Atom Finance Review – Is This Stock Research Platform Effective?

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Atom Finance Review

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Atom Finance Review

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Atom Finance is a stock research and analysis platform designed to help users find actionable investing opportunities. This platform aims to make it easy and simple to access thorough financial data for a large variety of companies. Its features include a market overview, news feed, valuation metrics, stock hubs, portfolio tracking, and more. Learn more about this research and analysis platform by reading our full Atom Finance review.


  • Well-organized financial data for US-listed stocks
  • Market briefings three times per day
  • Tool for creating your own financial models
  • Import portfolios from most brokerages
  • Sector-specific metrics


  • Stock screener is limited in flexibility
  • Chat room is dominated by a chatbot

About Atom Finance

Atom Finance is a stock research and analysis platform designed to help you stay on top of the market. The platform is user-friendly and makes it easy to access in-depth financial data for thousands of companies. In addition to investment research tools, Atom Finance features daily market briefings, portfolio tracking, and a stock screener.

So, is Atom Finance right for you? Our Atom Finance review will take a closer look at everything this investment research platform offers to help you decide.

Atom Finance Homepage

Atom Finance Pricing Options

An Atom Finance account costs $6.99 per month. You can try out the platform for free for 7 days.

Atom Finance Pricing

Atom Finance Features

Market Overview

Atom Finance offers coverage of all US stocks and ETFs on the NYSE and NASDAQ, as well as 11,000 OTC stocks and stocks from the Toronto Stock Exchange. The platform offers a market overview dashboard that shows you how the major indices and sectors are performing, as well as provides lists of the biggest gainers and losers. The dashboard also includes a market news feed with headlines written by the Atom Finance team.

Atom Finance Dashboard

One of the most useful features of Atom Finance is the market briefing, which is delivered three times each day: before market open, mid-day, and after market close. The morning briefing includes a quick overview of where the market stands before diving into major US and international stock headlines. It also covers earnings reports, upcoming economic releases, and analyst rating changes, as well as offers a list of stocks gapping up or down.

The mid-day report is typically brief, while the post-market report recaps the day’s trading activity and provides an interpretation of the day’s biggest headlines and economic releases.

Stock Research

Stock research is at the heart of Atom Finance. The platform’s individual stock pages are detailed and packed with useful data.

To start, you’ll find a performance chart, news feed, and summary of EPS, valuation metrics, and key financial metrics for each stock that Atom Finance covers. You can view detailed consensus estimates for EPS growth, revenue growth, and financial metrics for the next three years, along with a summary of analyst buy/sell/hold recommendations. Helpfully, Atom Finance also lets you plot any metrics reported on a company’s cash flow statement, balance sheet, or income statement to help you quickly visualize all of the data. 

Atom Finance Estimates

Perhaps the best thing about Atom Finance is that it allows you to create your own financial models for any company. You can start with the consensus assumptions or edit any assumptions to see how they a stock’s implied future value. Models can be saved and modified later or exported to Excel, making this tool suitable even for investment professionals.

Atom Finance Financial Modeling

Stock Hubs

Stock hubs in Atom Finance are essentially advanced watchlists. You can add as many tickers as you want to a hub, and the platform will automatically curate a news feed and data table for the stocks in your hub. You can customize the table to quickly compare performance, financials, or valuation metrics, and all table data can be exported to Excel for further analysis. Hubs also include a performance chart that enables you to easily compare stocks over timeframes from one day to five years.

Atom Finance Hubs

Atom Finance doesn’t offer pre-made hubs for individual sectors, but it’s relatively fast and easy to create your own.

Portfolio Tracking

Atom Finance also offers tools for tracking your portfolio. You can import a portfolio from a brokerage account using Plaid or add holdings manually. However, if you add holdings manually, Atom Finance doesn’t enable you to track your performance prior to the date you create the portfolio. 

The portfolio tracking tools are useful for monitoring your investment accounts, but not groundbreaking. You can see your performance, sector allocation, and portfolio statistics like the average price-to-earnings ratio and average consensus EPS growth for your holdings. The portfolio dashboard also includes a customizable data table similar to the one you get for stock hubs. If you have multiple brokerage accounts, you can view all of your holdings in a single combined dashboard.

Stock Screener

Atom Finance offers a fundamentals-based stock screener that’s easy to use, but not especially customizable. You can filter stocks based on a variety of performance metrics and financial ratios, but you cannot see the market or industry average when selecting cutoffs. The screener also doesn’t include any technical indicators or data like volume or short interest. For those type of scanners, you may consider using a free scanner like FinViz

Atom Finance Screener

Screener results are displayed in a table that includes columns for each of the parameters in your screen. You can quickly select any tickers to add them to a new hub for further comparison.

News and Document Search

One of the most helpful features within Atom Finance is the X-ray tool, a financial research search engine that helps you find news stories, financial filings, investor documents, and earnings transcripts. You can search by keyword, stock ticker, sector, hub, and/or document type. You can also easily set up recurring alerts for any news search.

Atom Finance News Search

Sector-specific Metrics

Atom Finance has unique, sector-specific metrics for sectors like hotels, airlines, banks, payment companies, and restaurants. These metrics can be very useful for investigating the health of a specific sector.

For example, premium metrics for the airline industry include charts of annual change in revenue passenger miles, operating cost per available seat mile, and fuel cost per gallon, all broken down by airline. The data is also broken down for each airline in a table, enabling you to track changes on a quarterly or annual basis (this data cannot be exported).

Atom Finance Airline Metrics

Chat Room

Atom Finance offers a built-in chat room with multiple channels focused on topics like growth stocks, value stocks, macroeconomics, IPOs, and mergers and acquisitions. The channels are dominated by Atom Finance’s own chatbot, which posts every time there’s a relevant headline or economic release. Some channels do include recent discussions by traders, but most do not.

Atom Finance Chat

Atom Finance Platform Differentiators

Atom Finance offers in-depth financial data for all listed US stocks as well as more than 11,000 OTC stocks. It presents this data in clear, well-laid-out data tables and customizable charts. On top of that, Atom Finance makes it simple to keep track of your portfolio, build watchlists of stocks you’re interested in, and stay on top of market news.

There are three key features that set Atom Finance apart. The first is the daily market briefings. While these aren’t entirely unique, they’re very useful and provide a quick rundown of everything you need to know during the trading day. The second is the financial modeling tool. This tool really sets Atom Finance apart, as you won’t find it on other popular research services like MarketBeat or Morningstar. With the financial modeling tool, you can quickly and easily create your own financial models for any stock that Atom Finance covers, and models can be exported to Excel for further analysis. Finally, Atom Finance offers sector-specific metrics for key industries. These metrics are extremely useful for gauging the health of a sector and for finding value and growth stocks within sectors.

What Type of Trader is Atom Finance Best For?

Atom Finance is best for long-term investors in search of value stocks or growth stocks. It’s useful for making informed investment decisions based on a company’s financial trajectory. The platform is heavily focused on long-term fundamental performance rather than short-term trends, and it offers almost no tools for technical analysis. 

Atom Finance is especially useful for investors who feel comfortable taking advantage of the financial modeling tools and data exports to build their own models and fair value estimates. However, at only $6.99 per month, the platform is an inexpensive solution for investors who simply want to stay on top of the latest market news and be able to quickly compare stocks.

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