CoinCasso Review – Should You Use This Crypto Exchange?

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Coincasso Review

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CoinCasso Review

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CoinCasso is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Estonia. This platform allows users to swap, trade, store, and manage all of their crypto assets from one place. CoinCasso’s crypto exchange supports eighteen markets and includes charts powered by TradingView. Additionally, this exchange offers a wallet, apps, a Blockchain academy, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this crypto exchange by reading our complete CoinCasso review.


  • Low trading fees
  • Multiple order types


  • Limited number of supported assets
  • Apps and card payments not yet supported

About CoinCasso

CoinCasso is an Estonian-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can easily swap, trade, store, and manage their crypto assets.

Whether you want to buy and sell bitcoin, store bitcoin, or simply trade digital assets, CoinCasso’s custody-free cryptocurrency exchange and virtual currency wallet service make it a competitive option among centralized exchanges.

CoinCasso is still working on adding additional markets and features to its digital asset exchange in the future and is also building out a crypto apps section within its platform, which will include things like crypto trading games.

If you want to learn all about CoinCasso’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth CoinCasso review.

Coincasso Dashboard

CoinCasso Swap

The CoinCasso swap function allows users to buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and thirteen other crypto assets, making it a simple way to quickly exchange back and forth between any of your crypto holdings.

The swap interface is very barebones, with a basic, plain white order panel commonly seen among most crypto exchanges, and, given its simplicity, it is a very user-friendly way to trade cryptocurrency.

Coincasso Swap

The swap fees are also low at 0.25%, making CoinCasso a very affordable instant cryptocurrency exchange when compared to many of the other high-fee cryptocurrency exchanges. 

That said, CoinCasso’s small number of supported crypto assets will be something to consider when deciding between cryptocurrency exchanges.

CoinCasso Cryptocurrency Exchange

In addition to its swap function, CoinCasso also has a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform to cater to active traders.

The cryptocurrency exchange only supports eighteen markets, but it’s complete with charts powered by TradingView, all the usual order books, a market depth chart, and order panels with market, limit, stop-market, and stop-limit orders.

Coincasso Exchange

Keeping the above features in mind, trading crypto with CoinCasso should be comparable to most centralized exchanges and far exceed the capabilities of most decentralized exchanges.

The maker and taker trading fees for the CoinCasso exchange are the same as the swap trading fees, which is a competitive 0.25%, and the interface as a whole should prove to be more than satisfactory for traders.

The trading platform interface might appear a bit noisy at first glance, but aside from that, the only material drawback of the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange is the small number of supported markets.

CoinCasso Wallet

The CoinCasso wallet is much like your average cryptocurrency exchange wallet, with a list of all its supported assets and a separate section to toggle between any deposits, withdrawals, and previous transactions.

Coincasso Wallet

Much like the cryptocurrency exchange and swap features, the number of assets supported in the wallet is limited to about fifteen, plus two fiat currencies: the Euro and Polish Zloty. The wallet still supports most of the leading crypto assets, but it won’t be ideal for altcoin enthusiasts.

CoinCasso Apps (Long Short Game)

The “Long Short” “game is supposed to be available in CoinCasso’s app section, but the page is currently under maintenance and expected to be up and running sometime in Q3 of 2022, possibly with additional apps and games. 

Coincasso Apps

CoinCasso’s Long Short game is an application supported through CoinCasso via its partnership with RedBlackGreen.

The game is a way for users to earn money quickly (within two minutes) and is perhaps more accurately thought of as a casino game centered around crypto trading.

To play Long Short, you enter the amount you want to bid (the minimum amount is 25 USDT or 5 CCX (CoinCasso’s utility token), choose what asset you want to bet on: BTC, ETH, or LTC, choose a time: 5 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 120 sec, and then start the game by deciding if the price will go up (long) or go down (short).

Coincasso Long Short Game

Another interesting feature of the Long Short game is the affiliate program, where you can earn up to 1% from the platform profit generated by your invitees (as many as five levels down).

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, which means there is no limit to the amount of passive income you can get from referrals.

CoinCasso Blockchain Academy

The last feature of the CoinCasso platform worth diving into is its Blockchain Academy, which is ostensibly a blog and learning resource.

Coincasso Blockchain Academy

Here you’ll find tons of detailed and well-organized articles on various trading tips, crypto education, price predictions, and plenty more. CoinCasso even has its own newsletter it regularly adds to the news section.

There are dozens and dozens of articles to sift through in the Blockchain Academy if you are interested in learning more about crypto, trading, or the CoinCasso exchange, so we strongly recommend checking it out if you are newer to the space.

Conclusion: CoinCasso Review 

After carefully walking through all of its services for this CoinCasso review, we believe it’s a relatively average cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform suitable for casual traders.

The CoinCasso platform itself is very easy to use. It includes all the essential features a trader would hope to have: good charts, order books, different order types, low trading fees, etc. However, having a little over a dozen tradable assets is underwhelming, to say the least.

Traders focused on top assets like BTC and ETH shouldn’t have any issues, but there’s no reason to choose CoinCasso over other crypto exchanges like Binance or FTX, both of which have much more to offer than just a trading platform and have lower fees.

Also, as a side note, many other reviews frequently suggest CoinCasso is a place to “trade innovative cryptocurrency derivatives,” but there is currently no crypto derivatives exchange, bitcoin futures contract, or any other derivative you can buy and sell on the CoinCasso crypto exchange.

CoinCasso may add derivative products for some or all of the digital currencies it supports in the future, but it should be known that it is not currently a possibility nor suggested to be implemented in the near future by the CoinCasso team.

When it comes to CoinCasso’s services outside its crypto exchange, we wish there were more to say, but the company is clearly in the process of rolling out additional features.

It’s possible apps like the Long Short game make CoinCasso a much more appealing option when they’re finally up and running, but until then, the platform is relying on its still-developing cryptocurrency exchange and swap functionality.

The learning resources CoinCasso offers via its Blockchain Academy could make the platform more appealing in the meantime, but that remains a hard sell when nearly every other cryptocurrency trading platform provides much of the same.

In summary, CoinCasso is a decent trading platform, but it has a lot to prove over the coming months as it adds more products and services, so you’re probably better off exploring an alternative cryptocurrency exchange platform until that day.

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