Bookmap Review – How Does This Trading Platform Compare?

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Bookmap Review

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Bookmap Review

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Bookmap is a cutting-edge trading platform that allows users to visualize market liquidity and gain incredible insight into the order book. This platform provides volume and order data on sub-second timeframes, multibook aggregation, and one-click trading from the visualizations. Learn everything you need to know about this trading platform by reading our full Bookmap review.


  • Customizable heatmap to visualize Level 2 market data
  • Volume dots show real-time trading volume at each price level
  • Supports data aggregation across multiple exchanges and data feeds
  • One-click trading for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and futures
  • Offers data recording, replay, and alerts


  • Stock and futures data feeds must be purchased separately
  • No traditional price charting tools included
  • Only 3 brokerages available for live stock trading

Bookmap is an advanced charting and data visualization platform designed for fast-paced day trading. The platform uses unique visualizations to give traders more insight into buying and selling action on sub-second timeframes. It’s highly customizable and supports stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

So, can Bookmap help you trade more profitably? In our Bookmap review, we’ll take a closer look at everything this platform has to offer.

Bookmap - Homepage

Bookmap Pricing Options

Bookmap offers four subscription tiers: Digital, Digital Plus, Global, and Global Plus.

The Digital subscription is free, but only supports live data for cryptocurrencies and doesn’t offer live trading integrations with crypto exchanges. The Digital Plus subscription costs $19 per month or $192 per year. It also only supports live data for cryptocurrencies, but offers live trading as well as point of control and VWAP visualizations.

Bookmap - Pricing

The Global plan costs $49 per month or $468 per year and includes all the same features as the Digital Plus subscription, but adds support for live stock and futures data. The Global Plus plan costs $99 per month or $948 per year. It offers one-click stock and futures trading from Bookmap as well as an advanced depth of market module.

Note that you must purchase stock and futures data feed separately for the Global and Global Plus plans. Bookmap is compatible with 14 futures data providers (including dxFeed, Rithmic, and Tradovate) and 6 stock market data providers (including TradeStation and Interactive Brokers).

Bookmap also has a wide selection of user-contributed add-ons, which start at $10 per month each. These add-ons offer custom visualizations, indicators, journaling features, and more.

Bookmap Features


Bookmap’s heatmap is at the heart of this software and forms the background for all other visualizations. The heatmap uses Level 2 market data to offer a visualization of liquidity at various price levels around the current best bid and ask prices for an asset. Dark colors indicate that there is low order volume at a price level at a given time, while bright yellow and red colors indicate high order volume at specific price levels.

Bookmap - Heatmap

The heatmap is useful because it makes finding areas of potential support and resistance extremely easy. Traders can also see how order volume is changing over time as specific price levels, offering an indication of whether support and resistance levels are strengthening or weakening.

Volume Dots

Another very helpful visualization within Bookmap is volume dots, which are bubbles sized according to current trading volume. Volume dots can be customized to show the net difference between buying and selling volume, such that red indicates net selling and green indicates net buying. They can also show total volume, and traders can set cutoffs for minimum volume to display dots at all.

Bookmap - Volume Dots

Volume dots, combined with the heatmap, allow you to see how trading plays out in real-time. Areas of liquidity indicated by the heatmap are often accompanied by sudden increases in volume. At other times, support or resistance areas may be accompanied by low volume (small volume dots), indicating that the price level is unlikely to be breached.

Importantly, volume dots are displayed and updated up to 40 times per second, so information can be visualized much faster in Bookmap than on traditional candlestick charts. That can offer an edge to scalpers and other traders who need to make decisions as quickly as possible.

Record and Replay

Bookmap can record and replay the trading session for any symbol, giving traders an opportunity to go back and see how setups play out. This is a very useful learning tool, especially for new users who want to use Bookmap to find setups for their existing trading strategies.

Volume Alerts

Bookmap also supports alerts for unusually high-volume trades. You can set a volume cutoff, and a voice will notify you whenever a new trade above that cutoff is added to the order book. You can also set up alerts based on imbalances between buy and sell order volume in the order book.

Bookmap - Volume Alerts

Bookmap Compatible Brokerages and Exchanges

Bookmap offers one-click trading from your charts with the Digital Plus (cryptocurrencies only) and Global Plus subscriptions. The platform is compatible with more than 20 crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and FTX. Bookmap is compatible with TD Ameritrade, TradeStation, and Interactive Brokers for stock and futures trading, as well as 7 additional futures trading brokerages.

Bookmap Customization and Layout

One of the key advantages of Bookmap is how customizable the platform is. You can choose which visualizations to display, and you have a fair amount of control over the visualization settings. For example, you can control the heatmap color gradient and brightness, the size and aggregation of volume dots, and the time interval and size of overlaid candlesticks.

Bookmap - Heatmap Settings

Notably, Bookmap also has the ability to combine order book data from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges or stock and futures data providers. Using Bookmap’s multibook feature offers a more comprehensive look at order data for individual assets, since no one data exchange or data feed captures all of the order flow in the market.

Bookmap Platform Differentiators

Bookmap isn’t the only platform available for visualizing order book data – competitors include TradingView, CryptoView, and NinjaTrader. However, it is one of the best tools available for this purpose.

Bookmap provides volume and order data on sub-second timeframes, meaning that traders can see changes in volume before a new candlestick is fully formed. That might not matter much for some day traders, but for scalpers and other fast-paced traders, the speed of Bookmap can provide a significant advantage.

Bookmap is also distinguished by its support for multibook aggregation and one-click trading from the visualizations. These features make Bookmap more advanced than its competitors and more suitable for quick trading based primarily on Level 2 market data.

What Type of Trader is Bookmap Best For?

Bookmap is best-suited for scalpers and other day traders who operate on short trading timescales and rely heavily on Level 2 market data. The platform is built to deliver information as quickly as possible and uses custom visualizations to make order book data more digestible. Speed is a big part of what sets Bookmap apart from other order book visualization platforms.

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