YouHodler Review – An In-Depth Look at This Crypto Platform

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Youhodler Review

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YouHodler Review

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YouHodler is a FinTech platform with a focus on crypto financial services. This platform supports a large variety of crypto and fiat currencies and includes crypto trading, crypto loans, and high-yield crypto savings accounts. Additionally, YouHodler offers a YouHodler wallet, an interest program, and a simple trading service called Multi HODL. Learn more about this FinTech platform by reading our complete YouHodler review.


  • Exceptional interface
  • Great customer support
  • High stablecoin interest rates


  • Not well-suited for traders
  • Somewhat limited number of assets 
  • Not available to US citizens

About YouHodler

YouHodler is an EU- and Swiss-based FinTech platform focused on crypto financial services that supports a wide range of both crypto and fiat currencies. Some of the services they provide include a crypto exchange, crypto loans, a YouHodler wallet, and high-yield crypto savings account for earning interest.

YouHodler’s goal is to bring the benefits of active management and trading to passive investing by providing services that don’t require you to sell your assets so you can always HODL all your crypto funds.

Is YouHodler worth using? Keep reading our in-depth YouHodler review to find out.

YouHodler Exchange and Crypto Assets

The YouHodler exchange is a little untraditional in its interface in that it is also the YouHodler wallet (crypto wallet) for your crypto holdings, but it’s still very user friendly and supports four different fiat currencies (CHF, EUR, GBP, USD) and 56 different crypto assets, including nine stablecoins, making it a great place to buy crypto or manage a crypto portfolio.

They also have a YouHodler crypto wallet app for convenient on-the-go use.

Youhodler Exchange Wallets

While YouHodler’s number of supported assets hardly compares to exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, or countless others with hundreds of crypto assets, it should be more than enough for the average crypto investor.

Once you add your desired fiat currency or crypto asset to the YouHodler ‘Wallets’ section, you can easily make crypto deposits, withdraws, transfer crypto, convert any of your crypto assets, and boost all your crypto assets (the multi HODL function I’ll discuss in more detail below) with easy one-click icons. 

If you click on a specific asset, you’ll be taken to a price chart where you can toggle between a line graph and a candle chart with 1m to 4h timeframes, which is noticeably better than most exchange-only platforms like ChangeNow or UniSwap that have no charts at all. 

Youhodler Exchange

However, despite having a decent charting interface, the absence of indicators, order books, order types other than market, and many of the other advanced trading tools commonly found among trading platforms make the YouHodler exchange far from ideal for active traders.

YouHodler Crypto Loans

In addition to a crypto exchange, YouHodler also provides instant crypto loans. 

Users can use crypto as collateral from the top 50 coins to receive loans issued in fiat currency, BTC, or stablecoins, which they can instantly withdraw to a credit card or personal bank.

The loan eligibility criteria is simply getting verified and posting the appropriate amount of crypto as collateral.

Loan-to-value ratios are 50% – 90% depending on the loan duration, which can be 30 days, 61 days, or 180 days. The fee for each loan duration is 2.50%, 3.20%, and 8.00%, respectively, making YouHodler a competitive option when compared to loan terms offered by other crypto lending platforms. 

Youhodler Crypto Loans

A very useful feature included in their crypto lending platform that is not generally found on other platforms is their take profit function. 

As soon as the price of your crypto collateral reaches the take profit point, the platform sells part of the collateral to repay the loan amount and deposits the remaining collateral back into your balance.

Overall, YouHodler’s loan process and services are straightforward, easy to use, reasonably priced, and give users a huge number of options when it comes to what crypto collateral they can use. They are certainly a great option within the crypto lending space if you need to borrow money.

YouHodler Interest Program

If you’re a crypto holder looking to earn interest, YouHodler has very enticing opportunities to grow your YouHodler savings account through crypto lending. Not only do they offer interest payments for every crypto asset they support, but they have interest rates that go as high as 12.3%. 

Most of their supported assets offer the same interest rate as other platforms, ranging between 3% and 7%, but their stablecoin interest rates are all 10% or higher, which you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Even accounts with leading crypto lending platforms like BlockFi and Celsius only earn interest as high as 8%.

Youhodler Earn Interest

Loan durations are for one year, but you earn interest on your crypto on a daily basis with weekly payouts, and you can withdraw your crypto at any time. 

If you’re at all interested in earning interest on your crypto assets—stablecoins in particular—YouHodler is a great option for crypto lenders and should definitely be on your list of platforms to check out.

YouHodler Multi HODL

Another unique feature YouHodler offers is a simple trading service for those who want to extract profit from market volatility in both directions, which they call Multi HODL.

All you do is pick the asset, the direction you think it’s headed, and your desired profit/loss level via a simple low-to-high sliding bar.

While the service is very appealing and the process simple, it’s somewhat of a watered-down version of trading. 

For those unfamiliar with trading, it could be useful given the automatic risk parameters (such as how much of your crypto savings account you should trade) and the ability to profit from downside moves—which many crypto exchanges don’t offer—but it’s really no different than opening a trade with a stop-loss and take profit.

The Multi HODL feature is certainly worth checking out as it has many built-in features for risk management that can ease you into the world of trading, but I would be cautious using any leverage and avoid getting too carried away, given it’s a service aimed at novice traders.

YouHodler Turbocharge

The last noteworthy feature YouHodler offers is a form of leverage through a chain of loans. This service is called ‘Turbocharge’ and allows users to borrow fiat currencies to purchase additional crypto assets to use that crypto as collateral for other loans.

Through Turbocharge and their instant cash loans, you can clone your crypto up to eight times with a 90% loan-to-value ratio. In doing so, you can use your original collateral to buy substantially more crypto through a series of instant cash loans.

Though the turbo loans, theoretically, can be helpful if you’re very bullish on price and want more buying power, the dangers and complexity associated with holding a chain of loans and large amount of borrowed funds means it’s not for everyone and is best left to the those who are more experienced and capitalized.

Also, always be aware of your loan terms (loan duration, loan amount) and any initial loan/previous loan(s) before signing on for an additional outstanding loan.

YouHodler Customer Support

One great aspect of the YouHodler platform is they include helpful video walkthroughs for their various services accessible within each respective section. 

Not only are the videos extremely well crafted, but they’re conveniently located and don’t require you to go searching in a support center like most platforms.

If that wasn’t enough, YouHodler also has a help center that is perhaps second only to that of Exodus

Everything is broken down into convenient categories and subcategories that make finding information incredibly easy, and all the articles are beautifully organized with plenty of step-by-step picture walkthroughs.

Youhodler Customer Support

The help center can also be accessed via a pop-up window found at the bottom right of the page. 

There isn’t, however, an ability to engage in a live chat through that pop-up tab, which is fairly common and would be nice to see added.

Youhodler Customer Support Pop-Up

Conclusion: YouHodler 

After completing this YouHodler review, it’s clear YouHodler is a great platform with a wide range of crypto services, but it clearly caters more to novice traders and crypto holders looking to earn interest on their crypto assets. 

While they do have charts—quite respectable ones, we might add—their exchange and Multi HODL section are not going to be particularly desirable if you’re an active trader. 

That said, they have exceptional opportunities to earn interest and very user-friendly loans with reasonable interest rates. If you’re someone looking for a crypto loan or interest rate on stablecoins, we would strongly recommend putting YouHodler near the top of your list of platforms to consider. 

Some of the different loan features are a bit complex, but their amazing support center should make learning those features—along with every other aspect of their platform—much easier.

All in all, we were impressed with what we found in our YouHodler review. We think anyone looking to take their passive investing to the next level and earn interest or dive a little deeper into crypto financial services will find YouHodler to be an excellent platform. 

YouHodler’s crypto-backed loans and ways to earn interest on your crypto savings accounts are certainly enough of a reason to create a YouHodler account, but crypto investors and casual traders will still find their exchange to be more than satisfactory.

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