Bitget Review – Does This Crypto Platform Measure Up?

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Bitget Review

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Bitget Review

  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Mobile App
  • Fees
  • Customer Support


In the market for a new crypto platform? Bitget is a centralized crypto trading platform based out of Singapore. This platform gives users the ability to buy crypto as well as access to spot trading, futures, copy trading, and more. Learn more about this crypto platform before you dive in by reading our complete Bitget review now.


  • Excellent trading interface
  • Trading simulators
  • Copy trading
  • Low fees


  • Poor support center

About Bitget

Bitget is a Singapore-based crypto platform offering a number of services, including spot, futures, and copy trading. Being that it is a centralized exchange, there are strict KYC/AML verification rules to use their services, but they remain open to users all around the world.

Bitget Market

The market section is a standard section of platforms where you can find the latest crypto prices and view statistics like volume outside of the trading sections, and Bitget’s pretty much looks like the rest of them—nothing good, bad, or particularly special, just standard. You can easily toggle between both spot and futures as well as a number of subcategories to see any, and all the markets they support, and each asset/pair is only one click away from trading.

Bitget Market

Buy Crypto

Despite mostly catering to trading, Bitget does support credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for crypto purchases. At the moment, you can only purchase BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT with any of the above methods, but you can always use one of those assets to trade for another one not listed if need be.

Bitget Buy Crypto

Spot Trading

The trading section of the platform is where Bitget begins to separate itself from the herd with an exceptional interface quite similar to layouts like Binance and MEXC. With charts powered by TradingView, multiple layouts you can toggle between, and a wide range of order types including market, limit, GTC, Post only, IOC, and FOK, it’s a platform well suited for traders. The only critique I would offer is the absence of a favorites list in the markets panel. They have a search bar and several subcategories that make navigating the markets easy, but with so many pairs to choose from, a favorites section would be very useful. Nevertheless, it’s an exceptional trading interface. 

Bitget Spot Trading

As for assets, Bitget supports spot trading for over 130 pairs, including many assets paired with BTC and ETH. Aside from the BTC and ETH pairs, everything is paired with USDT. They do have USDC/USDT and UST/USDT markets to make swaps, but you’ll have to use USDT for most of your trading. This is by no means a serious concern, but it’s nice to have more stablecoin options for trading.


Bitget also has a very robust derivatives market supporting futures trading for 50 USDT markets and eight USD markets with demo/simulation trading for both categories. The actual interface is mostly the same as the spot trading, but unfortunately, there aren’t any options for changing the layout. And while there are plenty of markets and probably more than enough for the average trader, they don’t have quite as many contracts/markets as competitors like BingX or Binance if you are looking to trade more obscure assets. That said, they offer up to 125x leverage, which is on the high end and notably more than brokers like BingX (100x) or FTX (20x), though it’s not generally recommended to use such extreme amounts of leverage. In any case, Bitget has a very respectable futures market worthy of consideration, especially if you’d like to take advantage of their demo trading.

Bitget Futures

Copy Trade

A very cool feature included in the Bitget platform is their copy trading, which is extremely similar to the Bexplus copy trading. The whole section functions like a social media platform where you can follow various traders, view their stats and trades, and choose to copy their trades if you so desire. If you do decide to copy their trades, you have the option to outline specific parameters like markets you do and do not want to trade, your position and margin levels, and any stop-loss/take profit ratios you want to adhere to (and following the trader for any of these parameters is always an option as well). If you want to take the copying to the next level, you can go to the advanced section where you’ll be able to outline all the above parameters for each specific market, which is very unique. The main caveat to the copy trading is there is a profit share ratio that will go to the trader whose trades you are copying, but it’s usually less than 10% and probably worth it if they’re making you money.

Bitget Copy Trading

Bitget Mobile App

For anyone interested in trading on-the-go, Bitget has a great mobile app that supports all the same features as its desktop counterpart.

Bitget Mobile App

Everything is neatly and intuitively organized, and the charts/order panels are about as clean as they can be on a mobile device, so anyone looking to trade away from their computer actively will be very pleased. If you end up joining Bitget’s platform, the mobile app is a must.

Bitget Mobile App Charts

Bitget Fees

Bitget has a spot maker and taker fee of 0.10%, which is right in line with leading exchanges like Binance. There are a few outliers with better fees (FTX, BingX), but 0.10% is generally as good as it gets. As for futures, Bitget has a 0.02% maker and 0.06% taker fee, which is only slightly worse than Binance, with a futures taker fee of 0.04%. That said, the Bitget fees are very low and shouldn’t be a concern for any traders.

Like most brokers, Bitget charges various withdrawal fees such as 0.0006 BTC, 25 USDT (ERC20 version), and 0.006 ETH. These fees are a little higher than the industry average, but still relatively standard.

The last fee worth mentioning is regarding the ‘Buy Crypto’ (credit, debit, etc.) method for purchasing. As is the norm, fees for this onramp to crypto are not ideal, but Bitget charges an industry standard of about 3-4%. I would try to avoid buying crypto this way if you can, but it won’t kill you if you do.

Bitget Blog

Like most platforms these days, Bitget has a blog where you’ll find announcements, events, videos, and an ‘Academy’ section basics about crypto and trading. It’s one of the better blogs out there and absolutely worth checking out if you end up using their platform. 

Bitget Blog

Customer Support

When it comes to support for their various services, Bitget does an excellent job of making their support resources readily accessible as one of the tabs at the top of the page and also by breaking them down into all the relevant categories (spot, future, copy trading). However, the actual content within each support section definitely needs some improvement in both UI and organization. It’s also a bit underdeveloped and lacks a lot of key information, including detailed and digestible walkthroughs for how to trade with each respective service. Given the above and the fact that it is severely lacking in helpful pictures, I wouldn’t count on their support center helping you all that much. It’s by no means terrible or close to the worst out there, but it probably won’t be somewhere you turn to often. In addition to their support center, Bitget also provides a support email you can contact at

Conclusion: Bitget Review 

All things considered, Bitget is a very competitive platform, especially with regard to its copy trading. Though growing in popularity, there aren’t that many platforms that offer it, and Bitget’s has executed it better than most. Their trading is also very appealing with low fees, plenty of markets and order types, and a beautiful interface that any trader will be able to appreciate. However, they don’t have much beyond trading, which could be disappointing to crypto enthusiasts looking for other crypto-related products or services, and their support center is not particularly great. Weighing all these considerations together, I still think Bitget is a top contender in the crypto trading debate and a top-five if you are interested in copy trading. The platform clearly caters to traders more than anything else, so if you consider yourself to be a crypto trader, I think it is worth your time checking it out and seeing how great it is firsthand.

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