BinBot Pro Review – A Trading Bot Specializing in Binary Options

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Binbot Pro Review

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BinBot Pro Review

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Focusing on the binary options sector, BinBot Pro is forex trading bot that has some interesting tools and features. Are you thinking of giving BinBot Pro a try? Before you try this trading bot, read our thorough review of BinBot Pro and see how they compare.


  • Operating in a transparent fashion and building trust within the industry. 
  • Good broker integration and an excellent mix of assets traded by the preset robots, along with the ability to set your own parameters.
  • No fees besides the minimum deposit of $250 required to begin trading. 


  • The period of the demo bot is very short at just 60 seconds.
  • Broker integration could be increased to more than three.

About BinBot Pro

BinBot Pro has been in operation since 2016. They are focused on the provision of an auto trading bot, although unlike many of the forex tools and trading bots we have previously reviewed, Binbot is focused primarily on integration within the binary options sector

This means that in order to utilize the auto-trading system provided, you must register an account with one of the systems three binary options broker partners. Binbot Pro Landing Screen

BinBot Pro Features

As experts in the field of trading, we know the type of features which are necessary within any broker, trading platform or tool to make your life as a trader easier and potentially more profitable. Binbot Pro Trading Steps

These are the features which we have found during our BinBot Pro review which we believe you may find useful: 

Broker Integration 

The BinBot Pro platform has a working relationship with three major brokers in the binary options trading field. BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption. 

All three of these brokers have a positive and relatively longstanding reputation in the field, and being aligned with BinBot Pro lends positively in favor of their credibility given the mainly positive reviews the service has garnered to date. 

This level of integration means that you can seamlessly begin utilizing the services of the auto-trading tool once you have registered your broker account or vice versa. Binbot Pro Partners

Free and Easily Accessible Registration 

A major plus of BinBot Pro is the fact that you can try it out for free, at least on a demo basis with some of the robots the company offers. 

The process from registration to starting out robot trading demo was less than a few minutes and just required some of our most basic personal information. This level of convenience is very valuable when you are trying to engage a product which will hopefully save you time and increase your bottom line simultaneously.

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Easy to Navigate User Interface with Extensive Visuals

Usability is always a key point when it comes to forex trading bots and forex tools in general. This is made very easy by the highly visual style incorporated within the BinBot Pro system. These visuals together with a very clear and easy to navigate layout from all of the robots, mean you can quickly pinpoint and adjust your positions accordingly. 

More than that, this positive user-experience makes it simple to follow your trading positions and know when they are effectively engaged. 

Having this focused and understandable layout is a definite positive for BinBot Pro as the complexity of some forex robots and auto trading platform layouts can be a barrier for many traders who may otherwise wish to engage an auto trading service.Binbot Pro Trading Platform

BinBot Pro Pricing and Availability

The service is free and fast if you are looking to try a demo bot. If you wish to begin real trading then this is also a fast process to get started, all you need to do is begin with the minimum deposit required at one of the partner brokers for BinBot Pro. These are all currently standing at a $250 minimum deposit amount. 

Once this is deposited though, you can put the robot straight to work. There are no additional fees on the side of BinBot Pro. Binbot Pro Demo

The Claim

BinBot Pro does not focus on making any extravagant claims at all about the performance of the robot. In fact, this can be viewed as a significant positive point and reinforce the confidence with which the company themselves have shown in the service, 

The only claims which are made on the company website and throughout, are that this auto trading bot can be integrated to your trading life with great ease through an easy step by step process. This is a point which we found to be very true through the fast and easy signup process. 

Ultimately, the BinBot Pro auto trader does not over-promise in any way, yet it does still manage to deliver a fast, effective service that many traders have received positively. 

The Results

The results from our review perspective are difficult to gauge, if only due to the fact that the demo period of the tools lasts for a very short time. 

Taking on board the feedback of other traders though since the product was launched in 2016, and that of countless other review teams in the industry, the general consensus would be positive on the results produced by BinBot Pro. 

Like all forms of trading and any trading strategy of top forex brokers like we have reviewed, trading comes with an inherent risk. This is particularly true of binary trading. This is not something though that the team at BinBot seek to dismiss, and this is an important point that shows a lot about the levels of transparency with which the operation is run. 

Is BinBot Pro Trustworthy?

The BinBot Pro support team is available and fast to respond to any queries which you may have. The support channels available cover a range of mediums which include email contact, web-based live chat, and the ability to engage across various social media platforms. 

The responses which our team received were always presented in a knowledgeable and timely fashion. Binbot Pro Awards

Who Should Choose BinBot Pro?

Despite the easy to use design, it remains a fact that engaging an auto trading bot is probably not ideal for first-time traders. With that said though, the barrier to entry for using BinBot Pro would appear to be significantly lower than other services thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly nature. 

Ideally, those using this type of service would have at least intermediate trading knowledge and a large enough portfolio to try more than one of the available robots on the platform to engage different levels of risk and return on investment. 

Final Thoughts on BinBot Pro

After a few years of operation, we can conclude a number of points about the BinBot Pro service. 

Firstly, their reputation so far is one of trust and transparency among traders who have experienced the service, This is the first and most important criteria when choosing any type of trading service. 

BinBot Pro is both well laid out and very easy to use, Getting started could not be easier, and all of these factors have likely combined to drive the popularity of the tool up in recent years, 

If the company continues to focus on usability and a transparent operating model as they have done, there is no reason why they cannot continue to grow further in the binary options trading sector and beyond. 

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