbot’s and doesn’t require you to purchase a plan or add-on, which is a major plus.

In fact, Gunbot doesn’t have a free plan at all, so that could be a significant factor for beginners. That said, Gunbot takes the lifetime license rather than the monthly subscription approach, which could appeal to traders in it for the long haul.

In summary, your specific needs as a trader will likely dictate which platform is the best, but the main advantages to Trality are its backtesting and free plan option.

Conclusion: Trality Review

After carefully walking through all of its services for this Trality review, we believe Trality is an excellent trading bot platform.

Whether you’re a python programmer capable of coding your own bots or a trader looking for a user-friendly rules-based interface, Trality has what you need.

The interface is incredible, and the creator tools for the rules-based bots have a great balance of simplicity in detail that other trading bot platforms frequently neglect.

There will be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to all the values traders can add to their rules, but everything can be accomplished with basic dropdown windows, so it’s completely manageable.

Trality’s backtesting is also exceptional. All it takes is a simple click to deliver results in chart form for any of your bots in a matter of seconds.

The biggest concern for the Trality platform is likely its underdeveloped bot marketplace, but that will presumably expand over time, and the tools Trality has in place certainly suggest success in the future.

With that in mind, if you are a trader focused on buying/copying trading bots, Trality may not be ideal (Zignaly would be a better choice), but it is still one of the best platforms for creating trading bots as a non-programmer.

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