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Itrustcapital Review

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iTrustCapital Review

  • Interface
  • Trading
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iTrustCapital is a crypto IRA service based in California. This platform allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and precious metals directly through various IRA accounts. iTrustCapital features an intuitive trading interface that supports over 30 assets and includes the ability to create watchlists along with other tools. Learn everything you need to know about this crypto IRA service by reading our complete iTrustCapital review.


  • No hidden or monthly fees
  • Incredibly user-friendly
  • Only $1,000 minimum to get started
  • IRA tax advantages
  • Supports Roth IRA and IRA account
  • Supports gold and silver


  • Fewer supported assets than other IRA platforms
  • Slightly less insurance than top competitors

About iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital is a California-based digital asset IRA platform that lets clients directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies and precious metals like physical gold and silver in real-time through their Roth IRA, Sep IRA, or traditional IRA accounts.

By investing/trading through a tax-advantaged retirement account, clients can avoid the headache of dealing with capital gains or the cost to their retirement portfolio that follows.

Customers can opt to transfer an existing IRA account, including a Sep/Roth IRA, or simply start a new self-directed IRA account to trade 24/7 with unlimited asset storage.

iTrustCapital is also fully regulated and includes all necessary IRS/tax reporting.

If you want to learn all about iTrustCapital’s services and whether or not its IRA account is right for you, stick around for this in-depth iTrustCapital review.

Itrustcapital Dashboard

Funding Your iTrustCapital Crypto IRA

There are three ways you can fund your iTrustCapital account: transfer a preexisting IRA account, roll over an employer plan, or with a cash contribution.

iTrustCapital is, unfortunately, not able to fund your account with crypto unless it’s coming from another crypto IRA.

However, once your account is funded, you can purchase crypto directly from the iTrustCapital platform.

A major advantage of iTrustCapital is that it only requires a minimum of $1,000 to start investing, which is orders of magnitude better than a crypto IRA platform like CoinIRA ($20,000 minimum).

IRA Account Trading

iTrustCapital supports over 30 assets, including bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, solana, gold, and silver.

Itrustcapital Assets

While 31 supported assets is likely more than enough for most IRA investors, it is considerably less than an alternative crypto IRA like BitcoinIRA.

However, most crypto IRA investors probably won’t be concerned with any assets beyond the top 5 cryptos, gold, and silver, so that is hardly a deal breaker. 

In terms of the actual trading, the iTrustCapital interface is extremely intuitive and will allow you to place both market and conditional orders.

Itrustcapital Trading

If you click on an asset, you will be taken to a line chart with timeframes ranging from one day to five years, so it won’t be useful for active trading, but it can still serve as a helpful visual reference for passive investors.

Itrustcapital Asset Chart

All transactions placed on iTrustCapital settle in no more than a couple of minutes, so you’ll be able to buy and sell any of the supported assets instantly 24/7/365.

iTrustCapital also lets you create your own watchlist to easily track your favorite assets directly from the dashboard.

iTrustCapital Pricing

When it comes to pricing, iTrustCapital is quite reasonable relative to other crypto IRA accounts, but it’s certainly more expensive than the average crypto exchange.

Unlike many crypto IRA platforms, iTrustCapital doesn’t charge any monthly fees, maintenance fees, custodian fees, or any other hidden fees.

iTrustCapital does, however, charge a 1% cryptocurrency transaction fee for every purchase, which isn’t going to break your bank, but it’s double the cost of even the most expensive crypto exchanges like Coinbase (0.50%).

In addition to the crypto transaction fees, iTrustCapital charges a $50 transaction fee per ounce of gold and a $2.50 transaction fee per ounce of silver.

All that being said, iTrustCapital is still one of the most affordable crypto IRA options. 

Many crypto IRA platforms (like BitcoinIRA) charge a percentage of whatever you add to your account, which could be thousands of dollars if you have a large contribution, so iTrustCapital’s fee structure is much more agreeable.

iTrustCapital Security

When it comes to your retirement accounts, security is of the utmost importance, especially as you build your account value and prepare for retirement.

A traditional IRA account will generally have FDIC (federal deposit insurance corporation) insurance, but a cryptocurrency IRA broker does not yet fall under the purview of the FDIC.

That doesn’t mean crypto retirement accounts or an iTrustCapital IRA account don’t have insurance, but the extent to which they are covered is up to the individual crypto IRA.

While iTrustCapital is by no means an insecure platform, it doesn’t quite measure up to some of its major crypto IRA competitors.

For example, BitcoinIRA has insurance on up to $700 million worth of assets, whereas iTrustCapital only has insurance on up to $362 million.

Realistically, that difference probably won’t matter, but it’s still worth considering when you’re talking about the safety of your retirement account.

That said, iTrustCapital still utilizes 2-factor authentication, institutional-grade cold storage for assets, and undergoes regular security and financial audits.

The likelihood of funds stored with iTrustCapital being hacked, stolen, or lost is certainly minimal, and its insurance would likely cover any lost funds, but there are platforms with more insurance if that is important to you.

iTrustCapital Customer Support

One of the best features of the iTrustCapital platform is the support videos they have on their website.

Itrustcapital Customer Support Videos

Whether you want to learn how to transfer an existing IRA account or how to place orders, iTrustCapital has five well-crafted videos covering all the basics.

The platform isn’t too complicated, so the videos cover most of what you need, but you can also contact support directly via phone if you still have questions.

And if that isn’t enough, iTrustCapital has a beautifully designed support center with just about everything you would need to know about its platform.

Itrustcapital Customer Support Center

Conclusion: iTrustCapital Review 

After walking through all of its services for this iTrustCapital review, we believe iTrustCapital is an excellent crypto IRA candidate.

Aside from its beautiful and easy-to-use interface, its low minimum starting investment of $1,000 and customer support system make it incredibly beginner friendly.

For anyone just getting started with a retirement account, there’s a good chance you don’t have $20,000 to add right away, so an iTrustCapital account is going to be one of the best options for early investors.

Another key advantage iTrustCapital has over most competitors is its fee structure. 

So many crypto IRAs charge percentage-based fees in addition to numerous service/custody/maintenance or what have you fees, so iTrustCapital will be a more affordable option.

The 1% crypto transaction fee iTrustCapital charges is high compared to crypto exchanges, but it’s actually reasonable compared to other IRA platforms that can change up to double-digit transaction fees on top of any monthly fee.

The only real drawbacks to iTrustCapital are the number of assets, which is hardly a sacrifice given it’s still over 30, and its insurance, which isn’t quite as extensive as some of the other crypto IRA accounts out there.

However, the platform includes all the major crypto investments as well as gold and silver, is still incredibly safe, and has millions of dollars worth of insurance.

Keeping all the above in mind, we would highly recommend an iTrustCapital account to anyone interested in a crypto IRA and the tax advantages that accompany it. 

It’s affordable, extremely user-friendly, and incredibly easy to get started. 

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