Traders Way Broker Review – Is This Broker Legit?

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Traders Way Review

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Traders Way Broker Review

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  • Investment Offerings
  • Trading Platforms
  • Customer Service
  • Trustworthiness


Traders Way is an offshore stock market forex broker based in the Caribbean West Indies nation of Dominica. Traders Way gives its traders a large variety of options and has become a known broker. Read more to learn if Traders Way is the broker that you need.


  • The Broker offers a variety of trading platforms, utilizing MT4, MT5, and cTrader. This allows traders to choose their preferences easily.
  • A wide range of deposit methods, including several cryptocurrencies, can make for a more convenient experience.


  • Lack of regulation can be a big worry for potential traders.
  • Limited CFD trading available.
  • The website is far from user friendly to navigate.

About Traders Way

Traders Way was founded in 2010 as an offshore forex broker. The company, trading as TW Corp, is based in the Caribbean West Indies nation of Dominica. This has become a popular destination of choice in recent years for offshore financial business, including major banks and other trading brokers.  

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Account Opening

Opening an account with Traders Way presents users with a variety of options. 5 account types are available. Specifically, these are MT4 FIX, MT4 VAR, MT4 ECN, MT5 ECN, and CT ECN. Each has slightly differing characteristics, particularly when it comes to market spreads.

The major differences in these accounts revolve around spreads. With the MT4 FIX account, spreads are fixed from 2 pips. This can be convenient for the calculation of some traders. All other account types feature a variable spread, with the ECN accounts offering direct access to the Interbank markets from no spread.

Minimum Deposit

Traders Way Deposit Screen

The minimum deposit varies between account types, with the 2 accounts primarily recommended for standard traders (MT4 FIX, MT4 VAR) requiring no minimum deposit.

In the case of the ECN account types, the usual minimum deposit of $100 has currently been reduced to $10 as part of a special promotion by the broker.

Availability and Ease of Opening

According to a company representative, the broker offers services to traders worldwide, with the exception of those from Nigeria and the U.S. state of Missouri.

Opening an account is relatively easy, as with all major brokers. When opening a demo account, this can be done through the simple provision of basic personal details, including email address and telephone number, to generate a username and password. Once completed, you can log in and begin trading a virtual $50,000, which can be replenished at any time.

Opening a live account is similarly painless. Simply choose the trading platform and account type which best suit your needs, sign-up using the same basic personal information, and upload the requested verification documents (ID and address proof). Once this information is verified, you will be able to start trading.

Investment Offerings

Traders Way offers trading in 45 forex currency pairs; these include both major and minor pairs. Beyond this, the broker offers CFDs trading in 3 markets, namely, crude oil, silver, and gold.

Beyond this, the broker also offers trading in the cryptocurrency market of BTC/USD.

Trader’s Way Commissions and Fees

In respect of the non-ECN account, that is, the MT4 Fixed spread account and the MT4 Variable Spread account, commission is already built into the spread itself. This means the trader need not be concerned about adding further commission.

With the ECN based accounts that Traders Way offers, commission is charged at a base rate of $3 per lot traded. This means the commission will be $3 per 100,000 units of currency traded. This commission will be applied on a pro-rated basis.

Non-trading Fees

Traders way does charge an overnight financing fee. This swap fee is variable depending upon the market conditions but can be calculated here as directed by the broker.

For the major methods of deposit and withdrawal, the broker’s fee varies. For bank wire transfers, there is no fee charged other than that which your bank may impose. However, in the case of credit or debit card funding, the platform charges a deposit fee of 3.9% and a withdrawal fee of 1% + $5.

Unlike most other brokers, there is no fee charged on inactive accounts.

Trader’s Way Platforms and Tools

Traders Way Market Order

Traders Way offers the use of various third-party platforms. These include Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, and cTrader. These platforms are available in desktop as well as mobile format, with MT4 also being available in its web-based format through Traders Way.

Desktop Platform

Traders Way Charts

MT4 has been around for over a decade and has built one of the most well-respected reputations in the industry. Both Metatrader 4 and 5 represent the height of usability when it comes to trading. The layout is basic but highly effective and easy to interpret for all levels of trader. Everything is located within 7 categories of an easily accessible toolbar. The Traders Way layout does not differ from the offering of many other brokers who offer these platforms.

Where MT4 and MT5 come into their own is with charting capability and analytical tools. These range into the hundreds, from basic to expert, and charting is completely customizable depending on need.

The integration of automated trading through the Expert Advisors function is also seamless. This allows traders to input their own source code to run automated trading strategies. This can be done with relative ease for experienced traders on the platform.

MT5 whilst adopting a slightly more modern look, still harnesses all of the same functionality as MT4, which it was launched to compliment. It also allows for trading in stock and futures.

Moving to cTrader. Again it is highly regarded in the industry with the same functions and service provided to Traders Way users.

CTrader has a modern and sleek feel throughout its desktop and mobile platforms. The platform is also well -known for its extensive chart drawing capabilities and features 64 indicators as standard.

Automated trading is also catered for through cAlgo and cBots for more advanced users.

The three platforms offered by Traders Way uphold their already strong industry reputations by providing the same intuitive layouts, combined with powerful charting and fast trade execution functions for which they have become known. The resulting impact is that new traders can easily become accustomed to trading within fundamentally strong platforms, whilst experienced traders can adjust seamlessly to trading with this broker through their already established platform knowledge.

Mobile Trading Platform

Traders Way Mobile Market Prices

The mobile platforms offered are also in the form of MT4, MT5, and cTrader. These provide similar easy to interpret platforms as their desktop counterparts.

CTrader again offers a more modern appearance and edges the functionality over MetaTrader due to the clearer layout of the tabs and ease of changing views and windows.

Regardless, both are stellar mobile offerings providing extensive access to a similar number of professional trading tools and indicators as well as detailed economic calendars and up to the second live news feeds.

How Does Trader’s Way Stand Out?

The major factors which set Traders Way apart from others in the sector include the variety of trading platforms which the company offers. Whilst most brokers employ MT4 as a standard option, few choose to offer the extensive variety which this broker offers.

Furthermore, offering both fixed and variable spread accounts, as well as the direct access ECN accounts, positively appeals to both new and experienced traders in a manner that many others struggle to achieve in the industry.

Customer Service

Traders Way provides several ways in which traders can get in touch if they have an issue. These are through telephone, email, and a live chat function on the brokers’ website.

When tested, these methods were all very efficient; telephone service and live chat requests were both answered in under 1-minute, whilst email was responded to the same day.


Understandably, many traders will have reservations about dealing with an offshore broker. This stems from the lack of regulation from a recognized financial authority, and the perceived lack of security this brings.

Whilst that is indeed the case, the broker has been in business for more than six years currently. This, combined with the fact that many major financial institutions are also choosing to locate in Dominica, lends positively to the overall trustworthiness of the broker.


Ultimately, the broker manages to offset its lack of regulation from a major financial body that may worry many traders, with the provision of multiple highly respected trading platforms to suit the requirements of a large number of users.

This, combined with the fact the broker has been established in the industry for a number of years, should be enough to garner the continued trust and trade of new and experienced users alike.

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