AximTrade Review – Is This Forex Broker A Worthy Pick?

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Aximtrade Review

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AximTrade Review

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AximTrade is a regulated broker owned by AximTrade Group. This broker platform allows users to trade forex, metals, energy, indices, crypto, stocks, and commodities. AximTrade solely provides MetaTrader 4 trading, which comes with instruments for analyzing the financial markets, professional advisers, trading signals, copy-trading, and more. Learn everything you need to know about this forex broker by reading our complete AximTrade review.


  • Multiple payment methods available (including bank wire/bank transfers/local transfers)
  • Access to several types of trading instruments and the world-renowned MT4
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Multiple trading account types
  • Very tight spreads and overall low costs
  • Regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Potential clients can open demo accounts


  • High leverage comes with a very high risk
  • No educational or research section
  • Misleading regulatory status
  • Not permitted in various jurisdictions

If you are still looking for the right broker for your online forex trading needs, you are perhaps wondering if AximTrade provides the attractive trading conditions you need to conduct your transactions in a low-cost but safe environment. You are in the right place – in the next sections, we provide you with a thorough AximTrade review, so you know what to expect before signing up.

About AximTrade

AximTrade is a regulated broker owned by AximTrade Group. In Australia, AximTrade Pty Limited is regulated by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), and it also claims to be regulated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In reality, this location is very popular among offshore brokers due to the very thin regulatory oversight. It also states that AximTrade LLC is regulated by the National Futures Association, but, as of this writing, it is not.


The main trading instruments you can trade with AximTrade are forex, metals and energy, indices, crypto, stocks, and commodities. It’s important to note that this forex broker does not provide real assets, but only derivatives (CFDs) on assets, hence you need to check your local regulations before signing up. As a result, due to the nature of its trading instruments, AximTrade is not available in multiple countries, such as Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

Aximtrade Copytrade

AximTrade Features

Boasting infinite leverage and an execution speed of 0.004, AximTrade may seem highly attractive. However, some of its features are a double-edged sword. Check out this AximTrade review below to find out more.

Platforms & Trading Account

AximTrade does not offer multiple choices when it comes to trading platforms. Potential AximTrade clients have only one choice: MetaTrader 4, the industry standard when it comes to forex trading.

The platform is available via desktop, browser, or mobile phone. As MT4 is specialized in forex trading, multi-asset or stock traders may not find it highly useful. Some of the main features and tools you have access to on MetaTrader 4 include:

  • Financial market analysis tools
  • Expert advisors (for automated trading)
  • Trading signals
  • Multiple tools for a complete charting experience
  • Many trading indicators easy to use
  • You can customize your template and save it for future use
  • Trading alerts

Copy-trading is perhaps one of the most attractive features if you are a beginner or you don’t have the necessary time to trade. All you need to do is choose a money manager after you sign up, and all their future trades will be automatically reflected in your account, too.

Aximtrade Copytrade

However, it’s important to carefully choose your money manager using risk management features while keeping in mind that past performance is never a guarantee of future success.

In terms of retail investor accounts, AximTrade provides you with multiple options:

  • Standard accounts with a maximum leverage of 1:3000
  • Cent accounts with leverage up to 1:2000
  • Electronic Communication Network (ECN) account with leverage up to 1:1000
  • Infinite accounts with infinite leverage (best for professional traders)

All types of trading accounts benefit from negative balance protection, which means that you cannot lose more money than you deposit in your account. This is extremely important when using leverage because the potential losses are virtually unlimited.

This is why many regulatory entities limit brokers to 1:20 or 1:50 leverage, hence AximTrade may be considered very risky due to the much higher leverage permitted.

It’s also important to mention that, while AximTrade advertises higher leverage limits, the ASIC has lower upper limits for the leverage permitted (1:30 for major currency pairs, 1:20 for minor currency pairs, 1:10 for commodities, 1:2 for crypto, and 1:5 for stocks and other assets).

Tools and Research

In terms of tools, AximTrade provides an economic calendar, which displays both forecast and actual numbers of multiple macroeconomic indicators. There is also a dividends calendar which could be useful for stock traders as CFDs on stocks will provide you with the dividend payments if you hold a long position, or a dividend charge if you have a short position in the stock.

Aximtrade Economic Calendar

There is no other research, market insights, or guidance for traders. If this is an important feature for you, you may want to check other brokers, such as Xtreamforex, which has a very developed educational section. Well-established and regulated brokers that further provide help and guidance include FP Markets and IG Markets.

AximTrade Pricing

Pricing depends on the account type you choose:

  • Spread starts from 0 pips for the Electronic Communication Network account, 1 pip for the standard account and cent account, and 3 pips for the infinite account
  • The commission is $3 for the ECN account and $0 for the other trading accounts
  • There’s a minimum deposit of $1 for all accounts, apart from ECN which requires at least $50
Aximtrade Pricing

If you choose copy-trading, you will pay a specific performance fee to your money manager. This fee depends on your chosen master trader. Also, money managers have variable minimum amounts required to copy their portfolios, and your profit or loss may be slightly different due to slippage (execution delays).

In terms of deposit and withdrawal methods, while the minimum deposit required is $1, this actually depends on your chosen method. For instance, Neteller allows minimum deposits starting from €5. There are many electronic payment methods available, but you cannot use credit or debit cards (Visa or Mastercard). Online banking is permitted in several currencies, including RUB, UAH, and UZS, along with bank transfers (in local currencies).

AximTrade Customer Service

AximTrade customer service is reachable via online chat, email, or an online form you can complete on the website. Unlike other brokers like FP Markets or TIOMarkets, there is no way to contact the customer support team via phone. Perhaps the only advantage of the customer service section is that it is available in multiple languages, so you have an easier time finding the answer to your issue.

Who Is AximTrade Best For?

In this AximTrade review, we have reviewed some of its features, perks, and shortcomings. The broker has a very competitive offer for most traders who seek the lowest costs in this industry.

Aximtrade Nfa

However, misleading information regarding regulations may cause beginners to expose themselves to very high risks. It is very important to do your due diligence before signing up with a forex broker. There are features like high leverage that are not recommended to inexperienced retail traders or individuals without a foolproof risk management strategy.

All in all, for experienced traders who want low costs and access to MT4, AximTrade may be worth considering. However, there are many other well-established, regulated brokers that provide enhanced benefits, as highlighted in the next section below.

How Does AximTrade Compare with Other Forex Brokers?

Overall, based on this AximTrade review, perhaps the strongest advantage compared to other forex brokers is the leverage limit and its low-cost structure. For instance, the ECN account comes with raw spreads and a $2 commission, which is a lot lower than other established (regulated or not) brokers, such as Xtreamforex (i.e., raw spreads and $7 commission for the ECN account).

Another important aspect is that, while spreads may start at 0 pips, the actual spreads you need to cover may be higher as the spread is variable and depends on many other factors, including the trading volume of your chosen asset.

While this may seem advantageous, it’s important to note that the forex broker may be misleading regarding its regulated status. This could be dangerous for novice traders, so if you decide to check it out, you may want to open a demo account first and never trade more cash than you afford to lose.

If you lack experience, a broker like PaxForex with multiple sources of information may be more suited for your needs. In case you want to trade assets other than forex, you may want to check brokers with better suited multi-asset trading platforms, such as Plus500 or FP Markets.

FAQ: AximTrade

Is AximTrade regulated by the Financial Services Authority?

AximTrade is under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but the region is very popular among offshore brokers due to the very thin regulations.

Does AximTrade have tools for forex trading?

Unfortunately, this forex broker does not provide any specific tools for forex trading, other than those already available on MetaTrader 4. Fortunately, this platform is the industry standard when it comes to forex trading, so you will most likely find everything you need to craft a successful strategy.

 Does AximTrade allow local bank account transfers?

Yes, the AximTrade platform allows bank account transfers into your AximTrade account. However, keep in mind that trading with Aximtrade must use the base currency of your trading account, so you should check the foreign exchange rate, depending on your local currency.

 Is AximTrade good for beginners?

This broker may not be recommended to people with little trading experience. You can start with a demo account first and use virtual funds to obtain more trading experience and craft a solid strategy before risking real money.

Final Verdict: AximTrade Review

Overall, AximTrade does provide some good trading conditions and tight spreads, but it may also seem misleading. It claims to be regulated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines when, in reality, the location is highly popular among offshore forex brokers due to the thin regulatory supervision in the region.

Hence, potential clients should exercise caution and do their due diligence before signing up with this broker. Trading CFDs comes with higher risks than other assets, although an AximTrade account does come with some safety perks, such as segregated accounts and negative balance protection. If unsure, you can always opt for a fully regulated broker, such as FP Markets, Pepperstone, Plus500, and many more.

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