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Apiary Fund Review

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Apiary Fund Review

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The Apiary Fund is a trusted forex trading education program in addition to functioning as a funded trading platform. In this review we will go in-depth into the pros and cons of Apiary Fund and what you need to know. So, are you ready to find out if Apiary Fund is right for your trading needs?


  • Having been in operation for more than 8-years, Apiary Fund has built a trusted reputation among the industry and a large number of traders.
  • The monthly membership fees are very competitive when compared to others in the sector.
  • The potential to “graduate” and begin earning on a risk-free basis, is a very attractive point for many traders.
  • Apiary Fund provides a comprehensive forex trading education. This can be used throughout your entire career, and is fully transferable.


  • Traders have commented on the length of time it takes to progress through the various educational levels.
  • Although not as much as some services, there is still a lot of self-promotion, and attempts to have you sign up to other paid services.

Apiary Fund Review

Apiary Fund is a forex trading education platform which also functions as a funded trading platform. After signing up with the platform, you are put through a series of challenging educational courses, and given access to extensive training materials. The goal is to pass through all the training levels, at which time; the company will fund you to trade with their own money.

The company was founded in 2011 by professional trader Shawn Lucas. His view from years of trading and corporate experience was to create an environment which could help traders learn, grow, improve their trading capabilities, and become self-sufficient through forex trading.

Apiary Fund Landing Screen

Apiary Fund Education Options

Apiary Fund Course ModulesApiary Fund offers an all-encompassing package to users when it comes to your first registration. This program is known as the “Beeline to Trading”. Through this package, you will have access to a plethora of forex educational materials.

This material includes several levels of video courses, hundreds in total, access to a vibrant community of fellow traders to share knowledge and ideas, and a range of forex training related seminars and live video calls with the expert team members of Apiary Fund.

Throughout the many forex training services we have reviewed. Apiary certainly offers one of the most extensive ranges of education. This education is applicable and useful to your career as a forex trader of any level.

Course Breakdown and How to Get Started
Apiary Fund Account Progress

Apiary Fund Member Dashboard

It takes just a few moments to begin educating yourself through Apiary Fund. This can be started with a convenient 30-day free trial. This trial provides you complete access to the main beeline package for 30-days.

The service broadly provides four key levels through which you should pass in order to be completely funded. They promote that this journey can be undertaken by anyone, and completed in as little as 30-minutes per day.

The four key levels through which you should advance prior to becoming fully funded are Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Through this training progress, you are tasked with consuming a variety of helpful forex education material, and encouraged to integrate with the active community of traders already on board. This will ultimately help your development as a forex trader, regardless of whether you continue using Apiary Fund.

In order to complete the 4 levels of training, the course outline which you will have to complete, runs as follows:

  • Course 1- Basic Training
  • Course 2- Software Training
  • Course 3- Market Basics
  • Course 4- Reading Charts
  • Course 5- Using Indicators
  • Course 6- Beginning Strategies
  • Course 7- Intermediate Strategies
  • Course 8- Advanced Strategies
  • Course 9- Money Management
  • Course 10- Trading Psychology
  • Course 11- Intermarket Analysis
  • Course 12- Trading Manager Interview

As mentioned, each course is comprised of 4-5 elements related to watching forex educational videos and successfully completing a number of trades at each level. Users have commented that there is no time pressure to complete the educational courses. This level of content is something which can rival existing forex educational services such as Forex Mentor

Following this completion, you will then advance to the funded tiers of Apiary Fund. This means you trading at different levels will be completely funded by the company.

There are also four tiers when you reach the funded trading stage. These are $2,500, $10,000, $50,000, and $250,000 max trade size limits. At each level, you have to display consistent profitability before progressing to the next level. This would be similar to working within any office-based fund management position.

Once you have reached these funded trading levels, you will be able to keep a rising percentage of the profits which you help earn for the fund. This range moves from 60% – 85% depending upon your levels. In this way, you have reached the promoted goal of the Apiary Fund to provide you with a steady supplemental income from trading forex.

Additional Tools

Apiary Fund Mobile App  

Apiary Fund Forums

Apiary Fund offer several tools beyond their educational content to help with your development as a profitable trader. These include access to a comprehensive economic calendar, session clock to monitor the market and your own trading period, and of course, access to the Apiary Fund trading platform. This platform, known as Alveo, is one which you will get to know well throughout the educational materials provided. Apiary Fund also ensures that this platform is available through your mobile devices. This means you will never miss an opportunity to make a successful trade.

The company also promotes a signals service. This service was unavailable at the time of writing, but is undoubtedly a useful tool when it comes to making your trades more profitable.
Learning Objectives and Outcome

Apiary Fund Benefits

The learning objectives of getting involved with Apiary Fund can be two-fold. On one side, you can look forward to learning a lot more about the forex trading industry as a whole. This is brought about through the exhaustive amount of professionally developed content from Apiary Fund. You can utilize this education at any time throughout the future of your forex career, whether or not you decide to continue trading with Apiary Fund.

The additional huge benefit to be garnered is the fact you can earn excellent additional income once you training has been completed. Although you pay for the educational content you receive, in time, this can certainly be recouped by your shared trade earnings.

Apiary Fund Pricing

Apiary Fund Cost

Apiary do offer a 30-day, risk-free trial. Throughout this trial, you can progress through your educational content as you wish. Following this period, a fee of $97 per month is charged. This is on a level with other top forex services such as Forex Signals, which we have reviewed.

When considering the industry, and the education which you can benefit from directly through the service in a matter of months if you begin trading within the active fund, this fee is very competitive.


Apiary Fund do offer extensive support to assist you in becoming the best trader you possibly can. This includes US based telephone support which is available Mon-Thurs from 8am-5pm, and Friday until 3pm.

The support mechanisms also include regular follow-ups with your mentor via email and scheduling of seminars and video conferences to assist with any questions you may have.

Finally, Apiary Fund answer a broad range of the most commonly asked questions through their website FAQ service.

Overall, the support systems in place seem excellent, and well-designed with helping you reach the next level and becoming a top forex trader.

Is Apiary Fund a Good Fit For You?

Undoubtedly, there are many top forex educational services out there for you to choose from. We have reviewed many of these, along with our expert forex broker reviews. So, with that in mind, what makes Apiary Fund a good place for your forex education?

They offer some of the most comprehensive educational contents of any provider. This can really guide you step by step from being a beginner to an expert in forex trading. Beyond that, there is an excellent support network of fellow traders who you can lean on where required.

Absolutely, one of the most attractive features of learning though Apiary Fund, is the opportunity to trade on their behalf once you have reached a particular level of trust. This is something which many other forex educational services simply do not offer.

Therefore, if you are a goal-driven person who wished to learn forex trading at any level, with a view toward benefiting financially in the long-run, Apiary could be the service for you.


Apiary has demonstrated, through their 8-year period in the industry, a capability to think outside the box in terms of the service they are offering. The prospect of earning a substantial supplementary income is one which very few forex services provide, and can prove a very attractive point.

The prospect of earnings may prompt some to discuss the legitimacy of the service, though through our comprehensive review, we have found nothing in the way of red flags. What we have found is a useful and dedicated forex educational service and trading fund.

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