CoinTiger Review – Should You Use This Crypto Exchange?

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Cointiger Review

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CoinTiger Review

  • Fiat-to-Crypto Purchases
  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Staking Pools


CoinTiger is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange designed to make it easy to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets. This exchange features both a basic interface and advanced interface as well as low trading fees, support for hundreds of trading pairs, futures contracts, staking pools, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency exchange by reading our complete CoinTiger review.


  • Low trading fees
  • Hundreds of trading pairs
  • Excellent spot and futures trading
  • Reasonable withdrawal fees
  • No crypto deposit fees


  • Limited number of stake-able assets
  • Suspiciously high yields
  • Expensive fiat-to-crypto purchases

CoinTiger is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore where users can easily buy, sell, and trade hundreds of crypto assets with exceptionally low trading fees.

CoinTiger also supports derivatives trading via futures contracts and interest-earning opportunities through crypto staking.

Unlike many cryptocurrency exchanges with concerningly low trading volumes, CoinTiger is a high-volume trading platform with a reported 24h volume of $362,508,956.

To ensure the safety of funds, CoinTiger has recently partnered with John Wick Security Lab, a well-known security agency in the industry, which focuses on exchange security, smart contract security, and wallet security.

If you want to learn all about CoinTiger’s services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth CoinTiger review.

Buying Crypto with CoinTiger

Like many platforms, CoinTiger has a “Buy Crypto’ tab to quickly make a crypto purchase via fiat currency.

The CoinTiger exchange supports nearly three dozen fiat currencies, which is an order of magnitude more fiat currencies than the average crypto exchange, but it only allows fiat currencies to be exchanged for BTC, ETH, or USDT.

As far as payment options, CoinTiger supports wire transfers, ACH transfers, SWIFT payments, SEPA, Apple Pay, credit card, and Union Pay.

Cointiger Buy Crypto

Depending on the payment method, fees can range from around 5% to 10%, making it a bit on the expensive side in terms of fiat-to-crypto exchanges.

CoinTiger Crypto Exchange

The CoinTiger exchange supports hundreds of different trading pairs, putting it well ahead of exchanges like Coinbase but still behind the likes of Binance.

The vast majority of CoinTiger’s markets are paired with USDT, but it has a few dozen BTC markets and a handful of USDC, BUSD, and fiat pairs as well.

It would be nice to see more pairs with some of the other stablecoins listed on the CoinTiger exchange, but there are still countless trading options, and most traders will be fine sticking to USDT.

CoinTiger Crypto Trading

The CoinTiger exchange has two different trading interfaces: a basic interface and an advanced interface; however, the basic interface hardly makes it an entry-level exchange.

Cointiger Exchange (Basic)

The only differences between the two interfaces are the latter has a slightly different layout, a bigger chart, and a larger order book.

Cointiger Exchange (Advanced)

In both layouts, the charts are powered by TradingView, and traders will have the option of limit, market, or stop-limit orders.

Overall, both of the CoinTiger trading interfaces are aesthetic, well designed, and should prove to be an excellent cryptocurrency exchange for all varieties of crypto traders. 

CoinTiger Futures Contracts

CoinTiger has about 150 USDT futures markets and six USD futures markets, making it comparable to crypto exchanges like BingX but less extensive than developed derivates platforms like Binance or KuCoin.

The futures trading interface is just like the spot trading interface, so traders will benefit from the same user-friendly aesthetic and layout.  

Cointiger Futures

If you are a futures trader, CoinTiger will definitely be a great option to consider.

CoinTiger Trading Fees

When it comes to trading fees, the CoinTiger exchange is very competitive, with a 0.15% taker fee and a 0.08% maker fee.

Compared to major crypto exchanges like, Gemini, and countless other crypto exchanges, the CoinTiger trading fees are incredibly appealing.

Much like its spot trading fees, the futures trading fees for CoinTiger are also very competitive at 0.07% for takers and 0.03% for makers.

As for the CoinTiger withdrawal fees, CoinTiger charges a very reasonable 0.0005 BTC and 5 USDT. 

The CoinTiger withdrawal fees may not be as appealing as platforms like FTX, which largely waives such fees, but its withdrawal fees are still quite affordable.

Last, there are no deposit fees on CoinTiger (unless you are paying for crypto with fiat, in which case you are charged a 4.5% t0 10% fee.

CoinTiger Staking Pools

The CoinTiger pool provides staking services for a handful of crypto assets so investors can earn interest on their investments.

While CoinTiger says it offers Monthly Yield Growth (MYG) staking options with increasing returns, all the available options are currently fixed rates.

At the moment, CoinTiger has just over 20 staking options with yields ranging from 10% to over 400%, which is a scam-exchange high number.

Cointiger Pool

The staking durations are 30 days, and the stake-able assets are all obscure altcoins most people will be unfamiliar with (excluding Dogecoin), which could pose liquidity/trading volume concerns.

It’s a shame more popular crypto assets are not supported, but the interest CoinTiger offers is exceptionally high (some might even say suspiciously high), and the lockup period isn’t excessively restrictive.

The CoinTiger pool probably won’t be a service most investors turn to, but traders and altcoin enthusiasts will have a hard time resisting the yields.

However, given the returns are so high and the supported assets are very under-the-radar altcoins, any investor should certainly proceed with caution and possibly pursue another crypto exchange for investing.

Conclusion: CoinTiger Review 

After walking through all of its services for this CoinTiger review, we believe it is a great trading platform, but it has underwhelming investing opportunities.

As an exchange, CoinTiger has very low trading fees, hundreds of supported trading pairs, and an above-average trading interface, so it will be a good option for active traders to consider.

However, CoinTiger is far from an entry-level exchange if you are looking for something a bit simpler or are new to digital currencies.

The CoinTiger futures market is also very developed with an exceptional interface, so whether you trade spot or derivatives, CoinTiger is certainly a worthwhile trading platform to consider.

That said, there isn’t much else to the CoinTiger platform. The CoinTiger staking pool is decent, but the assets are so unknown and speculative that it’s hard to trust them as investments.

Even if they were more trustworthy assets, the returns are way too high to be sustainable, so it seems unwise to participate in any of the pools with money you aren’t fully prepared to lose.

Bearing all this in mind, we believe CoinTiger is an excellent platform for traders. It may not be the best cryptocurrency exchange out there, but it is extremely respectable, and traders will not feel like they are settling one bit.

CoinTiger won’t be the go-to platform for interest-earning or anything beyond trading, but it still deserves to be a strong consideration for those whose focus is on spot or futures trading.

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