Review – Is This Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal Legit?

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  • Ease of Use
  • Trading Tools
  • Platform Adoption
  • Customer Service
  • Platform Aesthetics
  • Added Extras

Summary is a cryptocurrency trading terminal and platform whose goal is to have a solution for the needs of every type of trader. includes a variety of features, such as a strategy editor, an automated trading bot, charting, and a configurable GUI. With traders are able to use bots and place orders across all accounts from one place. So, is this trading terminal a solid choice? Read our review of to find out.


  • Intuitive and customizable GUI
  • Fairly easy and straightforward to use
  • Has a large number of tools and technical indicators to assist any trader
  • One-time payment for a lifetime software license instead of a recurring subscription
  • The free trial allows users to try-before-they-buy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Usable across 18 major exchanges 


  • Because this runs on its own software, and not through a web browser, some computers simply may not be able to run the program

When it comes to trading and watching the markets, one idea most traders can agree on is that trading can become very time consuming. Depending on the trader, some may manage positions on multiple exchanges. 

Whether the trader needs an automated trading bot service to execute strategies, or a hub to be able to trade on multiple exchanges in one place, has created a solution to assist every type of trader. What sort of features are offered with Margin, and is it a reputable service? Let’s find out in this review. Main History is based in Germany, and has been executing trades since 2014. The actual platform itself was previously known as Leonardo, which, at the time, was one of the best automated trading bots in the industry. Eventually, the interface became dated, and the platform became virtually unused by late 2017. Leonardo has since been acquired and operated by Margin. About’s Supported Exchanges

As of now, carries support for 18 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Depending on the user’s license, these will be operable either singly or simultaneously. The exchanges supported with include: Features And Product Offerings

As a platform, has a large amount of features that would suit any trader. Some of the services and features offered include:

  • Strategy Creation and Implementation
  • Automated Bot Trading
  • Chart Tools and Indicators
  • Customizable Interface

Margin Features And Tools

The way that works is by connecting the user’s exchange accounts to’s interface. From’s interface, users can view charts for every pair across their different exchange accounts, place orders, and more. This is incredibly handy for the trader that has accounts at multiple exchanges. Features

Strategy Editor

One of’s useful tools is their Strategy Editor, which allows traders to create strategies based on indicators and market events. Perhaps the most attractive feature about this service is that it is completely open-source and can be verified by the user if they should choose to do so.

Automated Bot Trading

While may not be a dedicated automated trading bot, such as 3Commas or BinBot Pro, they do offer an Automated Bot Trading service as one of their tools. This service allows traders to essentially automate their strategies by implementing their desired parameters into the interface. Once the bot is set up, users can sit back and let the automated trader perform, functioning accordingly to the rules and parameters of the strategy being used. 

Charting also has Charting embedded into its platform. Within the window, users can view the percentage change of a position by simply hovering over the price. Users can also drag-and-drop orders within the chart. An RSS feed allows users to be aware of current news. Users can view up to 25 different charts at the same time on a second screen. Visual

Technical Indicators

Regarding the chart itself, Technical Indicators are provided to help assist in strategy implementation. Users can employ indicators such as the MACD, multiple time-frame EMA, Bollinger Bands, and more to help gather the market data needed to make a flawlessly executed trade. 

Configurable GUI

Traders can also customize their experience, as has a Configurable GUI. Users can move the windows around on the screen to their preferred positions. A Night Version background is available for those if they would like. Support for multiple monitors is also available. Interface Plans And Pricing

For those interested in, the platform offers a Free Trial, allowing users to get a taste of how the platform operates before committing to paying for the service blindly. It should also be noted that these prices are for a lifetime license, as opposed to a yearly subscription. is offered in three different pricing levels. Price

Starter Level

For someone with a balance of $10,000 or less, and who needs the services for one exchange only, a Starter level is offered for a one-time payment of $129. With this level, users will have full range of’s tools and services, only limited to use with one exchange. 


The Standard license is offered at a one-time payment of $259. With this option, traders unlock all of’s tools and services to use on every exchange that supports This essentially means that traders can manage their positions on different exchanges, all in one place. The Standard is ideal for those who are trading with up to $100,000 (any more than this is ideal for the next option offered).


The Professional option is offered at a one-time payment of $2999. With this plan, traders are able to use up to 3 different API’s for every supported exchange. This plan is obviously priced towards the professional trader, but it also supports trading accounts of unlimited balance (which the other plans do not).

Getting Started With

Whether the user wants to try the free demo or purchase a license, they will need to register an account with As with most sign-up processes across the web, this process is a relatively simple one.

To start, a valid email address, password, first and last name, and the residing country will need to be provided. Users must also indicate whether they will be using the service for business purposes. Signup

After verifying that the email is valid, users will have access to their account. From here, depending on the course of action taken, users will have to pay for their plan, or will be directed to their software download.

Once the user downloads the software, they will need to link the desired exchange account(s) they wish to use in conjunction with To do this, the user will need to go to their account settings within their exchange. Usually, there will be an API section; within this section, users can add the API code from, which will also have a corresponding API code from the exchange to be inputted into After both codes have been inputted, the accounts will be linked. Users should take care to make sure that does not have permissions to make withdrawals, which usually can be toggled in an option box on the exchange API page.

Customer Support And Resources has several different resources aimed at assisting their customers in any way they may need. Newcomers can feel welcome here if they are unsure of what services offers, or are confused as to how exactly certain functions work.

Tutorial Videos

For starters, has a wide range of Tutorial Videos covering the different aspects of their services, including how their different trading bots function, and how to edit strategies. Tutorials

Help Center

A Help Center is also available consisting of an FAQ of answers to commonly held questions. Users can find information related to account information and setup, software setup and handling, and more in this section. Help

Live Chat

A Live Chat feature is offered to provide a direct link to’s Support Team. Once the team is messaged, the Support Team will usually respond within a short period of time to help assist in any way they are able. Customer service has shown to be extremely helpful in wanting to assist when queried. is also present on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, and Telegram. Security

For those wondering whether is secure to operate amongst all platforms, the short answer is: yes. Because works by plugging the API into the exchange, users are able to use the exchange through a 3rd party (such as However, because connects directly to exchanges without routing customer orders through their server, there is less of a chance for sensitive data to be leaked. Furthermore, by limiting the API access on the exchange to prohibit withdrawals from the user’s account (highly recommended), users can be sure that will work on their behalf by maintaining orders only. 

However, the implications must be stated that, should somebody’s account become compromised, the intruder could have access to all of that user’s exchange accounts (across every linked exchange) managed by, should they somehow gain access to the user’s software license. Yet, despite this, they would still be unable to make deposits/withdrawals unless they somehow had the password to the exchange itself. For this reason, it is highly imperative to always use a highly cryptographic password that is not used on any other website. With the jarring amount of data leaks from credit bureaus and financial institutions in recent years, it is very important to remain aware of, and militant to, preserving personal privacy. 

Conclusion: seems to have put together a pretty decent piece of software that traders of any type could find use with. From one place, traders can place orders and use bots across all of their accounts, which is extremely handy and time efficient. The team, while small, seems to be tight-knit and takes pride in the product that they have built. This may be a feasible piece of software for those that may find the need for it.

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Since 2012, Alex Hastedt has been fully immersed in the world of cryptocurrency. Since then, he’s continually educated himself on the latest developments within the crypto space. With over 3 years of formal business education, as well as over 5 years of trading experience (with over 400 hours of education), Alex commits to providing honest assessments of cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. It has become a personal mission of his to help educate those who may be new to the space, that they may not fall prey to poor decision making and other potential pitfalls he has witnessed others experience.

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