Simply Wall St Review – What Sets This Stock Researcher Apart?

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Simply Wall St Review

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Simply Wall St is a stock research platform that visualizes fundamental data. It’s designed to be a great resource for long-term investors who wish to comprehend the underlying principles of the businesses they invest in. Simply Wall St includes snowflake diagrams and fair value estimates, making decision-making much easier when comparing two peer companies. Is this a helpful platform for you? Find out in our detailed Simply Wall St review.


  • Excellent visualizations of fundamental stock data
  • Peer analysis built into every company report
  • Screen stocks based on five factor ratings
  • Dozens of investment idea lists
  • 7-day free trial


  • No tools for doing your own financial analysis
  • All ratings are automated, not based on analyst research

Simply Wall St is a stock research platform that offers unique visualizations of fundamental data. It’s an excellent tool for long-term investors who want to understand the fundamentals behind the companies they’re investing in. A stock screener and lists of investment ideas also make Simply Wall St valuable for finding new stocks for your portfolio.

Simply Wall St Homepage

In our Simply Wall St review, we’ll cover everything this research platform can do and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Simply Wall St Pricing Options

Simply Wall St offers three plans: Free, Premium, and Unlimited.

Simply Wall St Pricing

The Free plan offers five stock reports and five portfolio reports per month. You can only have one portfolio.

The Premium plan costs $120 per year and offers 30 stock reports and 30 portfolio reports per month. You can have an unlimited number of portfolios and you also get access to the Simply Wall St stock screener.

The Unlimited plan costs $240 per year and comes with unlimited stock reports and portfolio reports. You can also export data to Excel.

You can try out the Premium plan for 7 days with no credit card required. The Premium and Unlimited plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Simply Wall St Features

Market Dashboards

Simply Wall St covers more than 75,000 stocks across 27 global markets. A personalized dashboard offers a quick rundown of your portfolio’s performance, top gainers and losers, top-performing industries, and top-performing countries. You can also see news and updates, including upcoming earnings releases and ex-dividend dates, for stocks in your portfolios or watchlists.

A second dashboard lets you dig into these market-wide stats more deeply, with bullet-point analysis of what’s going on in each market that Simply Wall St tracks. The platform also offers in-depth weekly articles written by Simply Wall St analysts that break down market-wide trends. These articles are broadly focused on major economic events, investor sentiment, and the fundamentals of mega-cap companies.

Stock Reports

Simply Wall St offers detailed stock reports that are packed with financial data and handy visualizations.

The first thing you’ll see when you open a company report is the snowflake analysis, which offers a visual grading of a stock based on 5 factors: valuation, future growth, past performance, financial health, and dividend. Next to the snowflake is essentially a pros and cons list that highlights a company’s positive and negative fundamental attributes.

Simply Wall St Snowflake Analysis

The rest of the company report is divided into sections for each of the factors in the snowflake analysis, plus additional sections for management and ownership. The reports do an excellent job of using visualizations and color-coding to draw attention to the fundamental factors that matter about a company. Simply Wall St’s reports also build in peer analysis throughout, enabling you to quickly see how a company’s financial ratios, performance, and more compares to similar companies.

Simply Wall St Research Report

It’s important to note that Simply Wall St also calculates a fair value for each stock it analyzes. This fair value estimate is used throughout the platform to offer an estimate of the potential return for each stock. You can also see how analyst price targets have changed over time.

Simply Wall St Analysis Ratings

While we much prefer the visualizations that Simply Wall St offers to traditional financial data tables, it’s worth pointing out that the platform doesn’t offer complete balance sheets, cash flow statements, or income statements. Unlimited plan subscribers can export this data to Excel, but Simply Wall St isn’t designed to facilitate doing your own financial modeling.

Stock Screener

Simply Wall St’s stock screener is unique in that you can find stocks based on the platform’s snowflake analysis. Simply drag the five points of the snowflake to set thresholds for value, growth, performance, financial health, and dividend ratio. Even better, the screener results display the snowflake diagram for each of the stocks that pass your screen, so you can quickly decide which companies to research further.

Simply Wall St Stock Screener

In addition to filtering based on the snowflake analysis factors, you can filter stocks based on market, industry, market cap, price relative to fair value, P/E ratio, debt to equity, dividend yield, and more. Simply Wall St’s screener doesn’t offer nearly as many fundamental filters as screeners from Stock Rover or FinViz, but it doesn’t feel limiting at all.  

Investing Ideas

Simply Wall St offers dozens of stock lists for different themes that investors might be interested in. The lists are pretty diverse, covering everything from top stock picks of US Congress members to green energy stocks to “established, profitable and undervalued” stocks. If you’re looking for inspiration for new investments or base conditions for a new stock screen, you’ll find plenty of ideas in these lists.

Simply Wall St Investing Ideas

Simply Wall St also keeps track of the portfolio of 19 famous investors and major investment firms. The selection includes ARK Investment Management, Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett, and Ray Dalio. You can pull up a portfolio analysis for any of these investors’ portfolios. 

Portfolio Reports

Portfolio reports resemble Simply Wall St’s stock reports, but they focus on a whole portfolio instead of an individual stock.

Simply Wall St Portfolio Report

You can see snowflake diagrams for all of the companies in the portfolio, along with an overall snowflake analysis for the portfolio. A variety of visualizations break down which stocks are contributing to the portfolio’s gain or loss, how diversified the portfolio is across industries, and the expected future growth of the portfolio based on the average expected growth of its holdings.

Customization and Layout

Simply Wall St offers a few basic, but helpful customization options. You can set up portfolios and watchlists. Portfolios can be created manually or you can sync your portfolio from your brokerage account. You can also save custom screens.

Simply Wall St Platform Differentiators

Simply Wall St takes a visual approach to stock research reports. The platform offers a wide range of colorful and easy to interpret visualizations for financial data and forecasts. These visualizations don’t offer the same level of detail as traditional data tables, but they’re a lot easier to look at and you can learn a fair amount about a company in a short amount of time.

The visualization that stands out most is the snowflake analysis diagram. Snowflake diagrams are central to Simply Wall St and they’re a really effective alternative to assigning numeric factor scores to stocks like Zacks and other investment research platforms do. Being able to screen stocks based on snowflake diagrams is a neat feature that makes it easier to decide what stocks to investigate further.

While fundamental investors can learn a lot from Simply Wall St’s company reports, all of the data and ratings that go into them are automated. The reports don’t include narratives from stock analysts, like the stock reports available from Morningstar Premium or Zacks Premium. So, investors should be somewhat cautious interpreting favorable stock ratings and fair value estimates from Simply Wall St.

What Type of Trader is Simply Wall St Best For?

Simply Wall St is a great tool for long-term fundamental investors who want a straightforward way to decide what stocks to invest in. The platform puts quite a bit of fundamental data into visualizations that are easy to interpret and easy to compare across stocks. The snowflake diagrams and fair value estimates, in particular, make decision-making much easier when comparing two peer companies.

Simply Wall St isn’t a stock picking service like The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor. However, the investment ideas lists and stock screener are very helpful for developing a shortlist of stocks to consider investing in. Just keep in mind that the analyses are automated, so Simply Wall St isn’t a substitute for recommendations from an experienced team of stock analysts.

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