TrendSpider Review – Is This Technical Analysis Platform Worth Using?

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Trendspider Review

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TrendSpider Review

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In search of a new analysis platform? TrendSpider is an advanced technical analysis platform designed to support chartists. This platform includes automated trendline/candlestick analysis, chart-based alerts, multi-timeframe analysis, technical charting, raindrop charts, and more. Learn more about this technical analysis platform by reading our complete TrendSpider review.


  • 150+ customizable technical indicators
  • Raindrop charts offer insight into volume within price intervals
  • Automated trendline, candlestick, and Fibonacci analysis
  • Analyze multiple timeframes on a single chart
  • Trendline- and indicator-based alerts


  • Not compatible with any brokerage accounts

About TrendSpider

TrendSpider is an advanced technical analysis platform designed for chartists. It supports a wide range of features, including automated trendline and candlestick pattern analysis, chart-based alerts, and multi-timeframe analysis. TrendSpider is extremely flexible and offers strategy backtesting to help you refine your trading strategy.

In our TrendSpider review, we’ll cover everything this automated technical analysis software is capable of and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Trendspider Homepage

TrendSpider Pricing Options

TrendSpider offers three pricing tiers: Premium, Elite, and Advanced.

Trendspider Pricing

The Premium tier costs $44 per month or $397 per year. It includes access to most of TrendSpider’s features, but leaves out advanced multi-factor alerts and strategy backtesting. 

The Elite tier costs $87 per month or $697 per year. It adds multi-factor alerts and backtesting and supports up to 100 open alerts and 4 workspaces to display multiple charts. Alerts expire in 30 days.

The Advanced tier costs $131 per month or $897 per year. There are no major feature upgrades from the Elite tier, but it includes 250 open alerts and 6 workspaces. Alerts expire in 90 days.

You can try out any TrendSpider plan free for 7 days.

TrendSpider Features

Technical Charting

Technical charting is at the heart of TrendSpider’s software. The charting platform is clean, modern, and extremely flexible. You can choose from line charts, candlestick charts, and Heikin-Ashi charts, as well as TrendSpider’s custom “raindrop” charts. The minimum chart timeframe is 1 minute, and you can display up to 4 charts in a single workspace.

Trendspider Charting

TrendSpider’s charting software includes 152 built-in indicators, all of which are fully customizable. You can modify everything from how popular indicators are calculated to their color and stroke on your charts. Helpfully, for indicators like RSI and MACD, you can even choose different colors for different indicator conditions (e.g., an oversold RSI can be green, and overbought can be red).

Trendspider Indicators

Raindrop Charts

One of the unique features that TrendSpider offers is raindrop charts. In a raindrop bar, the bar height represents the high and low during the price interval. The left side of the bar represents volume at each price level across the bar during the first half of the interval, and the right side of the bar represents volume at each price level during the second half.

So, you can use raindrop charts to see how volume and price are changing within a single price interval. That’s incredibly valuable for active traders, who can use raindrop charts to see whether a breakout or other price movement is gaining or losing strength in real time. Just keep in mind that raindrop charts have a bit of a learning curve.

Trendspider Raindrop Chart

Automated Technical Analysis

TrendSpider can plot trendlines, Fibonacci retracements, and candlestick patterns automatically on your charts.

For automated trendline detection, TrendSpider offers three calculation options: original, enhanced, and standard. The original and standard methods produce similar results, and the automated trendlines are mostly what you’d expect if you were to draw them by hand. The enhanced method produces far more secondary trendlines, which can be useful for spotting subtle support and resistance lines. TrendSpider also enables you to select whether you want to see only the most relevant trendlines or all detected trendlines.

Trendspider Automated Analysis

There are no customization options when applying automated Fibonacci retracements, which makes this feature very simple to use.

TrendSpider has a database of more than 100 different candlestick patterns, including popular patterns like hammers, bullish and bearish engulfings, morning and evening stars, and dojis. You can select any number of candlestick patterns to highlight, and TrendSpider will automatically annotate them on your charts.

All of these automated charting tools can be applied to any timeframe. You can toggle automated annotations as well as your own indicators on or off easily.

Multi-timeframe Analysis

TrendSpider also supports multi-timeframe analysis on a single chart. With multi-timeframe analysis, you can pick primary and secondary chart intervals. TrendSpider will chart your primary interval, but it can then display trendlines and technical indicators for both timeframes on your primary chart.

This can be a little confusing since your charts get busy quickly. However, it’s a good option for comparing indicators like moving averages or RSI over different timeframes, especially on intraday charts.

Trendspider Multi-Timeframe


TrendSpider has some of the best technical alerts of any trading platform we’ve tested. You can set up dynamic price alerts from scratch or by clicking on any technical indicator or trendline on your chart.

If you choose a trendline as the basis for your alert, you can get automated alerts when the price breaks through the trendline, touches it but doesn’t break through, or bounces off. You get to choose how sensitive the alert is and whether it should expire after a set amount of time or after being triggered a certain number of times.

Trendspider Trendline Alert

TrendSpider also lets you set up more complex multi-factor alerts. These custom alerts let you choose from any of the indicators or candlestick patterns available in TrendSpider to create sets of conditions linked by logical operators. You can save any multi-factor alert as a template to re-use it later.

Trendspider Multi-Factor Alert

Alerts can be delivered by notification, email, or text message.

Market Scanner

TrendSpider also includes a powerful technical-based market scanner with more than 50 built-in screens. You can build scans using the same set of indicators and candlestick patterns available for alerts, making the scanner extremely customizable. In addition, if you have saved alerts, you can load the conditions for that alert into the stock scanner and vice versa.

TrendSpider market scanner results are displayed as a simple list of tickers, but clicking on any ticker will open a chart window so you can quickly investigate your results further.

Trendspider Stock Scanner

Strategy Backtesting

TrendSpider has a strategy backtesting tool that allows you to evaluate how your trading strategies would have performed over historical price data. You can build entry and exit conditions using any combination of indicators and candlestick patterns, including saved conditions for alerts or the stock scanner.

Trendspider Backtesting

TrendSpider Platform Differentiators

TrendSpider is one of the most flexible and powerful technical charting platforms we’ve tested. It offers an impressive degree of control over your charting window, indicators, and alerts. The trendline-based alerts are especially useful because they make it easy to stay on top of breakouts and breakdowns.

TrendSpider’s automated trendline analysis, candlestick pattern recognition, and Fibonacci retracements are also unique to this platform. You have a fair degree of control over how trendlines are detected and displayed. In addition, multi-timeframe analysis allows you to compare trendlines and indicators across different timeframes on a single chart.

The only notable thing missing from TrendSpider is brokerage compatibility. TrendSpider is not compatible with any brokerage accounts, which can be a drawback for day traders who want to be able to act on signals from TrendSpider as quickly as possible.

What Type of Trader is TrendSpider Best For?

TrendSpider is designed for advanced traders in search of a solid technical analysis platform. The technical analysis tools included in this platform are hard to beat, especially if you can incorporate automated trendline analysis and advanced chart-based alerts into your trading strategies. 

For the price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive and user-friendly trading platform than TrendSpider. It’s designed to set you up for successful stock market trading and can go a long way towards helping active stock traders identify trading opportunities.

While our TrendSpider review focused on stock trading, it’s worth noting that TrendSpider also supports cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, and futures.

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