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Alfa Scalper Review

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Alfa Scalper Review

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Alfa Scalper is taking the trading world by storm. Alfa Scalper is an expert trader software program which helps its users automate forex scalping. Does Alfa Scalper have what you need? Read to learn more.


  • The continuously adapting technology reads the current market position and suggests take profit levels.
  • The shorter intervals of 1-minute, and 5-minutes allow for more opportunities to profit throughout a session.
  • Customizable settings allow users of all risk-profiles to engage with the software. This can be started with a deposit as low as $100.
  • The one-time payment for lifetime licensing and 24/7 support is reflective of good value in this sector.


  • The product is still quite new and somewhat unknown within the industry.
  • Support of Metatrader 4 alone is quite restrictive to some traders using other platforms.
  • The website content comes across as too promotional in attempting to close the sale on users. This can lead to a sense of mistrust.

About Alfa Scalper

Alfa Scalper is an expert trader software program. This program automates the process of forex scalping, which typically sees traders accumulate small gains over the course of a trading session. When added together, these gains can represent a significant daily profit. Alfa Scalper automates the process from within your MT4 trading platform.

The software was developed by known trader, Karl Dittmann. He is a veteran forex trader who, in recent years has turned to launching a number of software programs aimed at helping traders become more successful. Particularly those who are just starting out in the industry.

Alfa Scalper is a relatively new release to the market, though it is already garnering some positive reviews from well-respected sources across the sector.

Alfa Scalper Landing Screen

Alfa Scalper Features

There are a range of features which the Alfa Scalper software possesses, making it stand out from the crown among a market which is packed with automated expert advisor options. Added to these features is the benefit of a full, money-back guarantee if you are displeased with the products operations within 30-days.

Short-Intervals Trading

Alfa Scalper Boxing

Unlike some rival expert trading programs, Alfa Scalper is specifically tailored to work within 1-minute, or 5-minute timeframes. This is very important to a forex scalper. These shorter timeframes enable you to fully maximize potential profits.

Trading Platform Integration

The Alfa Scalper program easily integrates with your Metatrader trading platform. This seamless flow means your trading time never has to be interrupted. Once you purchase the Alfa Scalper program through their website, this also comes with an easy, step-by-step guide as to how to install the software to work with your MT4 platform. The Alfa Scalper also works just as well through its mobile app as the desktop counterpart.

Multiple Risk Settings

Alfa Scalper Risk Levels

No matter what type of forex trader you are, Alfa Scalper purports to have a setting for you. There are three distinct modes available to traders. These are a low, medium, and high-risk setting. The difference in these settings are related to the frequency of signals which are generated for trading.

When operating on a high-risk setting, many more signals and trading recommendations will be generated. This signal frequency is reduced in tandem with the risk levels. The automatic stop loss indicators which are also generated with the signals incorporate a duly increased level of safety net when trading at lower risk levels.

Lifetime Licensing

Unlike some competitors who may charge a renewable, or success-related fee. Alfa Scalper charges its one-time fee. From payment of this fee, and download of the software, you are entitled to a lifetime license in order to utilize Alfa Scalper. This can be a significant saving when compared with other more traditional educational and signal services we have reviewed such as

Alfa Scalper Pricing and Availability

Alfa Scalper Pricing

The regular price of Alfa Scalper is listed at $395. This however, is currently reduced to $147. Included in this price is your lifetime user’s license. Also included in this package is a detailed, step-by-step user guide, 24/7 email support, and a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. It could not be easier to sign up and get started.

The Claim

Alfa Scalper Profit Potential   

Alfa Scalper Profit Potential2

The Alfa Scalper site makes a number of strong claims throughout the website in regards to how much you can profit by using this software. These claims are clearly posted throughout to advertise daily profits of more than $100, and more than 100 pips in profit.

All of the content provided within the company literature makes reference to the profits which you can potentially earn through using Alfa Scalper. They repeatedly claim, 4 easy steps to profit, and more sales related copy, directed in first-person by Karl Dittmann to you as a user.

The software is claimed as powerful, and next-generation, adaptive technology. This is then coupled with multiple screenshots which demonstrate profits being made through utilizing what is effectively a MT4 EA.

Although the company are somewhat overly enthusiastic in the promotion of the software, and this can display as trying very hard to sell the product, there is certainly possibility for them to achieve the targets which have been set out. The levels of profitability mentioned do only stretch to $100 per day. While this has been repeatedly reinforced, it is not beyond achievable.  

The Results

As a relatively new product, it is difficult to define whether the lofty claims made by the owner of the software have been met. With that said, a number of recent user reports have come back with similarly positive findings.

As with every form of investment in forex or any other market, you should be prepared to endure losses as well as gains. This is something which Alfa Scalper fails to mention, but will invariably happen.

Forex scalping while not completely recognized as an advisable trading strategy, does work at collecting small profits for some dedicated traders. This relies on a variety of factors, including your intense focus during a trading session, and patience.

With Alfa Scalper making the process semi-automated in identifying trades and setting a stop loss level, it can be argues this is conducive to more positive results from scalping. Whether it is actually profitable, and worth the registration cost though, will take more time in the market to figure out.

Trustworthiness and Support

Alfa Scalper Money Back

Alfa Scalper are new to the market with their product. This creates a number of issues when it comes to gaining your trust as a user of the service. Yes, Karl Dittmann is a well-known trader, and he has released a number of other similar projects which have largely been met with positive reviews, as have the early uses of Alfa Scalper. With that said, the overly promotional nature of the site is a concern, as is the fact that, besides a 30-day money back guarantee, there is really no comeback for you as trader if things go awry.

Therefore, we would recommend, as with all the top forex broker reviews , and any other form of service for that matter, to proceed with a sense of cautious optimism.

When It comes to customer support, the service provides this in the form of 24/7 email support with your user license. This functions well, and you can expect to hear a response from any queries within the same business day. These responses typically come from Karl Dittmann himself.

Who Should Choose Alfa Scalper

Alfa Scalper Support

Forex scalping is something of a niche area even among more experienced traders. It also requires a firm and focused approach to trading with extreme patience. It can be a long, and sometimes arduous road to making a profit through forex scalping. With that in mind, we would recommend that only traders minutes forex, use Alfa Scalper.

This is reinforced by the fact that in order to truly benefit from scalping, even through use of this software, you should dedicate most of each daily trading session to being in front of your screen. This amount of time is something which only seasoned forex traders are willing to invest.

Alfa Scalper Conclusion

Our Alfa Scalper review team have found the software to be reliable and well-reviewed by current users. At the same time, this is one of many projects ongoing for the developer of the software. All others are operational without any major issues. This would point to a well-purposed expert trader program.

With a full money-back promise for 30-days, it seems that you have nothing to lose by trying Alfa scalper. Given the currently reduced price of $147 for lifetime use, it would also appear like the perfect time to sign up for the service.

Ultimately, as we become more and more focused on automating our daily lives. This is why other semi-automated trading services such as MyDigiTrade have become so popular.  This software provides a well-needed addition to the lives of existing and potential forex scalpers. This is what they hope will save the time, and make them money. If they manage to do just that, we can expect to see more innovation and developments over the coming years from Alfa Scalper, and the developer behind the project.  

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