Profit Trailer Review – Should You Use This Forex And Crypto Platform?

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Profit Trailer Review

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Profit Trailer Review

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Profit Trailer is a forex and cryptocurrency trading bot platform. This platform offers customizable buy and sell bot strategies to help users automate their trading strategies. Profit Trailer also includes support for multiple exchange API integrations, a variety of buy-sell indicators, trading signals, and advanced paper trading. Learn more about this forex and crypto trading bot platform by reading our complete Profit Trailer review.

About Profit Trailer

Profit Trailer is a forex and cryptocurrency trading bot platform where users can automate their trading strategies with customizable buy and sell Profit Trailer bot strategies.

Profit Trailer supports multiple exchange API integrations, dozens of buy-sell indicators, advanced paper trading, and trading signals.

Profit Trailer Stats

The supported exchanges include Poloniex, Bittrex, BinanceUS, Coinbase PRO, Binance DEX, Huobi, BitMEX, Binance, Binance Futures, Bybit, Bybit Futures, Kucoin, Kucoin Futures, FTX, FTX Futures, and OANDA for forex trading.

If you want to learn all about Profit Trailer’s services and whether or not it’s the best trading bot platform for you, stick around for this in-depth Profit Trailer review.

Profit Trailer Features


The Profit Trailer automated trading software is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and its GUI can be used on all devices connected to the internet.

In the Profit Trailer dashboard, you’ll be able to easily navigate between tabs for positions, possible buys, stats, signals, and configuration settings.

Profit Trailer Dashboard

The Profit Trailer interface is relatively digestible, but it’s still very noisy and complicated to read, let alone configure trading bot strategies.

Profit Trailer Strategy

Profit Trailer also doesn’t support charts, but it does have the ability to process TradingView alerts through an add-on, and you can always use the charts for your linked exchange.

While not quite as complicated as using a blank coding terminal, the Profit Trailer interface will be challenging for anyone new to coding, even if you are an experienced trader.

Automated Trading Bots

Once you’ve connected your exchange, you can select one of the many predefined bot strategies Profit Trailer offers or attempt to code your own in the configuration settings.

Profit Trailer Setup

If you want to create a bot or change something of an existing one, you can head to the Profit Trailer wiki page, where you’ll find a ton of code parameters you can copy and paste into your configuration settings.

Profit Trailer Bot Configuration

Each bot has separate configuration settings (terminals) for the forex and cryptocurrency trading pairs, DCA parameters, and indicators.

Profit Trailer Code

Profit Trailer includes over 40 buy-sell indicators you can incorporate into your forex or crypto trading bot strategies (see its wiki page for more details).

Profit Trailer Plans

Free Plans

Profit Trailer has a number of free and paid versions of its automated trading services, but we’ll begin with the free ones.

The free plans include paper trading and exchange integrations for cryptocurrency trading platforms Bybit, Binance, Kucoin, and FTX.

However, all the “free” plans are technically not free. The paper trading will ask you to pay €1 for a 3-month trial, and the integrations for the four supported exchanges include a €10 sign-up fee.

If you choose the “License Only” plan for any of the exchange integrations, the subscription is €0 per month, but the one-bot plan is €10 per month, and the two-bot plan is €15 per month.

Profit Trailer Plans

Paid Plans

Profit Trailer paid plans include a Signals Edition from €30 per month, a Basic plan from €49 per month, and an Advanced plan from €69 per month, all of which support every exchange listed in the summary.

Signals Edition

  • Live Support on Discord
  • Run 2 bots
  • 3 Stored Configurations
  • Only Signal Indicator
  • Advanced Paper Trading
  • Signals Subscriptions
  • 2 Months Free TV Add-on
  • 2 Months Free Signals

Basic Plan

  • All Exchanges
  • Live Support on Discord
  • Run 2 bots
  • 5 Stored Configurations
  • 40+ Buy-Sell Indicators
  • Advanced Paper Trading
  • Signals Subscriptions

Advanced Plan

  • All Exchanges
  • Live Support on Discord
  • Run 2 bots (3 lifetime)
  • 7 Stored Configurations
  • 40+ Buy-Sell Indicators
  • Advanced Paper Trading
  • Signals Subscriptions
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Advanced Stats

How Profit Trailer Compares to Competitors

Given Profit Trailer is an advanced-level automated trading platform, there is a relatively short list of viable alternatives one can consider.

Profit Trailer Positions Tab

Gunbot and Haasbot are both high-level trading bot platforms with as good or better functionality and a more straightforward user interface, so we encourage cryptocurrency trading bot enthusiasts to check them out before committing to a Profit Trailer bot.

Neither platform supports forex trading, but they are both easier to use and include just as advanced configuration capabilities.

If you want a simple crypto trading platform, Profit Trailer, unfortunately, won’t be here to serve you. 

Integrating bot parameters requires inputting the right code, and although you can copy and paste the logic out of their wiki page for different parameters, it’s still quite confusing.

Anyone who doesn’t feel qualified or willing to undergo that challenge would prefer crypto trading bot platforms like Pionex or TradeSanta, both of which have premade trading bots you can easily configure.

One could even go a step further and use a platform like Mudrex to simply copy a crypto trading bot from its marketplace with no configurations needed.

All three cryptocurrency trading platforms don’t offer the level of customization available to users as Profit Trailer, but that is why they are so much easier to use and understand, and they still have a variety of trading robot options.

Bottom line, trading bot beginners will probably struggle to use Profit Trailer’s platform, and experienced bot traders will likely find the Gunbot or Haasbot deserving of the best crypto trading bot platform.

That said, the Profit Trailer platform is still very capable and worth considering if you fancy yourself a coder and don’t enjoy the interface of a platform like Gunbot or HaasBot quite as much.

Profit Trailer also supports forex bots, not just crypto trading bots, which is a significant selling point.

Conclusion: Profit Trailer Review 

After carefully walking through all of Profit Trailer’s services, we believe it is a good advanced-level trading bot platform to consider. 

Still, Profit Trailer isn’t suited for beginners and isn’t the best advanced trading bot platform.

The platform isn’t particularly user-friendly, so it won’t be suited for anyone new to trading bots or unwilling to enter the world of coding.

For that reason, Profit Trailer is left competing with the advanced trading bot platforms, which are admittedly a little more advanced and easier to use.

Profit Trailer is a great option for traders who want to bridge their automated crypto trading and forex trading onto one platform. 

Still, strictly crypto or strictly forex traders will find better alternatives in the market.

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