XT.com Review – Is This Crypto Trading Platform Worth It?

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XT.com Review

  • Xt Exchange
  • Futures
  • Crypto Staking
  • Cloud Mining
  • Crypto Loans


XT.com is a comprehensive cryptocurrency spot and futures trading platform. This platform includes OTC trading, margin trading, levered crypto ETFs, and payment channels for crypto credit card purchases. Additionally, XT.com also supports a number of cryptocurrency financial services, including cloud mining, crypto staking, staking, and includes an NFT marketplace. Learn more about this crypto trading platform by reading our in-depth XT.com review.


  • Hundreds of supported assets and trading pairs
  • Flexible and user-friendly crypto loans
  • Dozens of futures contracts with up to 100x leverage
  • Robust staking services with very competitive yields
  • NFT marketplace 


  • Spot exchange only supports market and limit orders
  • Loaned funds are limited to USDT
  • Cloud mining terms and services are unnecessarily confusing

About Xt.com

XT.com is a comprehensive cryptocurrency spot and futures trading platform that includes OTC trading, margin trading, levered crypto ETFs, and payment channels for crypto credit card purchases.

XT.com also supports various crypto financial services such as crypto staking, cloud mining, crypto loans, and even an NFT marketplace.

If you want to learn all about XT.com’s services and whether or not an XT account is right for you, stick around for this in-depth XT.com review.

XT.com Payment Methods

Xt.com supports Visa and Mastercard crypto purchases of 70+ crypto assets and multiple fiat currency deposit methods with 90+ fiat currencies through SEPA, Apple Pay (no Google Pay), an in-bank transfer, and more, so payment method shouldn’t be a constraint.

Xt.com Crypto W_ Credit Card

XT.com Crypto Exchange

The XT.com crypto exchange supports over 500 cryptocurrencies and over 800 trading pairs.

All assets and pairs, along with their market price, volume, price change, high, and low can be easily found in the markets section.

Xt.com Markets

All the trading pairs can also be broken down by type, such as BTC pairs, ETH pairs, ALTs, etc.

XT.com Spot and Margin Trading

The XT.com spot trading interface is reminiscent of Binance’s, so it has a very professional and functional design with a chart powered by TradingView, and easily accessible markets, order book, and trade history panels.

Xt.com Spot Trading

The spot exchange ensures order fills through its high-performance matching engine and supports hundreds of crypto assets and markets, including BTC and ETH pairs, as well as a wide range of 3x levered ETFs, so there is no shortage of trading options.

While traders will be able to place market and limit orders, the XT.com exchange doesn’t support trigger, take-profit, or stop-loss orders.

For those trading on margin, XT.com will offer up to 20x leverage on about 30 USDT pairs and nine BTC pairs.

Aside from its order types being limited to market and limit, the XT.com spot exchange trading is top-notch and should prove to be an excellent trading interface.

XT.com Derivates Trading

In addition to its spot exchange and trading terminal, XT.com supports futures contract trading through both USDT- and USD-settled perpetual contracts.

The XT.com futures trading interface only differs slightly from its spot counterpart, boasting a much larger chart in lieu of the markets panel, which is still accessible via a dropdown window.

Xt.com Futures Trading

There are over 70 USDT-settled contracts and over 30 USD-settled contracts, with both varieties supporting all the most popular crypto markets like BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL, DOT, BCH, DOGE, etc.

The XT.com futures trading supports market, limit, and trigger orders and provides up to 100x leverage for every market, making it an ideal terminal for experienced traders.

A final feature worth mentioning about XT.com’s futures trading is all of your queued orders are broken down by stop limit, limit order, and trigger order in addition to the standard current positions and trade history tabs.

In summary, XT.com futures trading is very respectable and suitable for virtually all varieties of active traders.

XT.com Trading Fees

In terms of trading fees, XT.com charges 0.20% for both its maker and taker trading fee, which is slightly higher than fee leasers like Binance and FTX, but they are still very competitive and below the industry average.

Like most platforms, XT.com doesn’t charge any deposit fees, but there will occasionally be a withdrawal fee. 

Assets like BTC and ETH have no withdrawal fee, but other assets will have their own withdrawal fee, like a 1 USDT fee, 11.6 LINK fee, and similar fees for other altcoins.

Crypto Financial Services

As alluded to earlier, XT.com has a full suite of crypto services extending well beyond its professional trading experiences and most other crypto exchanges.

Not only do investors have instant access to staking to earn interest on their idle assets, but they can profit from mining through a cloud mining service and borrow crypto through collateralized loans.

XT.com Crypto Staking

XT.com supports Fixed Savings (fixed-term) staking for 20 different assets and Flexible Savings (flexible-term) staking for 51 different assets.

Xt.com Fixed-Term Staking

The fixed-term staking can range from 7-180 days with a few assets, such as USDT, offering multiple duration options. 

Yields for these fixed-term investments are anywhere from 3%-4% (SHIB/ETH) to upwards of 170% for more obscure assets like ARMY and GALAXY.

As for the flexible-term staking, yields are significantly lower, with USDT as the highest potential return at 6.8% (down from 12% in the fixed-term staking).

Xt.com Staking

That said, you have the flexibility to withdraw your investment at any time and a much larger selection of assets than with the fixed-term staking.

Cloud Mining

Currently, XT.com supports cloud mining for three blockchains: Aleo, Swarm, and Filecoin.

Each cloud mining investment has a maximum amount users can invest, meaning each cloud mining option won’t always be available.

Xt.com Cloud Mining

The cloud mining investments also have a very long duration of 354-540 days, so it is a meaningful commitment if you participate.

Fees for cloud mining will carry between the three choices, with Aleo charging a 5% royalty fee and a 1% platform fee, Swarm charging 0% management fees, and Filecoin charging a 15% management fee.

The cloud mining earnings will also vary between the three choices, with daily earnings of around 0.26 USDT to about 3 USDT.

XT.com Crypto Loans

If you are interested in borrowing USDT, XT.com has a very user-friendly loan service with flexible terms.

Xt.com Crypto Loans

Users can stake (pledge) eight different crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, SOL, and even DOGE, with about a 50% loan-to-value ratio (LTV).

However, the LTV will vary slightly depending on the loan period and selected daily interest.

Loan periods can be 7, 15, 30, 90, or 180 days and daily interest can be anywhere from 0.055%-0.136%. 

The longer the term and the more daily interest you want, the more collateral you will have to post.

With all the above in mind, XT.com is an excellent platform for receiving collateralized loans that new and experienced users should be able to utilize.

XT.com NFTs

XT.com’s NFT marketplace is quite robust, with eight different collections supported through five blockchains: BSC, Solana, Ethereum, XSC, and Polygon.

Xt.com Nft

Users sifting through XT.com’s selection can also easily filter their NFT searches by collection, price, blockchain, new arrivals, and mystery box.

While XT.com’s NFT marketplace falls short of some of the most developed platforms like OpenSea or Nifty Gateway, it is still worth checking out and well ahead of most platforms (which usually don’t even support NFTs). 

How XT.com Compares to Competitors

Given XT.com’s uncanny resemblance to Binance in design and services, it makes sense for users to compare the two in their quest for a crypto platform.

As a trading platform, XT.com might as well be a copy-and-paste version of Binance. 

The key differences to highlight would be that Binance has even more markets, slightly lower trading fees (0.1%), and its spot exchange supports a few more order types.

Notwithstanding those differences, the two platforms are remarkably similar, with a very comparable professional trading experience. 

The difference in markets is also borderline negligible, given how many XT.com has, so the slight difference in fees and order types should be the focus.

The next service to compare is cloud mining, which certainly favors Binance as there are a few more options, including mainstream ones like Bitcoin, and the fees are a bit better at 2%-3%.

As for loans, both platforms are very similar, but Binance supports dozens of collateral and borrowing options, so users will have much more flexibility in what they pledge and receive.

Next, we have NFTs, which is perhaps the only area in which XT.com could be ahead. Binance has a very good NFT marketplace, but it doesn’t have all the same filtering options. 

That said, there seems to be a wider selection of NFTs on Binance, so it will certainly depend on your needs and preferences.  

The final point to make about this comparison is that Binance has more crypto services, such as crypto options, liquidity farming, and countless others that most platforms (like XT.com) do not.

Most users probably won’t need/use most of those other services, but it builds a strong case for using Binance unless you prefer a platform with a more manageable suite of services.

Conclusion: XT.com Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this xt.com review, we believe xt.com is an exceptional crypto trading and financial services platform.

Whether you trade spot or futures, XT.com has a nearly exhaustive list of assets, respectable trading fees, leverage options, and a beautiful interface.

There is always a strong case to use platforms like Binance over all others, given how extensive and professional all of its services are, but that shouldn’t be taken as an argument against XT.com’s strength.

Platforms like Binance can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with their endless features and services, so XT.com provides a slightly watered-down version of Binance that may be more digestible.

Just keep in mind that the services xt.com offers are undeniably great, so users shouldn’t feel as if they are sacrificing too much by opting for its platform over alternatives.

Whether you’re after a professional-grade cryptocurrency trading platform, looking to invest money through crypto staking services, or borrow crypto loans, there is a short list of platforms that are better than XT.com.

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