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Marketclub Review

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INO MarketClub Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Value
  • Quality


INO MarketClub is a technical analysis platform designed for swing and momentum traders. This platform issues buy and sell signals for swing traders and makes use of trading triangles to highlight worthy opportunities. Additionally, INO MarketClub includes a market scanner, alerts, and more. Learn more about this platform by reading our thorough INO MarketClub review.


  • Trade triangles are easy to understand and interpret
  • Momentum scores for stocks, forex, futures, and more
  • Includes basic charting tools alongside trade triangles
  • Pre-made scans and portfolio-based alerts
  • 30-day trial for $1


  • Limited charting capabilities and customizations
  • Cannot create custom scans

About INO MarketClub

INO MarketClub is a technical analysis platform that issues buy and sell signals for swing traders. The platform uses what it calls trade triangles to highlight trading opportunities within broader price movements. 

INO MarketClub’s trading system requires some practice, and you’ll need to do your own analysis to decide which trade triangles to act on. However, it offers powerful trading tools for new swing traders and momentum traders who need assistance knowing when to get in and out of trades.

So, can this platform help you make money trading stocks? In our INO MarketClub review, we’ll explain how this proprietary trading software works and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Ino Marketclub Homepage

INO MarketClub Pricing Options

INO MarketClub costs $150 per quarter or $449 per year. You can try out the platform for 30 days for $1.

INO MarketClub also offers an options trading service, MarketClub Options, that includes MarketClub for $499 per year.

INO MarketClub Features

Trade Triangles

INO MarketClub’s trading system is built on buy and sell signals that it calls trade triangle technology. Each trade triangle is a green (buy signal) or red (sell signal) triangle that appears over a stock chart. The triangles are meant to provide information about price trends, and they take into account price change, moving averages, and new highs and lows. Trade triangles are issued on daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes, giving you information about short-, medium-, and long-term price trends.

Ino Marketclub Trade Triangles

INO MarketClub recommends that medium-term and long-term technical traders – including most stock and ETF traders – focus on weekly and monthly trade triangles. You can use the latest monthly triangle to determine whether the long-term trend is bullish or bearish, then trade on weekly triangles when they point in the same direction as the long-term trend.

For trading the forex, futures, and options markets, INO MarketClub recommends using daily and weekly trade triangles to guide trades.

INO MarketClub claims that its trade triangles are a market proven analysis. The platform’s website gives examples of profitable trades that its trading tools predicted, but there is no way to calculate the overall performance of INO MarketClub’s system.

For every stock chart, INO MarketClub has a summary box that shows whether the latest daily, weekly, and monthly trade triangles are bullish or bearish. The summary also indicates the price levels at which these latest trade triangles were issued, and presents a score from –100 to +100 to indicate how bullish or bearish a stock’s momentum is.

INO MarketClub’s charting software isn’t meant to replace a dedicated technical analysis platform, but they do enable you to add basic technical indicators so you can analyze trade triangles in context. Available indicators include moving averages, Bollinger Bands, PSAR, regression channels, stochastics, MACD, and RSI.

Ino Marketclub Charting

Smart Scan

INO MarketClub’s platform includes a market scanner for stocks and ETFs, forex, futures, and mutual funds. The scanner offers 24 built-in scans that help you find stocks that are experiencing strong directional movements. Some of the available stock scans look for stocks that are hitting new highs or lows or stocks that have high or low momentum scores in INO MarketClub.

Ino Marketclub Scanner

You can filter the results based on volume and price, but that’s it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to separate stocks and ETFs in your results when scanning for equities. Scan results can be displayed in a list or as miniature candlestick charts.


INO MarketClub supports alerts for any stocks or other symbols in your portfolio. You can choose to receive alerts when new trade triangles are issued, when a stock hits a new high or low, or when there’s a price breakout above or below a specified level.

The platform also keeps an up-to-date list of symbols across all financial markets for which new trade triangles have been issued during the current day. You can filter this list by market, volume, and momentum score, making it very useful for finding potential trades.

Ino Marketclub New Triangles

Customization and Layout

INO MarketClub lets you create an unlimited number of portfolios containing stocks, ETFs, forex, futures, and mutual funds. You can also export data for any symbol, including price data and trade triangle data, to Excel.

INO MarketClub is missing a few customization options we’d like to see. For example, there’s no way to save chart layouts.

INO MarketClub Platform Differentiators

INO MarketClub offers simple entry and exit signals for swing traders and active investors. The trade triangle system is surprisingly easy to follow, which makes it worthwhile to quickly check INO MarketClub’s data before making any trade. Helpfully, the platform covers not only the stock market, but also the forex and futures markets.

Notably, INO MarketClub isn’t a stock picking service like GorillaTrades. You have to do your own analysis to determine which trade triangles to act on, and you need to be willing to use the smart scanner to find the best setups. Traders will likely need more in-depth stock market tools, including scanners like FinViz or StockRover, to find momentum trades that are supported by other indicators in addition to INO MarketClub trade triangles. 

INO MarketClub is also differentiated from services like Zacks Premium in that it doesn’t consider fundamental analysis at all. The platform’s analysis is entirely rooted in technical analysis, and active investors should keep that in mind.

What Type of Trader is INO MarketClub Best For?

INO MarketClub is best for swing traders, momentum traders, and active investors. The platform is ideally suited for traders who feel comfortable with technical analysis and identifying trading setups, but who want assistance finding the best entry and exit points for trades. That said, INO MarketClub can also be used by more advanced traders. It’s very reasonably priced, so many traders might like having this service simply for reality-checking trades that you identify through your primary charting platform.

INO MarketClub can also help generate trade ideas through its scanner and alerts. However, if finding trading opportunities is your primary goal, you may be better suited with a dedicated stock scanner.

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