MarketBeat Review – How Does This Stock Research Platform Compare?

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Marketbeat Review

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MarketBeat Review

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MarketBeat is a stock research platform that offers a variety of services. The platform relies on Wall Street analyst ratings and provides news, research, and lists of top stocks worth trading. MarketBeat also includes stock reports, a stock screener, and a real-time news feed. Learn more about this stock research platform by reading our complete MarketBeat review.


  • Multiple top stock lists to generate ideas
  • Track trending stocks in the media and on Reddit
  • Capable stock screener with downloadable results
  • Real-time market news feed
  • One-month trial for $1


  • Analysis tools are relatively basic
  • Industry reports don’t provide in-depth analysis

About MarketBeat

MarketBeat is a stock research platform that offers news, research, and lists of top stocks to trade. The platform relies heavily on Wall Street analyst ratings for its recommendations, but it also offers in-depth research reports on hot sectors to help you generate ideas.

In our MarketBeat review, we’ll explore everything this research platform has to offer and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Marketbeat Homepage

MarketBeat Pricing Options

MarketBeat offers some stock news and market data for free, but the majority of the platform’s research tools and stock lists require a MarketBeat All Access subscription. MarketBeat All Access costs $39.97 per month or $399 per year. For your first year, these prices are reduced to $19.97 per month or $199 per year.

You can try out MarketBeat All Access for one month for $1.

MarketBeat Features

Market Data and Headlines

MarketBeat’s free tier offers access to basic stock market data and news headlines. You can quickly pull up lists of top gainers and losers, stocks trading with unusually high volume, and stocks with significant changes in short interest. Helpfully, MarketBeat also lists events that may be driving these changes, such as earnings reports or analyst rating changes. These lists are especially useful early in the day for traders looking for tickers to add to a daily watchlist.

Marketbeat Top Movers

Featured news stories are written by MarketBeat’s in-house team and cover everything from upgrades and downgrades to investment ideas to in-depth analysis of individual companies.

Stock Research

MarketBeat also offers free access to individual stock pages. On these pages, you’ll find an overview of a company along with any recent headlines. You can view analyst ratings, earnings history, detailed financial data, and a list of recent insider trades. These stock pages are good for basic research, but they don’t provide easy-to-read scores to help you gauge a stock’s performance or value.

Marketbeat Stock Page

Top Stock Lists

MarketBeat All Access subscribers have access to several lists of top-recommended stocks.

The Top MarketRank Stocks list includes the 100 highest-rated stocks on MarketBeat. MarketRank scores range from 1 to 5 and are based on analyst ratings, market sentiment, dividends, insider and institutional ownership, and earnings.

Marketbeat Marketrank List

Additional lists highlight the top 100 stocks by analyst rating or dividend score, and MarketBeat also has lists for small-cap stocks, tech stocks, and stocks to short. MarketBeat shows the performance of each list relative to the S&P 500 – some lists have beaten the S&P 500 consistently, while others have underperformed during bearish periods in the market.

Trending Stocks

MarketBeat also tracks list of stocks that are trending on Reddit and in financial media. One list specifically tracks stock mentions on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets forum, which can be useful for identifying meme stocks before they take off.

Marketbeat Trending Stocks

Stock Reports

MarketBeat All Access includes access to MarketBeat’s detailed analyst reports, each of which focuses on a specific sector or theme. Some of the current reports cover 5G stocks, electric vehicle stocks, and cannabis stocks.

Reports are 10-20 pages long and highlight the key companies that investors should pay attention to within each theme. However, they don’t provide investment recommendations or detailed analysis of individual companies.

Stock Screeners

MarketBeat offers a thorough stock screener that includes parameters related to companies’ fundamentals, valuations, technical performance, dividends, and analyst ratings. Screener results are displayed in a sortable table, and you can quickly compare any of the screen parameters between stocks in your results table. One of the most helpful views allows you to compare potential upside based on analysts’ consensus price targets.

You can also download screener results as a spreadsheet for further analysis or save an unlimited number of screens for future use.

Marketbeat Stock Screener

MarketBeat also offers several additional screeners, including ones for analyst ratings, earnings announcements, and insider trades. The analyst ratings screener lets you screen by firm, stock, price target, or potential upside. The earnings screener offers filters for beat or miss percentage and consensus EPS. It’s not clear how traders would use these screeners to generate actionable ideas, but they’re relatively unique.

Real-time News Feed

MarketBeat offers a real-time news feed that includes headlines from sources like Yahoo! Finance, Seeking Alpha, Benzinga, CNBC, The Motley Fool, and more. You can sort the feed by source and news type, as well as search for specific tickers and keywords.

Marketbeat News Feed

Customization and Layout

MarketBeat is available on the web and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The platform is relatively straightforward, although the main navigation menu has a very large number of options, and some of them are repeated across categories.

MarketBeat allows you to create your own portfolio from scratch or import a portfolio from your brokerage. You can set up SMS or email price alerts for any tickers in your portfolio, as well as get alerts for events like earnings reports, analyst upgrades and downgrades, and breaking news.

Marketbeat Portfolio

MarketBeat Platform Differentiators

MarketBeat offers a high-quality stock research platform, but there’s little to differentiate this platform from competitors that offer a wider range of analysis tools. Much of the data available on MarketBeat for free is available on competing platforms, and MarketBeat’s top stock lists rely heavily on analyst ratings as opposed to in-house rankings or algorithmically-generated stock scores.

Still, MarketBeat does offer a few unique features, including lists of stocks that are trending in the media and on Reddit. The platform’s real-time news feed offers a simple news screener, and MarketBeat makes it easy to get alerts about events that impact stocks in your portfolio. MarketBeat’s stock screener is also well-designed, although there are no parameters that aren’t available from other screeners.

What Type of Trader is MarketBeat Best For?

MarketBeat is best for active investors who want a budget-friendly, all-in-one stock research platform. MarketBeat is a one-stop platform for finding top stocks, doing basic research into those companies, checking analyst ratings, and screening for additional stock ideas. MarketBeat’s tools aren’t groundbreaking, but the platform does a nice job of delivering the information that active investors need.

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