CoinStats Review – How Does This Crypto Service Compare?

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CoinStats Review

  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Coin Swap
  • Pricing


CoinStats is a well-known cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and swap exchange. This service supports over 70 platforms and wallets, including Binance, Coinbase,, MetaMask, Ledger wallet, Exodus, their own CoinStats wallet, and many more. Learn everything you need about this crypto platform by reading our complete CoinStats review.


  • Link multiple crypto exchanges and wallets
  • Swap coins directly from the platform
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto purchases


  • No special order types when swapping
  • Only supports line charts with 24h through All-time timeframes

CoinStats is a popular crypto portfolio tracker and swap exchange where users can manage their crypto and DeFi (decentralized finance) portfolio(s) from one place.

CoinStats supports over 70 platforms and wallets, including Binance, Coinbase,, MetaMask, Ledger wallet, Exodus, their own CoinStats wallet, and plenty more across the crypto world.

Coinstats Supported Platforms And Wallets

With all its supported integrations, CoinStats will let you track the crypto market and all of your crypto holdings from one dashboard, complete with a military-grade encryption service and enhanced security measures.

The CoinStats platform and services are accessible via its desktop site or convenient CoinStats app, so you can easily manage your portfolios and any crypto investment wherever you are.

Coinstats App

If you want to learn about CoinStats’ services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for the rest of this in-depth CoinStats review!

CoinStats Features

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracking service is undoubtedly the major draw of the CoinStats platform, especially given the common practice of holding multiple crypto trading accounts and wallets.

Coinstats Portfolio Tracker

Once you link any of your exchange accounts or wallets, you’ll be able to seamlessly view and manage all of your funds, including buying and selling directly from the CoinStats platform.

The CoinStats dashboard will show you all of your connected portfolios, individual assets, and total value across your portfolios. You can even toggle between individual portfolios and your collective portfolio. 

You’ll also see easily accessible tabs to swap coins, view line charts, see transactions, and manage any open orders from that same dashboard.

Coinstats Market Tracking

However, CoinStats doesn’t allow users to withdraw any funds, meaning there is no withdrawal risk from hacking by using the CoinStats platform.

Portfolio Analytics

Another great feature of the CoinStats platform is the insights and analytics it offers for your portfolio(s).

Coinstats Portfolio Tracker

CoinStats will tell you what your most profitable and unprofitable coins are, your total trade count, total withdrawals, top traded pair, most used exchange, and several other statistics that can be quite helpful.

In addition to the coin stats listed above, CoinStats will show a pie chart and heat map of your portfolio for an easy way to visualize your portfolio performance on any given day, which can also be toggled to individual portfolios. 

Coin Swap

The coin swap function on CoinStats is very similar to traditional DeFi order panels seen on platforms like Uniswap, SushiSwap, and the like.

Coinstats Coin Swap

Once you connect your respective crypto wallet or exchange, you can click the dropdown windows to select the assets you would like to exchange.

CoinStats also allows you to adjust the slippage amount with options of 3%, 2%, or a custom percentage amount.

CoinStats doesn’t support any charts or advanced order types in the swap section, but it’s a convenient place to buy and sell crypto nonetheless.

Buy Crypto Assets with Fiat

While seamless crypto-to-crypto purchases is a valued feature to have, it could be more exciting to hear CoinStats supports fiat-to-crypto purchases with 30 different fiat currencies.

Coinstats Buy Crypto

Users can either pay with fiat through one of their linked exchange accounts or opt to buy crypto via credit card under the “Buy Crypto With Card” page.

Coinstats Buy Cryptocurrency

CoinStats Pricing

CoinStats has three plans available to users: a Basic (free) plan, a Premium plan, and a Team plan.

Coinstats Pricing

CoinStats Basic Plan (Free)

  • 10 connected portfolios
  • 1,000 transactions

CoinStats Premium Plan ($15.99 per/mo or $9.99 per/mo when paying for a full year at once)

  • Unlimited connected portfolios
  • 1,000,000 transactions
  • Profit/loss analysis
  • In-depth portfolio analytics
  • Exclusive coin insights
  • Order fill notifications
  • Custom price alerts
  • Ad free
  • 7-day free trial

CoinStats Team Plan (Contact for details)

  • VIP support via dedicated channel
  • Seats for communities
  • Personalized features upon request

How CoinStats Compares to Competitors

One of the most popular crypto portfolio trackers to compare to CoinStats is Cryptowatch.

Cryptowatch is an all-in-one platform that allows users to link several crypto exchanges via API keys, create custom charts and watchlists, view price movements, and track their portfolios in one place, much like CoinStats.

The key difference between the two platforms is Cryptowatch is a bit more advanced (less user-friendly), which could leave it more suited for active crypto traders, whereas CoinStats is more suited for tracking longer-term crypto investments.

CoinStats is a much easier platform to use with a much simpler pricing model, but there is a much stronger emphasis on trading and charts on the Cryptowatch platform many users may prefer.

Both platforms have many of the same features, but anyone who identifies more with crypto investors will almost certainly prefer CoinStats.

That said, an active or even semi-active crypto trader will want to explore Cryptowatch as a more advanced alternative if they find CoinStats features a bit lacking.

Conclusion: CoinStats Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this CoinStats review, we believe CoinStats is an excellent portfolio-tracking service every crypto investor should consider.

Aside from the platform being exceptionally easy to use and having a Robinhood-esque feel to its design and interface, the portfolio tracking is excellent.

Not only is the linking, viewing, and managing of different crypto portfolios incredibly smooth, but you also have the ability to toggle between individual portfolios and your collective portfolio for even deeper insight into your performance.

The swap function and charts are a little basic and thus won’t be suited for active traders, but having the ability to buy and sell from the platform, including fiat purchases via credit card, is always a great feature to have.

Overall, CoinStats is easily one of the best crypto portfolio-tracking services in the crypto space and should certainly be top-of-mind if you are looking for a way to seamlessly link and track all your crypto portfolios and wallets from one place.

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