Quadency Review – How Does This Platform Compare?

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Quadency Review

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Quadency Review

  • Supported Exchanges
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Trading Interface
  • Trading Bots
  • Customer Support
  • Security


Quadency is a unified trading and portfolio management platform designed for investors of all levels. With this platform, users can connect to all major crypto exchanges and make use of tools and features including algorithmic trading bots, analytics, statistics, and more. Does Quadency have what you need? Read our complete Quadency review now to learn more.


  • Supports most major exchanges
  • Pre-made trading bots
  • Solid help center
  • TradingView Charts


  • Minimal portfolio analytics

About Quadency

Quadency is a unified trading and portfolio management platform for investors of all levels that easily connects pro tools like bot strategies and analytics to the world of crypto. Quadency acts as a trading terminal that securely connects with all major crypto exchanges, so you can trade from one place. Exchange accounts can be connected using API keys to link multiple accounts, including Binance, CoinbasePro, Kraken, Bitfinex, and plenty more.

Quadency Overview

Quadency Getting Started

To get started, you will have to create a free account and verify your email.

Quadency Getting Started

Once you’ve verified your account Quadency should direct you to a window for linking an exchange account through their API keys. You’ll then have to go to your actual exchange account you are trying to link to create the API key. As soon as that’s complete and the account is linked, you’ll be able to trade, queue orders, deposit, transfer, and pretty much do everything else you need to directly from Quadency’s platform.

Quadency Gettiing Started (API)

Quadency Dashboard

If you click on ‘PLATFORM’ or ‘GO TO DASHBOARD’ at the top of the homepage, you will be taken to the Quadency’s dashboard where you can access your portfolio, trading panel, bots, and markets. The dashboard itself is where you can see all your portfolio analytics and performance. There aren’t too many statistics they give you, but they have helpful visuals, and it’s still a nice resource to utilize.

Quadency Dashboard


The ‘Portfolio’ tab right next to the ‘Dashboard’ tab will show you similar information as seen in the dashboard, like your account value and 24hr change, but instead of the analytics and visuals it just has a window where you can toggle between your asset balances, open orders, history, trades, and transfers. Nothing too crazy about this window, just an easy way to view your portfolio and activity.

Quadency Portfolio

Quadency Trading

Next to the ‘Portfolio’ tab in the dashboard window, you can click ‘Trade’ to view their trading interface, where you can toggle between your linked accounts, view charts, place trades, see your orders, and view the order books. The charts are powered by TradingView, so they are very smooth and the indicators are easy to use, but the rest of the interface is a bit underwhelming. Functionally it is fine, but it’s rather lackluster compared to many other platforms. The charting alone makes it better than many brokers, but it could be a hard sell to steal you away from your actual broker if their interface is above average.

Quadency Trading

Trading Bots

One of the more useful features of Quadency is their algorithmic trading bots. If you click on ‘Bots’ from within the dashboard window, you see a long list of automated trading bots that will trade based on pre-defined rules or strategies such as MACD crossings, RSI levels, mean reversions, and much more. Within the ‘Bot’ tab under ‘Strategies’, you can even view the return, average daily return, and market of choice for select strategies and copy them for your own use. I would just advise to be cautious when looking to implement these strategies yourself, as they can still be very risky. Nevertheless, it’s an incredibly useful tool that can help you with some fairly hands-off trading.

Quadency Trading Bots


The last tab in the dashboard is the ‘Markets’ tab, where you can see just about every crypto there is.

Quadency Markets

You’ll be able to track the price, find statistics like market cap and supply, view line graph charts, and get basic information about all the different assets. Some assets have more information than others, but it’s a great resource regardless.

Quadency Markets and Stats

Quadency Customer Support

Quadency has a pretty well-developed support center that should help you with just about any questions you will have. The walkthroughs they include are full of pictures which is very nice to see given the complexity of linking API keys and using trading bots compared to other standard exchange activity. The whole support center is very easy on the eyes and should be extremely helpful for anyone struggling to figure out their services.

Quadency Customer Support (Support Center)

If you’d rather speak to a person, Quadency also has a chat pop-up you can access at the bottom right of the homepage or support center page. The replies can take a few hours, but it’s an easy way to get any specific questions answered.

Quadency Customer Support (Pop-up Chat)


Quadency both offers and strongly encourages the use of 2-factor authentication to ensure account security. They also use Bycrypt to encrypt exchange passwords and API keys per industry standards. Other security measures that can be taken on the user’s end are only allowing certain capabilities through the API keys to be executed, such as trading while denying it the ability to transfer or withdraw funds.

Quadency Security

Conclusion: Quadency Review

While the convenience of accessing multiple exchange accounts through one platform is undeniable, choosing to use Quadency’s services will really depend on whether you prefer their interface to your exchange(s). Having all your accounts under one roof doesn’t matter too much if you don’t enjoy the trading interface or find it easy to use. The charts powered by TradingView certainly give it an advantage over many brokers, but the order books and panels don’t exactly stand out.

The platform is still very easy to use and the ability to quickly switch between accounts may make it worth any small sacrifices in the end, especially if you have a handful of accounts, but if you just have a couple it seems like a harder sell given the interface is relatively average. That said, they offer certain analytics in the dashboard that may be of use to you, and if you’re interested in using their bots, that is something that could absolutely warrant using their platform.

I’d say it’s worth checking out Quadency’s services if you are a trader with at least two exchange accounts or your single exchange just has a really bad interface (like Kraken), but I might recommend checking out Shrimpy as well. It’s a similar platform to Quadency, but it offers more tools for managing or tracking your portfolio. I still find Quadency to be very useful, and their bots are a great feature, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s worth transitioning over your accounts. Quadency’s actual charts and trading interface might be better than Shrimpy’s, depending on your taste, but Shrimpy overall looks very clean and will offer more analytics for your portfolio in addition to automatic or one-click rebalancing capabilities.

Overall, I really like Quadency and will portably be using it mussel for a while, but it’s worth checking out other platforms and comparing both those and your exchange interface(s) to Quadency’s before committing.

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