XCoins Review – A Look At This Crypto Platform

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Xcoins Review

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XCoins Review

  • Exchange
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XCoins is a leading cryptocurrency platform where users can buy bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos quickly and securely. This cryptocurrency platform allows users to purchase up to $150 worth of crypto without identity verification and provides quick and instant verification for larger purchases. XCoins also supports a variety of payment onramps, including quick and easy credit card payments, so users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly upon payment approval. Learn more about this crypto platform by reading our full XCoins review.


  • No verification needed for crypto purchases of up to $150
  • Beginner-friendly and aesthetic design
  • Supports multiple fiat currency payment options
  • Solid support team/services


  • Only supports six crypto assets
  • Very high fees
  • Not suited for traders
  • No XCoins wallet

About XCoins

XCoins is a leading cryptocurrency platform where users can buy bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptos quickly and securely.

Xcoins Buy And Sell Crypto

XCoins supports a variety of payment onramps, including quick and easy credit card payments, so you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly upon payment approval.

Unlike most centralized crypto exchanges, XCoins also allows users to purchase up to $150 worth of crypto without identity verification. For larger purchases, XCoins provides quick and instant verification.

XCoins (a subsidiary of its parent company CF Technologies) is a fully regulated crypto exchange licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority and holds a Class 3 Virtual Financial Assets Licence.

If you want to learn all about XCoins’ services and whether or not they’re right for you, stick around for this in-depth XCoins review.

XCoins Features

XCoins Crypto Exchange

The XCoins exchange supports buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Xcoins Exchange

While this list will likely satisfy the average crypto investor, it pales in comparison to most cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and even Coinbase, which support hundreds or dozens of cryptocurrencies, respectively.

Aside from the digital assets on XCoins, the exchange also supports six fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, and TRY.

All purchases will require you to enter a crypto wallet address, and there is a minimum order size for crypto purchases on XCoins is $50 for ETH and BTC, $40 for XRP, and $30 for DOGE, BCH, and LTC.

Xcoins Exchange 2

Moreover, one of the key strengths of the XCoins exchange is undoubtedly the user-friendly design that lends itself to beginners.

The platform doesn’t have any charts or active crypto trader tools, but its sleek design and simple interface make it remarkably easy to buy and sell crypto, even if it’s your very first time.

Payment Methods

The payment options available at XCoins are VISA or MasterCard debit/credit cards (worldwide), SEPA (Europe), Faster Payments bank transfers (United Kingdom), and Interac (Canada).

XCoins can also accept prepaid and virtual cards as long as they have 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) and both Google and Apple Pay.

Also, keep in mind that all debit and credit cards must have the purchaser’s name on them—you cannot use a card that belongs to someone else.

XCoins Transaction Fees

The fees XCoins charges for buying cryptocurrency are typically around 4-6% of the total amount you purchase. 

Xcoins How It Works

If you’re paying with a credit or debit card, there’s also an additional payment processing fee of 3.9% that’s added to the order, but it’s always clearly displayed when finalizing a purchase.

However, on your first purchase, you can skip the card processing fees when you pay with your debit or credit card. 

So, whichever cryptocurrency you buy, the card processing fee will be 0% instead of the standard 3.9%.

That said, the fees on XCoins are still very high, leaving it far from the ideal place to buy one’s crypto.

XCoins Blog

The last feature of the XCoins platform worth discussing is its blog, which is quite exceptional.

Xcoins Blog

You can’t access the blog from the dashboard after you’ve signed in/created an XCoins account, but you can find it on the main website.

The blog’s purpose is to offer the latest crypto updates, stories, and guides to keep investors in the loop on all the newest developments.

What’s particularly interesting about the blog is that it includes a lot of high-level information that isn’t all that consistent with its beginner-oriented exchange.

Xcoins Blog 2

Nevertheless, the content is exceptional, and each article is filled with tons of amazing information, charts, and analysis that could prove invaluable to crypto investors and traders.

It would be nice if XCoins added a categories tab or some flittering ability to narrow in on content, but the blog remains an excellent resource.

How XCoins Compares to Competitors

XCoins clearly caters its platform to investors seeking simplicity, so apt comparisons would be other platforms offering similar user-friendly ways to buy and sell crypto or make basic bitcoin exchanges.

Xcoins Customer Support Faqs

The most obvious competitors in this particular niche of crypto are Coinbase and Gemini.

Both Coinbase and Gemini are leaders in the crypto world and have long offered the simplest ways to buy and sell dozens of crypto assets.

Not only do both platforms support countless more crypto assets than XCoins, but they also support more features, such as staking, active crypto trading, NFT trading, and plenty more.

The fees on Coinbase (~2%) and Gemini (~1.49%) are also much more agreeable than XCoins’ 4-6%, meaning the former two are certainly better options if your priority is not to lose money. You can check out our full review of Coinbase here and our full review of Gemini here.

Overall, XCoins is up against crypto juggernauts by vying for the simple crypto investing path, which makes it a tough sell.

Unless XCoins adds additional features or significantly lowers its fees, there aren’t many (if any) good reasons to choose it over either Coinbase or Gemini.

Conclusion: XCoins Review

After carefully walking through all of its services for this XCoins review, we believe XCoins is best suited for those looking for the easiest ways to purchase crypto.

The fees are quite high, and there are only six supported crypto assets, but the platform will be very digestible to those less familiar with crypto, investing, or technology in general.

However, given its high fees, the shallow market of supported assets, and lack of advanced features, most people will want to pursue other crypto exchanges.

The sleek design is undeniable, but there’s no reason to choose XCoins over alternatives like Coinbase or Gemini unless you find their interfaces much more challenging, which is unlikely.

Both the aforementioned platforms have more services and features that could overwhelm a crypto novice, but it’s hard to imagine buying and selling would be difficult.

Bearing all this in mind, XCoins probably won’t be worth looking into or choosing over alternatives. 

Top-tier competitors offering similar user-friendly onramps to crypto but with countless more features are too common and XCoins, unfortunately, lacks any meaningful differentiating qualities.

The XCoins interface is excellent, but so are the interfaces of other platforms—platforms that offer a lot more than buying and selling six cryptocurrencies and do so at better prices.

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