ChangeNOW Review – How Does This Crypto Exchange Compare?

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Changenow Review

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ChangeNOW Review

  • Interface
  • Exchange
  • Wallet & Tracker
  • Node & Payment Services
  • Customer Support
  • Fees


In the market for a new crypto exchange? ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange available globally. It supports nearly 300 assets for exchange with no limits and does not require account information. ChangeNOW provides a variety of crypto services including loans, payments, token swap, news, a portfolio tracker, lightning nodes, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this exchange in our complete ChangeNOW review.


  • Great customer support
  • No KYC
  • Nearly 300 supported assets


  • High exchange fees
  • A lacking help center
  • No trading interface

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that provides a wide range of crypto products and services from loans, to payment systems, to lightning nodes, and much more. Their services are available globally, including the United States, and they have nearly 300 supported assets for exchange with no limits or account information required.

ChangeNOW Crypto Loans

Through ChangeNOW, you can take out an instant crypto loan on 20 different assets, with five more to be added soon. Loans have unlimited terms you can close whenever you desire, have a fixed loan-to-value ratio of 50%, and a 10% annual percentage rate. Interest is accrued every month but only paid once you close the loan, and all funds are stored in unique wallets with monthly renewed private keys.

Changenow Crypto Loans

Blog & News

The blog & news section is a helpful feed full of the newest updates and top news for the platform and for crypto more generally. On the left side of the page, you will also have categories to filter your feed if you only want to see things like market news, tech info, or just ChangeNOW updates.

Changenow Blog &Amp; News

Asset Listing on ChangeNOW

If you are interested in an asset that is not supported, you can submit a request in the asset listing section for a listing fee paid in NOW, the exchange’s native token. If the token has an ETH or BNB market, volume over $100k, and is listed on Uniswap, you can pay 150,000 NOW to get it added to their exchange.

Changenow Asset Listing

ChangeNOW Token Swap

ChangeNow’s token swap service allows you to migrate your ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens to the mainnet free of charge. They will take your tokens and convert them to mainnet coins or tokens in another chain at a 1:1 rate. If you get in touch with support, you will even get a dedicated dev team ready to handle the technical load of mainnet migration that will design a custom swap flow in close collaboration with you. Afterward, your community will be able to swap their tokens in just a few easy steps.

Changenow Token Swap

NOW Wallet

The NOW Wallet is non-custodial and stores your funds directly on your device, guaranteeing ultimate privacy and security. You can also purchase crypto in the wallet via a bank account or credit card and exchange your crypto for both fiat and other crypto assets.

Changenow Wallet

NOW Payments

NOW payments is a service you can integrate with your website, store, or social media accounts to accept crypto payments globally. The payments system currently supports over 100 crypto assets, with fees starting at 0.4%. The integration is relatively easy, payments are deposited directly to your wallet, and you get a personal manager with 24/7 support to answer any of your questions.

Changenow Payments

Mobile Exchange

Through ChangeNOW’s mobile app, you can buy & sell over 250 crypto assets with over a dozen fiat currencies. The fees they charge are variable, so there isn’t a flat rate you can expect to pay, but those fees are often quite high. Anything using the Ethereum network will incur significant gas fees, but even BTC exchanges can be over 10%. That said, there is no KYC required.

Changenow Mobile Exchange

NOW Tracker

The NOW Tracker is a free crypto portfolio tracking app that offers users an overview of their portfolio through various analytics and tracking tools. You can connect wallet addresses and even create APIs to link your exchanges, such as Coinbase, Kraken, and FTX, to comfortably view them in one app. The wallets and exchanges you can integrate are limited, the app is a little clunky, and there are some much-needed UI adjustments, but it is still a very convenient way to track your scattered assets.

Changenow Tracker

One note, however, the app doesn’t seem to track ETH. I linked my own Kraken account and was able to see every asset linked except ETH, so just keep that in mind if you’re looking into the app.

Lightning NOW

The Lightning NOW is a public Lightning Network (LN) node provided by ChangeNOW to offer the advantages of LN’s instant payments, low cost, atomic swaps, and scalability. The goal of the node is to help provide easier channel creation between LN users. Directly on the page, you will find a QR code you can copy that will give you access to their outbound channel, or you can reach out to create an inbound one.

Changenow Lightning Now

ChangeNOW Premium Lounge

The Premium Lounge is essentially your profile and where you can easily view and manage your exchanges, transaction history, swaps, loans, benefits, and settings. In your settings, you’ll also be able to activate 2FA for added security.

Changenow Premium Lounge

NOW Nodes

NOW Nodes is a blockchain-as-a-service solution that lets users get access to full Nodes and blockbook explorers via API.

Changenow Nodes

Nodes are under 24/7 surveillance, and their availability and relevance are constantly monitored. This tool is primarily for startups, entrepreneurs, and developers, but is available to anyone.

NOW Nodes has four different plans ranging from a free entry-level plan to a $500 VIP plan.

Changenow Nodes (Pricing)

ChangeNOW Customer Support

ChangeNOW offers 24/7 support through their help center and live chat. The help center, though full of useful information, is a bit lacking. Luckily the site itself provides much of the needed information as you go through their products, but adding to the help center and working a little more on the UI with pictures and a better layout would be nice. That said, their customer support through their live chat is incredibly timely and helpful.

Changenow Support (Live Chat)

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the help center, there is also a FAQ page and a section where you can submit a request directly to support.

Conclusion: ChangeNOW Review

ChangeNOW is an excellent platform that provides a sizable amount of crypto services, so there is probably something for everyone. Some people will value their payments systems, others will look to their portfolio tracker, and some might just love the permissionless nature of their platform. With such a wide range of services, it’s hard to say who ChangeNOW is best suited for, but I think anyone interested in more than just exchanging crypto will find at least something worthwhile.

Because of the network fees and variable cost of exchanges, as well as the absence of charts or any serious trading interface, it probably won’t be a great service for traders. But if you are a business, interested in node services, looking for an atomic swap platform, or one of those investors with several exchanges and wallets, ChangeNOW’s products and services will be quite appealing.

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