FBS Broker Review – A Forex Broker With Unique Features

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FBS Broker Review

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FBS Broker Review

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FBS is a forex broker with a wide range of account options and features. FBS has the trade world buzzing with a large following. Is FBS the right broker for you? Read our review to learn more.


  • A wider range of account options than most brokers. This ensures there are options for all types of traders, and vastly improves accessibility within the forex trading industry.
  • FBS offer some of the most highly competitive spreads and best leverage in the industry. This is certain to attract novice and experienced traders alike.
  • The bonus infrastructure of the broker is widespread. This is certain to act as an incentive for many traders to get involved.
  • Educational opportunities are excellent. This provides ambitious brokers with a welcome opportunity to learn, grow, and develop their trading careers.


  • Regulation in Belize alone can be a concerning factor for many traders. This becomes more of a concern as the broker continues to grow and expand.
  • For such a large and global broker, their product offerings are quite limited in each market.

About FBS

FBS has been active as a forex broker since 2009. In that decade, they have amassed one of the largest followings of active traders in the industry. With more than 12 million active traders across the globe, they have also extended a wide range of trading markets and products to their traders.

The company is based and regulated in Belize by the IFSC, one of the emerging markets in terms of quality financial oversight. The broker continues to grow, forging partnerships in many of the 190 countries they provide service. This makes them one of the most recognizable names in the forex broker industry.

FBS Broker Review

FBS Account Opening

FBS provide five primary account types for traders. These are suitable for any type of trader with each featuring variable minimum deposits and ranges of attributes which appeal to all levels of trader. The available account types are Cent, Micro, Standard, Zero-Spread, and ECN Accounts. When comparing top brokers, this is quite an extensive range of options to choose from.

Minimum Deposit

FBS Broker Deposit Methods

The minimum deposit required to start trading with FBS ranges from $1 to $1,000 depending upon the account type you choose. The levels of minimum deposit are $1, $5, $100, $500, and $1,000 for Cent, Micro, Standard, Zero-Spread, and ECN accounts respectively.

Availability and Ease of Opening

FBS Account Types

FBS are a global broker, and they do offer services to most nations in the world. That said, there are a few exceptions. These exceptions apply to the following countries: Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Myanmar, Brazil, Malaysia, Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Opening an FBS demo account is a very straight-forward experience. Simply provide a few of your most basic personal details and you will be directed to choose the type of demo account you wish to open. From here you are free to trade virtually, in conditions which replicate those of live trading.

Opening an FBS live account is similarly easy. The same details are required and you can start trading for real. In order to have a fully functional account, and be eligible for your bonus, you will need to verify your account by uploading your proof of ID and residence. This is usually approved very quickly.

Product Offerings

FBS offers trading across a wide range of markets to facilitate all the needs of its various traders. This includes offering 35 forex currency pairs. These pairs include major, minor, and exotic offerings. In other areas, FBS offers 11 CFDs in metals, commodities, and other markets. This includes trading in 4 major cryptocurrencies. CFD stock trading is also facilitated through the provision of 33 stocks for trading.

Although every market is covered, the range of products available within each market is quite limited for a broker of their size.

FBS Broker Commissions and Fees

FBS FX Spreads

When it comes to commission and fees, again FBS presents the trader with a number of choices. Three of their account types operate on a commission-free basis, although these accounts will typically feature larger spreads.

Floating spreads are available on the account from 0.5 pips, whilst the Zero-Spread account features fixed spreads at 0 pips, though commission does start from $20 per currency lot traded. An ECN account presents the most competitive floating spreads from -1 pips and a commission of $6 per side, per lot, although the minimum deposit is substantially higher.

Non-trading Fees

The broker charges relatively few non-trading fees. This means there is no inactivity fee, and they also reimburse any deposit fees incurred. There are also no fees on withdrawals. Swap fees are charged. These vary depending on a number of factors, and more information is available direct from the broker here. Islamic, swap-free accounts are available upon request for those who require them.  

FBS Platforms and Tools

FBS stick with the well-known and respected options of Metatrader trading platforms. This includes the many variations of both MT4 and MT5 which have proven popular with most new and experienced traders in the sector.  

Desktop Platform

FBS MT4 Platform

MT4 and MT5 are offered as desktop trading options through FBS on both Windows and MAC. These platforms, though rudimentary in appearance, are a well known quantity in what they deliver. This is, fast, effective, and professional trading. Both platforms are visually streamlined to provide for a more effective trading experience.

Navigating these platforms is a very intuitive and customizable experience. Past users will instantly recognize the central window displaying the chosen charts in detail, flanked to the left by a handy chart watch list of the most popular markets and how they are trending.

Options are also available to apply automated trading and access signal services as well as the latest live news. The experience is highly customizable, with MT4 as always offering by far the greatest number of technical indicators and charting tools. All of these can be instantly applied to any market chart of your choosing with great precision.

FBS also features MT4 and MT5 Web Trader as a more visually appealing, easy to access platform right in your browser. This again provides for much of the same powerful charting and trading capabilities of its desktop counterpart.

Mobile Trading Platform

The MT4 iOS and Android application is available for FBS traders. This utilizes all the major features of the desktop platforms in a more accessible manner to facilitate professional trading on the move.

The platform is easily accessible and provides all of the required fundamental data in a fast loading, durable application which can be used across any broker who partner with MT4 mobile. The mobile platform provides more technical indicator and more powerful charting capability than most other mobile trading platforms in the industry, and is widely utilized for its ease and accessibility.

Education and Research

FBS Economic Calendar

In terms of education and research, FBS provides a range of quality options for further learning in the sector. This primarily consists of utilizing their own in-house blog guides, videos, webinars, and trading tips. These are tailored specifically dependent on trader levels from beginner to advanced. This is an ideal environment for traders who wish to progress their education in the sector.

On the research front, FBS again uses its in-house team for most of their research tools. This includes video-analysis, trading plans, an economic calendar, and up to date market analysis data. This is more than sufficient although some traders may feel that it lacks the depth required to be insightful.  

FBS Differentiators

FBS has a wealth of experience in the industry to its credit. This puts it well in tune with the needs of traders. With so many account options available and easy to open, FBS represents the ideal starting point particularly for those who would like to trade within lower limits. This is something which is not frequently offered through many other brokers. FBS is also generous in its rewards. There are a variety of bonuses available. Again, this is something which being regulated in Belize helps to facilitate.

Customer Service

FBS customer service is available on a round the clock basis. They are contactable through email; the website based live chat function, or their dedicated call-back service. Simply input your phone number, and desired time of contact, and an agent will call you back.

In the experience of many traders, these services have been both prompt and helpful.

FBS Trustworthiness

Trust is an area which is of vital importance to traders considering opening an account with FBS. From the outset, it is important to note that FBS appear as highly trustworthy, and complaint with all the regulations set forth by the IFSC.

This compliance, Combined with the sheer size of their global operation, and the fact they have been established for over a decade in the industry to great acclaim, all lend positively to their levels of trust as a broker.

The only understandable point of concern is the fact that after so many years of operation, the broker chooses to be regulated only by the IFSC in Belize, and retain its operational bases offshore. This could be a concern to some traders who prefer the more firm and established regulation of CySEC or ASIC.


Overall, FBS have demonstrated their ability to attract a huge amount of traders thanks to their high levels of professionalism and the competitiveness of their offerings. This growth and experience in the sector has positioned them well as a major broker to continue expanding upon their markets and attracting even more traders.

While there would certainly be some areas which traders may like to see changed, or improved, such as increased regulation, these are things which also enable the broker to offer very high leverage and some of the lowest spreads in the industry.

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