Finimize Review – Is This Financial News App Right For You?

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Finimize Review

  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Value


Finimize is a financial news app designed for investors who want to follow the markets, but don’t want finance to take over their lives. This app features dozens of short daily articles written by market analysts in a beginner-friendly style. Finimize also offers basic data for US stocks and educational articles for new investors. Is this financial news app useful for making investment decisions? Find out in our comprehensive Finimize review.


  • Short, accessible, and to-the-point market news articles
  • 3,000+ investing education guides
  • Listen to news and guides (with downloads for offline listening)
  • 7-day free trial


  • No watchlists or portfolio monitoring tools
  • Very limited stock analysis features
  • Similar investing content is available for free elsewhere

About Finimize

Finimize is a financial news app designed for investors who want to follow the markets, but don’t want finance to take over their lives. The app features dozens of short daily articles written by market analysts in a beginner-friendly style. Finimize also offers basic data for US stocks and educational articles for new investors, although the app won’t tell you what stocks to invest in.

In our Finimize review, we’ll take a closer look at this financial app’s content and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Finimize Homepage

Finimize Pricing Options

Finimize costs $99.99 per year. You can try out the service free for 7 days (credit card required).

Finimize Features

Market News Feed

Finimize offers a financial news feed with dozens of articles written each day by the company’s team of analysts. Articles are typically short and take less than five minutes to read. Many are just a few paragraphs.

Finimize News Feed

Finimize articles tend to cover market-wide news like economic reports, major changes in prices across the market, or forecasts for whole market sectors. There are occasionally articles focused on individual companies, but these are about major corporate events and don’t dive into detailed stock analysis.

The platform also offers a daily brief that covers the most important financial news of the day. These briefs usually include one or two major headlines that investors should know about, plus a quick rundown of how the market is doing.

Finimize Daily Brief

There are two key aspects that set Finimize’s news content apart from market news sites like CNBC or Yahoo! Finance. The first is that the articles are written to be as beginner-friendly as possible. Finimize authors don’t assume that readers have in-depth financial knowledge or familiarity with technical trading jargon. The articles are very approachable and get straight to the point.

The other thing that stands out about Finimize is that all articles, including the daily brief, are available in audio form. So, you can listen to articles rather than read them. This can be a real advantage for people who commute to work and want to catch up on financial news in a few minutes.

Investor Education

Finimize offers more than 3,000 guide articles, which cover everything from personal finance to how to build an investment portfolio to how to analyze stocks. The articles are organized into collections to make the content library easier to sort through, and you can also search the entire library.

Finimize Guides

These guides can be impressively in-depth compared to Finimize’s news articles. For example, a guide to how futures and options work is around 20 minutes long and breaks down not only how these derivatives work, but also why traders use them and some common strategies.

You probably won’t learn how to trade using Finimize alone, but these guides are an excellent introduction to the world of stock investing and trading. All of the guides can be downloaded to listen to them offline, too.

Stock Analysis

Finimize is not a stock picking service and doesn’t offer any investment advice. If you’re looking for investment ideas, check out services like The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers newsletters.

Finimize Stock Page

However, Finimize does offer very basic analysis pages for US stocks. You can see details about stocks like their price, P/E ratios, sales growth, and volatility. The metrics offered are limited and don’t necessarily reflect the metrics that many fundamental investors consider, like total revenue growth or operating margins.

It’s not clear what users are meant to do with this feature. There isn’t enough information provided to conduct a thorough fundamental analysis. Finimize offers line charts of stocks’ prices, but no technical charts. The app also doesn’t track buying and selling activity among users, so there’s no way to gauge social sentiment around a stock based on activity on Finimize.

Investment Community

Finimize offers group chats on a variety of topics ranging from personal finance to how to build a portfolio. These chats can get more into the details of stock picking and trading, but it’s important to remember that the Finimize community is not intended to be a group of professional analysts. In that sense, the social features of this platform have limited use for informing what stocks to invest in.

Finimize Events

The team behind Finimize also organizes online events, which are typically webinars on a specific investing topic. Past events have covered how to invest during a recession, how to invest in dividend stocks, and how to invest if you’re in your 20s.

Customization and Layout

Finimize is only available through mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can sign up for a Finimize account online, but you can’t access articles or other content through the platform’s website.

The app doesn’t offer many customization options. The news feed and daily briefs aren’t personalized, and there’s no way to save a watchlist of stocks or import a portfolio from your brokerage.

Finimize Platform Differentiators

There are a few features that set Finimize apart. First, its daily news articles are extremely approachable. For investors who want their financial news in bite-sized pieces rather than in-depth articles, Finimize offers exactly that.

Finimize’s guide articles are equally approachable, and can be a valuable resource for new investors or those who are thinking about investing but haven’t started yet. The topics covered are fairly basic, but Finimize covers them well and doesn’t assume extensive financial knowledge on the part of readers.

The other major benefit to Finimize is that all of the news articles and guides are available in audio form. So, you can listen to them just like you might listen to a podcast.

What Type of Investor is Finimize Best For?

Finimize is aimed at young people in their 20s and 30s who are new to investing or thinking about getting into investing for the first time. The app’s content is extremely approachable, but will be oversimplified for most individuals who already have investing experience.

Finimize won’t help you pick stocks, but it will help you learn the basics of investing and how to build a portfolio. It will also help you stay up to date on major market news, which can be important for investors who don’t follow market news otherwise.

It’s worth noting that you could get a lot of the same news for free simply by opening up the homepages of Yahoo! Finance or CNBC once a day. At the same time, educational sites like Investopedia offer free intros to investing courses. The major advantage to Finimize over these services is that you can listen to the guides and news content instead of having to read it, which can be nice if you have a daily commute.

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